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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now just two weeks away from the start of Titans training camp.

This Tuesday's mailbag is here right now.

Let's jump right in as football season approaches.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Ryan Husemann from Lasalle, Illinois
Hey Jim. Love reading your mailbag and hearing you in pressers. I love the way everything was shaping up this year the defense being a force and the offense about to do big things. That was, up until draft night. I couldn't of imagined walking away from AJ, even Vrabel said so himself. However there is no way on any planet in this universe that id of been good with them paying him 25 mil a year. I think Tennessee offered him a fair deal and probably woulda went up a mil or two if they knew he'd accept it. With that being said, do you believe the offense can be still effective with the weapons we have? How does Robert Woods look? I am excited for Treylon Burks but dont expect much in year 1, so woods will have to be the big dog. Do u think they will try and add anyone else? If our defense can be top 5 and the offense can i hate to say not give games away i still like our chances because i trust vrabel and the winning culture he has instilled. Still miss mariota tho not gonna lie. Lol. Anyways sorry for the novel and hope to join ur mailbag more regularly as i value your input
Have a good one jim

Jim: Good to hear from you, Ryan. No doubt the team has some questions on offense. Robert Woods has looked good early, but he's been limited, and wearing a knee brace. I'm looking forward to seeing him in training camp. Don't dismiss Burks so quickly based on what's happened in May and June. What's coming up next is most important. TBD on adding anyone else, but I certainly won't be surprised and really kind of expect it. Thanks for reading. I wish Mariota well, too, but that ship has sailed

Jacob Sain from Mountain Grove, Missouri
Hey Jim. Firstly, I'm a big fan of your work and appreciate you churning out these mailbags, even in the off-season. I also loved getting to hear you on the Music City Audible podcast! My question has to do with something Dr. Allen Sills said on Thursday's Official Titans Podcast. He's the Chief Medical Officer of the NFL, and he believes that increasing the safety in the NFL will in no way affect its level of entertainment. Now, I'm 28 years old, but I like to believe I'm a bit old-fashioned. I grew up watching guys like Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, and of course, Keith Bulluck. Big hits have always been my favorite part of the game, and it's no secret that the NFL has been legislating a lot of those out of the game. Defenses have had a much harder time these past 15 years, and the kickoff has been essentially written out of the game as well. I'm sure Dr. Sills and I have different definitions of "entertainment," but it's just galling to see a 54-51 game being hailed as great football, and I think it's clear that is the direction the NFL wants to go. Defense and Special Teams suffer in the name of safety. I'll always love football, but there's no doubt this is not quite the same game I grew up with. Do you agree that the steps taken to increase safety have no effect on the level of entertainment? I'm not asking whether or not it's worth the sacrifice; that's an entirely different issue. Thanks for taking the time.

Jim: Hey Jacob. Appreciate it. I thought the OTP with Dr Sills on it was interesting as well. Sure, I think the steps to increase safety have impacted the game, but it's not all bad. Kickoffs have become a non-play because of rules that were changed to negate returns. Defenses, especially players in the secondary, are at a greater disadvantage as a result of stricter rules. NFL fans are just going to have to deal with it, though. I hate reading the stories about former players dealing with CTE, the most recent the late Demaryius Thomas. It's a scary and sad part of the game. I anticipate we're going to continue seeing some rule changes to protect the players and yes, I think it will continue to have an impact on the game that players, and fans, will have to adjust to.

John Flanigen from Collierville, Tennessee
Hey Jim Wyatt, fellow FR (Elliston Place) alum. Been awful quiet at Titansville here lately. Recently an article in football publication appeared with a curious why. The Titans had their best record a playoff position in a long, long time, yet the story states that ownership and the worst GM in the NFL have chosen to rebuild I.e..,trade Brown, released Jones, cut All-Pro OL Safford,, Per league grades LT Lewan is the worst of 32 team tackles, RG Davis position score was a grade of 50.Yet the GM has done nothing to better the offensive line. You may have noticed the Bengals the team that beat us, and played in the SB, went out and acquired 5 free agent linemen, and yet our GM does nothing to improve the Titans. Also a multiple winning SB head coach, which the Oilers-Titans don't have, told a physically unfit player it's their job to be physically fit.

Jim: Hey John. Good to hear from another Father Ryan guy. Not sure what you're reading these days, but it sure sounds like a lot of misinformation. Some of this is just trash. And, maybe that retooled Bengals offensive line can keep the Titans from sacking Burrow nine times when the teams meet again in November….

Elijah Ridenour from Lancing, Tennessee
Can I play football with the Titans in 2022?

Jim: What's your 40 time, Elijah?

Lucas Thomason from Moonshine Capitol, Virginia
Hey Jim, hope all is well. This question is laid back one
Seems like I'm the only Lewan supporter on social media anymore. Can you ask the big man what it's gonna take to get his autograph? I'm in VA and never get the chance to come down. Big supporter since his Michigan days. So pumped when we drafted him. Love his podcast. Just want some history of his before he's done. Can ya relay the message for me? Lol

Jim: I'm sure Taylor reads the mailbag, so maybe he'll see this. Or, maybe you can catch him in D.C in October when the Titans face the Commanders. If I'm not mistaken, Moonshine Capital is actually Franklin County, Va., which is about 4 ½ hours from D.C.? See ya there!

Adam Finlan from Spring Hill, Tennessee
Hey is Adam about super bowl rematch Rams again at Arizona and Derrick Henry is a MVP get a super bowl trophy at Nashville.

Jim: Sounds like a plan, Adam!

Tyler Jensen from Grants Pass, Oregon
Hello Jim, lifelong titans fan from Oregon!!! I will be flying to Nashville for the colts game 🤢🤢 it will be my first titans home game and just happens to be on my birthday!! My question is what's the best way to meet a few of the guys? And what is a must have experience on game day? Thanks for all you do and TITAN UP⚔️⚔️

Jim: Hey Tyler. Sounds like a great birthday upcoming! Your best bet is to get to Nissan Stadium early and hope to see guys during warm-ups. Also, as the game approaches, we'll have a list if pregame activities that week here on so make sure to check back.

Pernell Windom from Memphis, Tennessee
I have been reading a lot of comments on the team and I like to say that Ryan had a bad game so what but before that he has been playing good football. I think even with A J being gone we still have some talent receivers. I think Ryan is going to go off this year and take the team to the Super Bowl I believe in our QB Ryan got hit a lot last year but no one is talking about that yeah we should have won that game but we didn't it's time to move on now Titans for life!!!!!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Pernell.

Have a great week everyone!

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