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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – A week from today, it will be NFL Combine week.

In Indianapolis, we'll get some more answers on the prospects – and from GM Ran Carthon and HC Brian Callahan, who are scheduled to speak to reporters in Indianapolis.

And, right now, we'll have some questions and answers in the Tuesday mailbag…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Fernando Montalban from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Question: Hola James! From Sunny Cabo! I am a loyal reader of your mailbag. I do not know if other NFL teams do it, but they should. You really give fans like me, particularly outside of the United States, a feeling of community and a voice with their favorite NFL team, and mine happens to be the Titans. I know this might be a tiring subject, but I am writing because so many fans keep writing in about the change in the Head Coach and I wanted to weigh in. I am sure Mike Vrabel is a fine man and I acknowledge he had nice success for a while with the Titans, but it is obvious that his time had run its course and it was time to go. Many of your readers point to the seasons the Titans had a few years ago, but that is ancient history in NFL years where coaches and players are judged year by year. I hate to say it but the Titans had become boring and predictable, and if you are going to base your identity on being tough and a smash mouth team, then you have to live it and the Titans have not been that for several years now. While I also do not pretend to know the dynamics between Jon Robinson and Coach Vrabel, it seemed like Vrabel clearly had power with the team and therefore should not get a free pass for franchise killing moves like trading AJ Brown and selecting a first round offensive lineman who never played a down in the NFL. He also does not get a pass for one of the biggest collapses in NFL History, and then a terrible season this past year. Add to that him going to New England and saying how it is Nirvana there compared to other places (which certainly annoyed me), to apparently wanting power over Ran, well let's just say it was time to go. Most telling to me was that he barely got a sniff from other NFL teams. I personally had no hope next year would be different with him at the helm, but now I do have hope and I feel that many other fans do as well. We can dream of a wide open modern day offense now. And you know what they say, borrowing from the Shawshank Redemption, hope is a good thing, it's the best thing, Now let's just get a great play making wide receiver and a left tackle, and we will be in business! Go Titans!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Fernando. Man, you're in a great spot! I admit, I was surprised by some of the negative reaction to the firing early, considering the franchise hasn't won a playoff game since the 2019 season, and the back-to-back seasons of 7-10 and 6-11. I get the sense a lot of folks have come around with the hiring of Brian Callahan. With that said, Vrabel can't be blamed for the A.J. Brown trade – he clearly didn't want that to happen. But he was involved to some degree in decisions pinned on others, from the selection of Isaiah Wilson to the acquisition of Andre Dillard. And yes, the 6-18 record over the last 24 games was on his watch. But enough about the past, you need to enjoy Cabo!

Samuel Russell from Franklin, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim. I have a question for you: How is the new coaching staff working out? And I saw what Brock Bowers said about the Titans. Do you think the coaching staff is talking about drafting him and is there any more news on Derrick Henry thank you and TITAN UP.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Sam. The new coaching staff is shaping up well. As for Brock Bowers, he's a good player. But the overaction to Brock Bowers briefly mentioning the Titans during an interview at Super Bowl Radio Row had me shaking my head. When pressed, he said he liked the region, and that's about it. I can't believe folks actually wrote stories about it, and gave it much time on talk radio. At the NFL Combine, you're going to hear a bunch of players saying they wouldn't mind playing for Team X, Team Y or Team Z, and it will also mean ZERO. Let's not forget the teams pick the players, not the other way around. … No new news about Derrick Henry.

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim! Couple of questions for you. Already looking to next season, it looks like there's the Music City Grand Prix during what would be week 2. Fair to assume that would mean an away game most likely that week? I'd hope that would increase our odds of a home opener. Second question, I've heard rumblings of Tyjae Spears changing to a single digit number. Any truth to that?

Jim: Hey Joe. I'm running this question back because I have some updated information. The Music City Grand Prix is in fact scheduled for September 13-15, but it's not going to be at Nissan Stadium/downtown this year like year's past. It's going to be held at the Nashville Superspeedway, so there is no conflict and all potential home dates are a possibility. The move was caused by construction issues related to the new stadium. The Music City Grand Prix is expected to move back to downtown after construction of the stadium is complete, in time for the 2027 NFL season. … As for Tyjae, I've heard those same rumblings, but don't know which number.

De'andre Nelson from Clarksville, Tennessee
Question: Hi, I wanna be a RB for you guys in 12 years (I'm 11), but I can't do that if you guys keep on having bad seasons, so how will you rebuild? Your o line got FOLDED this season, so that needs work, so does your Safety's and CB's. If you do trade Derrick Henry and DeAndre Hopkins, it could fair badly. Also, how will you rebuild special teams? You are my favorite team and can you tell Derrick Henry he's my favorite player all-time?

Jim: Good to hear from you, De'andre. Well, keep working, and keep doing well in school, and hopefully the team will have a few things figured out when you're ready to jump on board in 2036. And, God willing, I'll still be around to see it. … I'll let Derrick know you're a big fan.

Frank Sutton from Brisbane, Australia
Question: Hey Jim. Two questions:
1: What do I have to do to get the Titans to come Down Under?
2: What's a realistic expectation for this new coaching staff. Playoff push or just realize that this is a rebuilding year and hold steady. Thanks so much.

Jim: Hey Frank. You need to talk to the Commish about question 1.
Way too early to know about question 2 – we don't know what the team will look like yet, ahead of free agency and the NFL Draft. This team is under construction. Cheers, mate.

Bill Holmes from Fairport, New York
Question: I've now recovered from the Vrabel shocker, and as one who tries not to worry about what they can't control, I have left that event in the past where it belongs and am hopeful for the next season. I do disagree with you that we underachieved last season - given our lack of a OL and tons of injuries, I think we overachieved to make those close losses close. But that, like the Vrabel move, is history. I also figure Tannehill is moving on and have nothing but love for that dude. Hope he gets a starting job and truly knows how much he meant to us. Warrior! (And speaking of warriors, a shout out to fellow Ask Jim participant Dan Baird in Nashville!)
Given we have so much cap room, I hope we retain a couple of our studs (especially The King), and surround them with hungry, passionate players who want to make a statement. Hoping we grab a starting OL - maybe two - and steal an underrated receiver, edge rusher and cornerback in the middle rounds. I like what Carthon did last year and hope he's that prescient again.
My question to you: Let's assume we grab Alt or Fashanu in round 1, and three equally dynamic projected top 15 picks (CB, OL, Edge) slide to our slot in the 2nd round. What/who does GM Jim Wyatt favor?

Jim: Hey Bill. Last year's team hardly overachieved – lost winnable games against the Saints, Colts (twice), Steelers, Texans, and Seahawks, and finished 6-11. You must've been preparing for 3-14 if you think that team overachieved. … As for the draft, way too early for me – or anyone – to start speculating too much. What if the Titans acquired a legitimate LT option in free agency? Then, the draft outlook would obviously change. After free agency, some of the team's needs could look a lot different than they do now. Either way, raise those expectations, Bill!

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
Question: Hey Jim, wanted to touch on a few topics. I'd love to have DH back if the numbers are right. But let's remember that with the new offense he won't get the touches he once did. DH has also said he wants a ring so signing with an instant contender is a strong possibility. Secondly, count me on the Tee Higgins bandwagon. Next, Hey Ran (I know you read the bag) let's get our own McCaffrey, Luke projected to go 4-5 round. Lastly... If we can sign a WR1 and a couple NFL starting OL, let's get creative in the draft... Maybe trade back a few spots to pick up a rd3 pick. Be unconventional with the rd1 pick like Bowers (if avail at 10-13) or Kool-Aid or Dallas Turner? Oh and I love love the idea of a day 2 pickup of T'vondre Sweat to replace Tart in the middle. Thanks, Jim!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Jack.

Brett Crawford from McMinnville, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim with all the new coaching changes would we call this a rebuild year and I really hope King Henry stays with the Titans I'm a long time fan and Derrick is the best running back we have had since Eddie George and the titans still need that strong run game in their back pocket even tho this is a passing game now the run game still has a big part to play in the NFL I hope Derrick chooses to remain with the the Titans and they pay the man what he is worth.

Jim: Thanks for chiming in, Brett. Don't be afraid to drop in a period or comma next time.

Darris Mays from Carrolton, Texas
Question: Hello Jim. I pray all is well! I would like to share some draft prospects with you. I hope Ran and Brian visited with some of these guys. [WRs]-(1). Rome Odunze (2.)Troy Frankin (3.) Keon Coleman (4) Xavier Worthy (5) Jordan Watkins. [CBs]- (1) Caelen Carson (2) Kalen King (3) Deantre Prince (4) T.J. Tampa. [S] (1) Calen Bullock (2) Cole Bishop (3) Malik Mustapha. [RB] (1) Blake Corum. These are some really talented football players. Have a blessed day.

Jim: Will pass along, Darris.

Have a great week everyone!

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