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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – This time next month, Titans training camp will be under way.

And, without further ado, this mailbag is off and running, too.

Let's get to it …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Stephen Cross from Lebanon, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Simple question: How has Nate Davis progressed over the past couple years? Seems like the team is high on him. Didn't hear many bad things during broadcasts about him, which I assume is a good thing for an o lineman.

Jim: Hey Stephen. The simple answer is he's progressing nicely. Nate was a slow starter who settled in during the second half of his rookie season. But he's gotten better each year, and he's in a good spot heading into Year 3 as the unquestioned starter at right guard.

Bart Hedges from Stuart, Florida
Question: I've been a Oilers/Titans fan since they drafted Earl Campbell in 1978! I've followed closely ever since. When we picked up Tannehill I wasn't convinced he was the man for the job but I have come around and have come to respect his abilities and toughness! I'm as excited as anyone about seeing Julio, AJ, and Henry line up on offense with RT at the helm. My question is what happens if RT goes down to injury? Are we comfortable with our backup QB situation?

Jim: Hey Bart. Thanks for the question. My take: The team was comfortable with Logan Woodside as the back-up last season, and he's had another year to get a better understanding of the offense and coaching staff with his work in practices and meetings. DeShone Kizer has improved this offseason, and he'll compete in camp as well. I give Logan the edge to be the No.2 this fall, and I think the team will once again feel good about it. With all that said, of course an injury to Ryan Tannehill would be tough to deal with, but isn't that the case with most teams and their starters across the NFL?

Jose Rodriguez from Alamogordo, New Mexico
Hey Jim. These days find me in New Mexico but still a Nashville resident and homeowner.
I think that Cerberus, the three headed dog that guards Hades, is a fitting name for the AJ, Julio, Henry trio.
Just keeping our mythology going. Lol

Jim: Yes way, Jose! I like your outside-the-box thinking

Jeremiah Robinson from West Union, Illinois
Talking about defense for a moment. In your opinion how are Caleb Farley, Elijah Molden, Monty Rice, and Rashad Weaver been progressing.

Jim: It's early, Jeremiah. But first impressions: Farley is still rehabbing, but he's getting stronger. Molden missed time early, but I like his smarts. Monty had a solid first offseason. I really like the looks of Weaver, and his work ethic.

Brett Turley from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
I've been a fan since the days of Earl Campbell in Houston. My question is short and simple. Like most Titans fans, I really liked Arthur Smith's offence and play calling. Do you have any idea of what we can expect out of his replacement, Todd Downing?

Jim: Hey Brett. It's hard to say based on what we've seen so far. Plus, the recent addition of Julio Jones will impact things. I think you'll see some similarities between last year's offense, and this year's plan. You're going to continue to see a lot of Derrick Henry. But I think the plan – and the way the Titans attack – will change from week to week, with a lot of it based on how defenses game plan for the Titans.

Kevin Hayman from Nashville, Tennessee
More of a comment saw where some National media types still aren't giving Ryan Tannehill any credit saw on gmfb this week a comparison of the last 24 games stats for Ryan and a mystery QB heres the comparison QBR RYAN 114 MYSTERY QB 105.9, PASS. YDS TANNY 6080 MYSTERY QB 6983, TOTAL TDS TANNY 61 MYSTERY QB 56INTS TANNY 10 MYSTERY QB 10, COMP% Tanny 67.7 mystery QB 66.4! The Mystery QB is Patric Mahomes so next time one of the National idiots poops on Tanehill have them Google Tanehill v Mahomes last 24 games stats. It's there for anyone who cares to look. Compares very well I'd say. They need to have an informed opinion. Maybe a good bet with cash loss my help, thanks for all you do Jim, love your insights and reporting good or bad for the aren't the typical home. You tell it straight. Excited for this year, not just because of Julio. Guys can also Google 2017 Raid3rs team stats when our new OC was their OC then Google 2019 Titans stats may be suprised how similar they are. We have a better QB and Rb and now Wrs so we should be able to build on the past 2 seasons success. WALLER AT TE isbetter all around for the Raiders tHan we currently have, thats about it. Take OUR OL TOO. WHY CAN AN AVERAGE FAN KNOW WHERETO LOOK THIS UP AND THE PAID NATIONAL MEDIA DO IT. MAKES THEM APPEAR EITHER KAZY OR IGNORANT. THANKS JIM HAV3 A GREAT WEEK AND STAY SAFE.

Jim: Appreciate you chiming in, Kevin.

Chasen Uptain from Huntsville, Alabama
Chasen here. I was wondering what the training camp days that are open to the public are and also if there is an autograph schedule or will be autographs? Thank you for your time.

Jim: Hey Chasen. This has been a popular question in here for a few months, and I keep including it in here because I don't want folks to be surprised. There's not going to be a wide-open training camp this year like in years past. It's not because of the pandemic, but because of all the construction at Saint Thomas Sports Park. I'm not expecting any open practices at STSP. There's a chance there will be an open practice at Nissan Stadium, but nothing is set in stone yet. And without a 100 percent vaccination rate for players, can't make any promises about availability for an autograph session.

Romeo Ford from Columbia, South Carolina
I'm happy that our offense has Julio. Now that our offense looks good on paper I'd love to see us having a dominating defense and it starts up front. My question is are the Titans looking to add a big DLinemen to our front? Big Jeff can't do it all if he had another piece man! Also D. Walker would mind having him back an if we do awww man our offense would be out of this universe. What do you think?

Jim: Hey Romeo. The other big d-lineman is going to be Teair Tart. In my mind, he's the favorite to start at nose. And with the addition of Denico Autry, the Titans will have a pretty formidable threesome when you pair them with Jeffery Simmons. I understand Teair still has a lot to prove, with just one season under his belt. Some other guys are also in the mix, including Naquan Jones and Woodrow Hamilton IV.

Have a great week everyone!

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