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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Now, it's on to New Year's Eve, and the Texans.

And, this Tuesday's Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Randy Phillips from Mount Vernon, Illinois
Question: The Titans came up just short again with the loss to the Seahawks. A lot of fans are really down on the Titans this year and believe that a complete rebuild is necessary. Call me optimistic but the difference between the Titans being 5-10 and 10-5 is 14 total points which does not necessitate a complete rebuild. It requires the Titans going back to winning the close games like they did during Vrabel's first 4 seasons. I hope the plan next season includes D. Autry and D. Henry. I really would hate to see them playing in anything but the Two Tone Blue!

Jim: I agree with you, Randy. The Titans should/could be better than 5-10, but here we are, thanks to a lot of close losses. The team just hasn't been making plays like in years past, as as a result, has underachieved. With that said, the Titans clearly need to get better, and the squad will look a lot different next season. We'll have to wait and see what happens with the players you mentioned, and many more, moving forward.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Question: Well Jim, first off Merry Christmas! Hoping Santa is good to you and your family. I am happy for #17. He came out, showed he still has a little gas in the tank and the legs are still there. In all honesty I think Ran has to evaluate this team from Vrabel down. There are some flaws that start with coaching. The scenario I would point to is near the Half, Tanny has the clock winding down and Titans use a timeout, then come out on the field and get flagged for delay of game. To come out of a timeout without the play already called is a mistake on Kelly and then 14 plays 53yds, Avery got bullied in back to back plays. Strength and conditioning has to be a top priority. At least the last 3 years the Titans have more players sidelined with injuries than most teams. I don't envy Ran and the off season, he has to really take a good look at this team from HC to player 53. Have a great week Jim and as always TITAN UP!

Jim: Hope it was a big day for you as well, Jeremy. The delay of game was inexcusable. And while Tre Avery was a bad maytchup for DK Metcalf, let's be honest: The 6-foot-4, 235-pound Metcalf is a bad matchup for most DBs. As for the injuries, these Titans actually held up better than previous years, but yes, there's been a steady flow of guys to the IR lately.

Darris Mays from Carrollton, Texas
Question: Hello Jim. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I just wanted to say what goes around comes around. You didn't play willis and you still lost. I understand playing and finishing strong. You just told willis you don't want him on this team. I wish Amy would move on from MV. We need new coaches. There's no need to play Tannehill anymore period. I really appreciate you Jim because without you we can't vent. I pray everyday Amy get rid of this guy

Jim: Hey Darris. I guess you're assuming the Titans would've won with Willis at QB? Or you're putting all the close losses of late on Levis, too? I certainly don't subscribe to that theory. It's a team game. I also know it's hard to please everyone in here at this point, because some fans have made it clear they hope the team loses because it would help draft positioning.

Michael Miles Sr from Lavergne, Tennessee
Question: Jim hope you had a great restful Christmas. I am writing not to complain but to ask a few questions. I know that we have had a bad year this year and the last two games really don't look good either. I understand that Derrick Henry has a contract running out after this year. I think he still has a few good years left in his ability to play great football. What is the chance we can bring him back ? Do you think if we get a good o line next year he would be good for us to have. Do you really see any coach changes coming? I have to say I will be a Titan fan and will not stop in believing in them . Thanks Jim for all you do, did, and put up with. Happy New Year to all!!!

Jim: I can't give any percentages of Derrick returning. This will be sorted out in the offseason. I do think the team will look to bolster the offensive line. As for the staff, a lot TBD here as well.

Mike Sorey from Medical Lake, Washington
Question: Hey Jim. Would like for you to elaborate on something I hear all the time from nfl teams. When it comes to the Titans I don't get the phrase "this guy gives us the best chance of winning"? I've heard you say this and Vrabes say it. The only guy on the team that gives us the best chance of winning is Henry. The point is we r losing so how do u know that Ryan gives us a better chance than Malik? You think Malik can't be sacked as many times as Ryan? Seems like we've tried everyone and the losing is still there. Outside of a Tyreek-less dolphins win, we lose. who cares if we lose by one or by 20! A loss is a loss. So how do we know? Is it just something you guys say? Let me know.

Jim: Ryan Tannehill is better than Malik Willis at this point, Mike. So that's why he gives the team the best chance to win. I understand why some fans would prefer to see Malik at this point, because it actually makes sense to me, too, for a number of reasons.

Cliff Stephens from Smyrna, Tennessee
Question: Good afternoon Jim I don't have a question but a comment. I am watching the game and all these people that want Mike V fired how many other coaches do you see teaching during the game like Vrabel does. The Titans have a great coach they just need better players. Thanks for your time

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Cliff.

Richard Gilbreath Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Question: Why is nothing being done about Tim Kelly and Shane Bowen calling very awful play calls??? Why is no one getting in their tushes and making the proper changes??? We have heard it game in and game out and nothing ever changes. Fans will not go to games and pay the money when the team just consistently wants to not do what needs to be done to become better. At what point does the front office start considering what the fans want??? AAS is great, but she doesnt have that push like some of the other owners have. She has more of a personal relationship with players, coaches, and staff rather than a business relationship. This franchise is never destined to get a Super Bowl if we dont make changes in season in order to fix what isnt working.

Jim: Pretty bad read on the owner, Richard. She doesn't have the push? She hasn't hesitated to make changes when she thinks they're needed, from GM changes to coaching changes.

Dan Burke from Goodlettsville, Tennessee
Question: Why has no one talked about Folk's 2 missed extra points? The cost is 2 losses. Had he made those, we would have not gone into overtime and lost.
This is not meant to take a shot at Folk, but simply a fact. He has been a great signing and has done exceptionally well, but facts are facts.
There is no indication that his first miss was Tannehill's fault. Replay after replay indicated it was a perfect hold. Tannehill took the blame because of his character and leadership.

Jim: I've heard plenty of folks talking about the missed extra points, Dan. But I'm sure not going to sit here and say the Titans lost both those games because of missed PATs, not with all the other mistakes that were made in those games.

Beau Siddens from Covington, Indiana
Question: Hey Jim, This has been a rough season to watch. It was great to see Tanny one more time, even though he lost his job because the O Line, which, has allowed 2 great QBs get injured. We all know Tanny and Henry are absorbing the majority of the salary of the team and I hate to see either of them leave the team. Carthon is a smart guy and knows how to build a team. It's business at the end of the day for Carthon. Tanny belongs on a team that has a good O Line now, not one that will take a couple of years to solidify. Young Peyton Manning deserves to stay on the team for the remainder of his career. I hope the open amount of salary buys us a freaking great O Line!
Kelly might not be the answer either. As of Monday morning, we are holding down the #5 draft pick. Do you think Carthon will go after veteran O Liners, build a new line with rookies, or a combination?

Jim: Hey Beau. I think it will be a combination of free agency and the draft.

Have a great week everyone!

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