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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The Titans are back from a long weekend, and they need to fix some things in a hurry.

Next up is a trip to Tampa to face the Buccaneers.

Let's dive straight into the mailbag …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Filip Vukovic from Spreitenbach, Switzerland
Question: Jim, as far as I can tell, you have always expressed your opinions openly and honestly. My question to you is what do you think about Coach Vrabel not praising at least a little Will Levis against the Steelers in any interviews?
He even sells good reads in the interview as a wrong decision by the QB. I understand we lost but hey he didn't play nearly as bad as he's trying to sell to the media. You moved up draft spots for the boy and he's playing extremely solidly as a rookie and you don't give him any props? I mean, anyone who has even a hint of knowledge can see how well he played in both games as a rookie.
Second question, is there for you a reason to stop starting Will and instead use Ryan again? Don't get me wrong Ryan is a great QB and guy but he's unlikely to be here next year and Levis gives us a similar chance to win he needs as much games as possible to gain experience.
Maybe Coach Vrabel tries to keep the boy on the ground with not praising him because everybody else does, but in doing it that so extremely he makes the fans and all other look like fools.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Filip.
My honest opinion: I do think Mike Vrabel likes Will Levis, even if it doesn't come across that way sometimes. I feel certain the Titans wouldn't have picked Levis in the NFL Draft if the head coach didn't like him – Vrabel was a big part of the evaluation process. No, he hasn't praised him a lot in press conferences, but I think a lot of that is because he's trying to keep him grounded. And, the reality is Will Levis hasn't arrived. It's too early to say he's a franchise quarterback after two starts. Still, despite some mistakes, Levis is off to an impressive start, and everyone can see it. Including Vrabel. A lot of folks are fired up because he hasn't been willing to name him the starter. I'm sure the head coach has his reasons for this. One other thing I know for certain: Vrabel wouldn't name Levis the starter in a press conference, without having a chance to talk to Ryan Tannehill first. That's not how he rolls. Plus, he wants Tannehill to get healthy. I suspect we're going to get some definitive answers soon. UPDATE: Vrabel officially named Levis as the starter during his 1 p.m. presser on Tuesday.

Hunter Phelan from South Pasadena, California
Question: Hi Jim, I was late to the weekend mailbag. and the tough loss to PITT. No question today. Just want to ask a favor. Please Jim can you ask Vrabes to please, please, please start Radunz at left tackle vs Tampa Bay. Left tackle position has been like a bad movie that keeps making bad sequels somehow. Maybe he has not been consistent at practice, but he sure has held up when he's played. Might have a little Allen Iverson in him. Practice who needs practice. He has been glaringly consistent when he's had his chances to play when it really counts. Even if he gives up 3 sacks and five pressures then he'd fall in line with everyone else, which I give Vrabes the go ahead to blame me at the press conference after the game. I listened to this silly fan from California asking me to start Radunz. Don't know what I was thinking lol. All seriousness he can't do any worst what's been displayed at LT since week 2 at buffalo last season. Thanks for the time Jim and all that you do! Go Titans!!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Hunter. Dillon has done a solid job. With injuries at the position, the team has limited options. I agree he's made a great case for himself to be on the field.

Cory Yates from Pekin, Illinois
Question: I just have one question for you Jim. You have seen Will Levis almost as much as anyone. Did you ever think he was going to this good early on? I am just saying that after 2 games, it is very clear he was an elite level talent. When I go back and watch his pro day tape and college tape, it amazes me that he slipped to round 2 with the dedication to taking care of his body and the obvious elite throwing ability he possesses. Ok maybe two did this guy slip to round 2?
If him or his family happen to read these comments, I just want them to know how thankful veteran Titans/Oilers fans are to have Will Levis on our team. Right away I can tell his has that Jordan-like competitiveness and drive, a cannon arm, the intelligence to command the huddle/shift receivers/read blitzes. I am excited to cheer LOUDLY for Will and will be praying for him and his future successes!

Jim: Hey Cory. I must admit, I'm surprised Levis has looked so good – everyone told me in here after the draft he was a terrible pick … 😉

James Kauffman from York, Pennsylvania
Question: Good evening Jim. After seeing we are getting close to the half way mark of the season I'm super excited for Levis moving forward I think if he can stay healthy and we spend money to bring in receivers we should be in great shape. Not to pile on Burks after knocking himself out trying to make that sideline catch against Pittsburgh but what is going on with him? Do you know he barely has 100 yards receiving for the year?? As our 18th pick this is ridiculous. This is worse than Cory Davis at this point. It also seems like he can't stay healthy either which is an even bigger problem. Anyway I'll quit rambling I just wish we'd make better draft picks. Stay safe and have a great Sunday. Thanks Jim .

Jim: Hey James. I do realize Burks has just 122 receiving yards on the season. This, in large part, is because he hasn't been healthy. I get folks are frustrated with him. You think he's happy with how things have gone from an injury standpoint? He's more upset than you are about it, I promise.

John Burnett from Dickson, Tennessee
Question: Here's what I think Jim. I for one liked Tannehill and haven't forgotten how many games he has won as a Titan. But....Levis is the future and he needs to be on the field the rest of the year to get as much experience as possible. If Carthon has a field day in the draft and free agent signings next year Levis is going to need all the experience he can get. I'd much rather see him go to work with a better team if he has some experience. He looked pretty good in his first 2 starts but if he could hit the road running with a better quality team next year what a difference that could make in how next year goes. What do you think Jim!!

Jim: I've liked the looks of Will Levis myself.

Daniel McFall from Four Oaks, North Carolina
Question: Well, I've waited several weeks before commenting again because I wanted to see how thing progressed. And from what I've seen the last 2 games, its time to move the QB duties to Will Levis and let him play out the season. Ive seen a lot of good in him and better down field passes these past 2 wks. Ryan Tannehill is a good QB but its time to move on. I know there are smarter people than me who are going to make that decision. He looks the part and unfortunately for Malik Willis, I think he's done in Nashville. A lot of people will disagree but lets find out if he can really steer this ship the rest of the way. Everyone else looks as though they play better with him at the helm. Just my 2 cents worth.

Jim: Thanks for coming in, Daniel.

Isaac Tipton from Sumter, South Carolina
Question: Hey Jim. Love your stuff. Been a Titan my whole life. Every year I get my hopes up. Been waiting on a title and I'll keep waiting apparently. I'm a great couch coach which might be different on the field but none the less. We need to go back to play action and use Derrick more. Don't even have to hand him the ball because defenses get scared when he is on the field. Will Levis might be our answer at the moment I like what he's done so far. We can still make the playoffs I know that's funny but remember a couple years ago. Thanks for letting me rant.

Jim: Appreciate it, Isaac. I know a lot of folks have similar questions about Derrick and his usage.

Art Urias from Peoria, Arizona
Question: Jim, O line, O line, O line. Dillard has been beaten bad all game every game. When is Vrabel gonna actually do something about it? Also it shouldn't even be a question moving forward about who our starting Quarterback is gonna be, that's another thing Vrabel needs to not play games about. Levis gives the Titans the best chance at winning behind center so let's just roll with .

Jim: Vrabel actually did do something about it, Art – he benched him. Then Chris Hubbard got hurt. Then Nicholas Petit-Frere got hurt. We'll see what happens moving forward, but he did make a change.

Richard Colestock from St. Cloud, Florida
Question: Hi again Jim, as a die-hard Titan fan surrounded by a gaggle of Tampa Bay Bucs lunatics, and after watching the Steelers game on NFL network after the fact.....I feel compelled to put in my 8 cents (adjusted for inflation) worth of opinion concerning Mr Levis.
Back in 1983, a 22 yr old green, raw kid named Marino started for the Dolphins and for 17 years he stood in the pocket like the statue of liberty. I was there at the Orange Bowl for his first game.....and in Jacksonville for his last game in 2000. He had game, he had balls and he was a leader....and never any negative press. Levis is in the same mold.....let him play, let him learn and let's see where he takes us. Nuff said.

Jim: Oh man, Dan Marino comparisons for Levis … It's early … No doubt he's been impressive early. Thanks for taking the time, Richard.

Jon Cowart from Seattle, Washington
Question: Hi Jim! Curious about your thoughts on the Boston Globe report that Robert Kraft's "dream scenario" is to have Vrabel as head coach. On his trip to New England for their hall of fame induction ceremony, he used the word "we" quite a bit when referring to the Patriots, and said that the Patriots are the best-run organization in the league. Yikes. He's looked so miserable and disassociated all year with the Titans. After the Ravens game he said he didn't believe these issues could be solved. So, I gotta ask - what are the odds Kraft trades for Vrabel? I think it's intriguing. We desperately need draft picks, and a coach trade could yield 1, if not 2, 1st round picks. Vrabel is 3-15 in his last 18 games and has only won 2 playoff games in 6 seasons. Why not pull the trigger?

Jim: Why not pull the trigger? You're acting like there's an offer on the table, Jon. I saw the report – the guy who wrote it, Ben Volin, is a friend of mine. He wasn't "reporting it." As you mentioned, it was listed as a "dream scenario," which only opened it up for speculation. I'm old enough to remember when the rumor mill had Jeff Fisher returning to his alma mater to coach USC, and Mike Munchak returning to his alma mater to coach Penn State. Neither happened, of course. It's November, and the Patriots have a head coach. So do the Titans.

Michael Miles Sr. from Lavergne, Tennessee
Question: Jim hope you are doing well. I know that it is hard for anyone to say anything good about our team. People say "well we only had four days to get ready for the game" wrong thing to say because this is a pro team, paid well to be ready for EVERY game. Nine games left in the season and I see us winning only five of those at the most. That will give us a 8-9 record for the season. That is no where near a playoff record team. Coaching is not up to par, play calling is not up to par, o line is not up to par hell we as a team are not up to par. Now we have to wait for the next season to roll around to see if we are up to par. We will probably get rid of Henry because of the money it will take to keep him. Send him to the eagles they have the rest of our great players. Our qb, RT needs to go but I bet they try to bring him is really hard to watch so many should have won games that we didn't win.

Jim: I know a lot of folks are frustrated, Michael.

Taylor Matuauto from Washington
Question: Hi Jim, I am big time fan of the Titans since Warren Moon and Earl C. But anyway l am really impressed with Will Levis and his performance even though we lost in Pittsburgh but I am very impressed the way he played, to me he is a lot better than Ryan Tannehill, ln my opinion we found our quarterback, my question is when is Organization is going to fire Vrabel and let Tannehill go? Seems like Vrabel is not doing a very good job of running the team. I think it's time to let him leave Tennessee, we lost a lot of talented players while the team is under his watch. I think it's time don't you think? Jim?

Jim: Tannehill's contract expires in March. I have also been impressed with Levis. No, I don't think it's time for a change at head coach.

Martin Benitez from Montevideo, Uruguay
Question: Hi Jim, how are you? Greetings from Montevideo Uruguay.
My question is short and simple, and it is what I am having the hardest time deciphering (due to the statements he has made): Will Vrabel take Tannehill back or will he stay with Levis? I think that with these two games that he played and seeing how the team is performing (for better or worse) Levis should continue, accumulate experience and next year with an improved roster we could think of a good season.
Y como decimos aca en Uruguay, vamo arriba la celeste!!! (Amazing throwback uniforms!!) Luv Ya Blue!

Jim: ¡Manténganse al tanto!

Have a great week everyone!

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