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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Another week into the offseason, and another week closer to free agency.

We're now just over a week away.

The questions continue to roll into my inbox, so it's time to answer another batch of them in this Tuesday's Titans mailbag.

Let's go…

Billy Holton from Chattanooga, Tennessee
I want to say I'm proud of last season, and even more proud of the cleanup effort by the organization in wake of the tornadoes. Thoughts and prayers to the families affected. I've been pondering all the possible scenarios upcoming and think priorities are tag Jack, resign or transition tag 22 are 1 and 2. If we sign Brady, Jack has to be in the fold and his play and the market, along with a premier left handed qb coming out, may have priced him out of TN long term. If Brady is not brought in, tag and trade for Jack nets the most in return, as he has the most robust market and could land a first or second round pick at worst this year. My question is if Titans sign TB12, what are the rules about having a team meeting or trying to communicate with the team about the direction and reasoning for signing him, as Tannehill was a good leader and teammate, and solidify instead of fracture perception within the locker room? If he was signed I think all doubts would be snuffed once he got on the practice field with the team. I'm not advocating, just thinking out loud. Thanks, Jim, for all you do. 2020 will be the greatest Titans season of this millennium to date. Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Billy. The volunteer support in the city has been inspiring, and I know everyone in the organization has been happy to be a part of it. A lot TBD with the tag, and the Collective Bargaining Agreement for that matter. The questions surrounding the CBA have created even more unknowns. As for your question, not going to deal with hypotheticals here as far as how things would be handled if certain players are signed. But I wouldn't expect any team meeting to be called to explain any additions or subtractions, no matter the player, or the position. Heck, the team will have a lot of moving parts through the draft and beyond.

Binar Qaradakhi from Lavergne, Tennessee
Will the Titans get Logan Ryan back? I like him and he is a good player. And also, I hear it on the social media that coach Vrabel has interest in Brady more than Tannehill. I mean will Brady fit with the Titans? Or yall will get Tannehill back? Thanks!

Jim: I got this one on Logan Ryan in last week's mailbag as well, and I'll repeat what I said: I'd love to see Logan back. He's a great player, and a great locker room guy. He's a tone-setter on and off the field. But there's a lot to be sorted out in negotiations. As the HC and GM said at the combine, free agency is a two-way street. Not sure what you saw on social media about Vrabel/Brady/Tannehill, but I know Vrabel hasn't publicly said anything to that extent.

Mike Turner from Shelbyville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Sure feels like a long off-season. I'm ready for some football! Just a quick comment and hopefully a listening Titans management... many, many are finally engaging and excited about our team. It's great to see! But I think I can speak for many when I say we would be extremely disappointed if we lost Tannehill or Henry. We need this nucleus to move forward and it feels like we finally have a chance to do something really great in 2020. Let's not mess this up now when we have such momentum and fan excitement. Pay these boys please!! Right now they are the face and identify of the Titans!! Make it happen it captain! Thanks for listening.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Mike.

Bill in Spokane, Washington
Is CB Malcolm Butler still under contract? If so, will he be healthy enough to participate in all optional and required team activities this off-season? And, finally, assuming CB Ryan is retained, where will Butler fit in the defensive backfield rotation? Thanks!

Jim: Butler is under contract, and I think he'll be ready to go this offseason from a health standpoint. And, as mentioned earlier, I don't think we can assume Logan will be back. And with more additions likely coming in free agency and/or the draft, it's too early to know what the roles might be in the secondary.

Mark Fox from Jacksonville, Florida
Jim, your publishings are a drug to me, thank you for all you do. My question deals with the immense talent on our team that brought us 1 game away from the Super Bowl. The 2019 season saw AJ Brown and my favorite player, #22, just recycled on the highlight reels. Tannehill brought them together, and our defense played like Super Bowl contenders.. I know you can't release important information, but if this were your team, which contracts would you fight for? Derrick seems like a lock, but that might cost losing some of our best.. Also, we are stacked at LB, is there a reason some are projecting we pick that position?

Jim: Hey Mark. Appreciate you reading. I feel pretty confident in saying Derrick Henry is going to be on the team in 2020. And of course I'd resign Logan Ryan and Jack Conklin, etc, and it's hard not to like Tannehill, too, after the way he played last season. The team has a bunch of free agents who I'd bring back. But it's not a matter of me not releasing "important information." Heck, even the GM isn't sure how some of this is going to play out, from what other teams might offer players to lure them away, to what some of the parameters might be because of the uncertainty surrounding the CBA. Right now I think the whole league is in a bit of a holding pattern, waiting for some of these unknowns to get sorted out.

David Stalder from Albuquerque, New Mexico
So, the Titans will tag 17 and give 22 a deal. 78 gets a tag...but we'll see where that goes...and they lose 26. Free agency is about 71 and finding someone to get to the QB, and the draft is about rebuilding the secondary.

Jim: We'll see…

Darris Mays from Lewisville, Texas
Hello Mr. Jim, I hope all is well. I was wondering if any of these players are on the GM and Head coach radar. Either of these players would be solid for us. Jordan Love QB, Jalen Hurts QB, J.K. Dobbins RB, Austin Jackson OT, Trey Adams OT, Derrick Brown DT, Patrick Queen LB, Akeem Davis- Gaither LB, Cameron Dantzler CB, Jeff Gladney CB, Curtis Weaver Edge, A.J. Epenesa Edge.

Jim: Hey Darris. I would say every one of those players is on the team's radar. Right now the team is in the process of hosting players on pre-draft visits and going to Pro Days. I see the mock drafts, and I've seen a lot of draft experts talking about the team's needs for 2020. But when the draft gets here at the end of next month, the team's needs could be completely different than they are right now. Free agency will tell us a lot about what positions, and players, could be in play.

Have a great week everyone!

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