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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – And then there were four.

Not sure about everyone else, but I enjoyed watching games over the weekend.

The Bills provided a reminder of what the Titans should have done to the Ravens, while also proving they would have been a tough out in Buffalo had the Titans taken care of business the week before. The Chiefs held on, and the Packers and Buccaneers proved to be elite in the NFC.

It should be an interesting weekend coming up.

But I know you guys came here to talk Titans, so let's do it…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Daniel Flatt from Monroe, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I've heard NFL players talk about how a loss in the playoffs can really change a team for the worst and can take them years to get over. Notably, Kurt Warner after they lost to the Steelers in the Super Bowl and Kerry Collins when they lost to the Ravens in the Super Bowl. Do you see that happening to the Titans after this year or is Coach Vrabel too good of a leader to let that happen?

Jim: Hey Daniel. How a team responds to a playoff loss really depends on the team, from the mindset of the players and coaches, to the status of draft picks and free agents. Look at the Chiefs – they lost in the AFC Championship Game in 2018, and they're now set to play in their third straight AFC title game, and a win away from their second straight Super Bowl appearance. The Titans, of course, won 11 games this year after losing in the AFC title game last year, and they didn't lose to the Ravens in the playoffs because of a lack of want-to – they lost because the offense laid an egg. If anything, the Titans will be more motivated than ever to bounce back in 2021.

Tom Mackie from Gloucester, England
Good morning from the other side of the pond Jim.
Lots of talk of re-signing big names on offense in the off-season, which I understand, but DaQuan Jones really needs to get the respect he deserves. He does lots of the dirty work and heavy lifting on the defensive line and needs to be re-signed. He has been an absolute steal for the front office when, compared to other DL's at his price point around the league (his snap count and consistency is unreal over the past 5 years). I cannot give this guy enough praise. I would love Jonnu, Corey and Firkser to get new deals, but let us not forget the guys who don't show up on the highlight reels, but deserve just as much credit... Also want to say thanks you to Arthur Smith for his work with the Titans. I would hope that we will get great candidates interviewed for the OC position. What's not to like: Top tier QB, WR1 & OLT, best RB in the league, rock solid interior line as well as really great depth and variety at TE.

Jim: Hi Tom Hope all is well. And I agree with you on DaQuan – he's an underrated player, and I hope he's re-signed. I'd add Jayon Brown to your list of hopeful signings, too, because it would be nice to have him a part of the future as well.

Dalton T from Toney, Alabama
Hey Jim, because we have the 22nd draft pick (and because I am super biased about 'Bama players) could we possibly get Devonta Smith if he is available if not can we get Jaylen Waddle to add to our already stacked WR core? Besides, Tannehill could use another beast WR to through touchdowns to.

Jim: Hey Dalton. Hate to say it, but Devonta Smith will be gone loooooong before the Titans pick. Heck, I've seen him projected by a lot of folks already as the 2nd overall pick. I'd bet Waddle goes off the board in the top half of the first round, too.

Ben Avery from Belton, Missouri
Hey Jim great season. Our guys played their hearts out.
I saw 100 percent effort constantly. Guts hearts left on the field.
Vrabel is probably the best coach we ever had.
He's is changing us into a positive franchise where no excuses will be heard.
Our team will get there. I remember 2-14 teams lol.
We are competitive in every game with a chance to win.
Thank you sir for great reporting.
And by the way, this is still a great group of young men.

Jim: Appreciate it, Ben.

Samuel Barattiero from LaVergne, Tennessee
Hi Jim! I have been a fan of the Titans since I was in middle school, now in college. I want to say overall, the Titans have done so well this season with all of these challenges they have faced! 11-5, 2k King, and every player on this team. I just want to say I believe and will always believe this team will become a Super Bowl Team, I believe if we find a potential Defense coordinator and Potential Offensive Coordinator, we will go all the way! My question is do you personally believe this team will go all the way or win the Super Bowl of 2022? I say that because we basically have all the pieces of the puzzle, we just have to put it all together haha. Also, I hope you and the Titan players and coaches are doing great, I know y'all will go big in next season!!

Jim: Hey Samuel. Well, I think the Titans have a lot of pieces in place to be good for years to come, and to give themselves a chance. I think they'll be a contender. But, as we've seen over the years, you have to seize the moment. I still look back at the stretch from 1999-2003 and think how that was a great opportunity to win not one, but probably two Super Bowl rings – the 2000 team was better than the 1999 team. And the 2002 and 2003 squads were capable, too. If last year's Titans would've found a way to close the deal in Kansas City, that team would've beaten the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Right now it's about finding some key pieces this offseason to give 2021 team a chance to make another run, and finish the job.

Christopher Plude from Southington, Connecticut
Hey Jim! Long time reader first time writing in. Thank you for all you do through the season. I am proud of the Titans for winning the AFC south and finishing 11-5. Obviously the overall goal is winning the super bowl and I feel like the Titans will continue to improve to work towards that end goal. I remember watching the Titans playoff run last year and the excitement they were creating in each round- especially knocking off the Ravens when no one was expecting that. Starting off up 10-0 against the Ravens this year was great but then our offense just seemed to fizzle out. Derrick Henry just couldn't get going like he usually does and he seemed frustrated. I'm so glad the Bills beat the Ravens in the divisional round because I was so angry with the way Lamar acted at end of the game. I have so much respect for coach Vrabel and what he has done for the Titans. You never hear the analysts talk bad about him because I believe he is a respected coach in the league. I'm sure whoever he chooses for OC and DC will be well thought out. I think of the Titans organization as a family built on trust. Looking forward to the 2021 season and another run at a championship! Titanup!

Jim: Hey Christopher. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Franky Markle from Dyersburg, Tennessee
Wow!!! Just a comment, last one of the year. Thanks Jim for giving us a place to cheer and vent. After watching all the games this past weekend, I can't help but feel like we let a REAL chance to make it all the way slip right out of out grasp! To end on a positive note, we have a great core. TitanUp!! Gonna be a force for some years to come.!! Enjoy the off season, Next year is ours!

Jim: Hey Franky. The Bills would've been tough to beat in Orchard Park – they're good, and they're rolling. Had no business losing to the Ravens, though. Picked a bad game to produce a clunker on offense, and the Titans paid for it.

Shelby Noland from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I'm not very sure how to go about this, maybe you can help. My fiancé, Daniel Sanders, is a super Titans fan, and a big Derrick Henry fan. He is an amazing father to our 3 month old daughter and provides for us and is an amazing person and just a light in everyone's life. He will be celebrating 5 years clean and sober on January 18th and I was wondering if possible how to go about maybe getting Derrick Henry to send me a video saying he is proud of him and to keep up the good work! Thanks for reading and listening, he would be in tears if I could make this happen and he is so deserving of all the blessing that he receives! Thank you!!

Jim: Hi Shelby. Wish I could help here. After the season, the players don't report to the facility like they do during the year, so it makes this tough to pull off. But I'm sure Derrick would be happy to hear about Daniel. Tell him congratulations from everyone in the Titans organization!

Randy Phillips from Mount Vernon, Illinois
The Titans will obviously be looking to improve on the defensive side of the ball through free agency, the draft, and by having a DC in the 2021-22 season. My question relates to the offensive side of the ball. Is there any chance we see Delanie make his return to football with Titans? He will be a youthful 37 when the season starts, and I definitely miss the leadership 82 brought to the Titans on and off of the field.

Jim: Hi Randy. Delanie is a great guy, and he was a great pro here. But I can't see this happening.

Jamie Brown from Smithville, Tennessee
Hi Jim, just wanted to say that with the crazy season and dynamic offense we had this year seems like we could almost forget we were missing Taylor Lewan. Until the Ravens came to town. I think the Boss would have gotten our boys going his leadership was sorely missed.

Jim: Getting Taylor back in 2021 will definitely be a big bonus.

Jefferey Fradsham from Crewe, Virginia
Jim, I must say that it was an exciting season. I'm sure all the two tone blue fans could have done with 3 more game, but such is life in the NFL! With Arthur Smith going to Atlanta, and I wish him well, glad he went to the other conference. It looks like Jon, Mike and yourself will have a busy offseason. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and giving us place to sound off. This time next year you will probably be packing your bags.

Jim: Hey Jefferey. Appreciate you taking the time, and yes, it's going to be a busy offseason for sure.

Leon Franklin from Memphis, Tennessee
With this great season behind us, I feel we are a good team. I understand the scheme of giving the opposing QB the confidence to throw. So, the defense is ok. Our main problem is NO Deep Plays....we have to add this to loosen up any defense. Any team that plays us figures this out and shuts us down. A deep threat on offense will make Henry unstoppable. And Tannehill need to work on and work more from the second and third read. We improved these areas we are unstoppable. Can we please add deep plays to the arsenal?. This has hurt us 2 years in a row. Remember how we put Baltimore out of the playoffs...a deep shot.

Jim: Hey Leon. Sure, more deep balls would help any team. The Titans had a few this year – the one I remember most is the 75-yarder to Corey Davis against the Lions. But I agree the team could use a burner at receiver that changes games more on a consistent basis.

Have a great week everyone!

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