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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now into the first week without football in a while.

The Titans wrapped up OTAs last week, and now the countdown is on until training camp.

The questions keep rolling into the mailbag, however, so I'm going to keep answering them.

Let's go …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Hey Jim, Love reading the updates on OTAs. The one thing I absolutely love reading about is the leadership role Jeffery Simmons has taken. I am glad he understands with great contracts, comes great responsibilities. When you wrote he and Petit-Frere got into a heated conversation is awesome!! That shows everyone, he is all in and ready to win! I don't think anyone has asked about last years #1 weapon, and how is OTAs going for him.... how has Ryan Stonehouse looked??!!! Have a great week Jim, as always TITAN UP!!

Jim: Hey Jeremy. Well, it's going to be a while before you get another look at those observations. The Titans are scheduled to report to training camp on July 25, and practices will follow. I appreciate you reading. And you're right on Simmons – he's developed into a great player, and a great leader. As for Stonehouse, he's been great. He's been hitting bombs all offseason.

Mike Copelin from Colorado Springs, Colorado
Hey Jim, I'm a Nashville native and big Titans fan. I'll be honest I know they're rebuilding, but I think they are a much better team than last year and I'm not saying we're going to lift the Lombardi trophy (this year) I am saying they can be a playoff team. Here's why: Tannehill is still a good quarterback; his issue is when he's pressured everything goes south and last year that was every play. Everything with the Titans starts and ends with the offensive and defensive lines. When the line fell apart, Tannehill or whoever couldn't let a play develop. Skoronski is the real deal and I feel with better blocking Henry will be running downhill and with that real threat, Tannehill and play action with good blocking will produce much better offensive results. On the defensive side, we had good players last year but during that losing streak our 4-man rush wasn't there and our defensive backs had it rough. Look at the year before and a really good pass rush makes the defensive backs much better. Simmons was at about 75% and without his disruption and no Landry the defensive backs were on an island. I like what Carthon did this offseason and I think we have some new guys that could have their best seasons ever now that they're featured. Anyhow, I know you're close to the Titans and wanted to see if you could envision the Titans as a playoff team for the 2023/24 /season? The National Media doesn't think so, even those close to the Titans.

Jim: Hey Mike. We've had this "rebuilding" conversation in here before. Tell Derrick Henry the team is rebuilding. Tell Ryan Tannehill the team is rebuilding. Tell Jeffery Simmons the team is "rebuilding." Someone actually suggested that to Simmons recently, and he scoffed at the idea. The Titans will be playing to win in 2023, and the team should be good enough to compete for the AFC South title, and put itself into a postseason opportunity. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen.

Rick Davidson from Paducah, Kentucky
Depth, depth, depth…I feel our starters are as good as anybody in the league. But with our injury situation these past two seasons, depth is a major concern for me. Please tell me the powers that be are working to bolster our bench because, in my opinion, this is where championships are won and lost.

Jim: Hey Rick. Well, that's been the approach all offseason, and I think it will continue. And I'm expecting there to be more tinkering to the roster leading up to the season.

Simon Aston from Leeds, England
Hey Jim. Can't wait for the Titans to come to London this autumn. Only problem will be getting a ticket. It's getting virtually impossible for us supporters over here in the UK to get one. We get on our computers at the appointed time & then wait in a virtual queue for hours waiting to get a chance at a ticket with very little possibility at getting one. So, any chance you can blag me one Jim, be forever grateful!! Cheers.

Jim: Wish I could help here, Simon. I know of a party of six coming from Nashville that's already hit me up as well and I haven't made them any promises either. Hope to see you there!

Harry Prentiss from Sunbury, Pennsylvania
Jim, it's been confusing to me to hear so much talk about Henry going downhill. Last year with an underwhelming offensive line, the least productive wide receivers in the NFL and injuries and ineffective quarterback play he had the second most yards of his career. In addition he became a bigger threat in the passing game. I've been a fan of this franchise since 1965 and he's been a joy to watch and have in the team. Please tell me they're not going to get rid of him.

Jim: I thought this rumor died in March, Harry.

Justin Chambers from Mesa, Arizona
Hey Jim big fan! I was talking with a friend the other day and we were arguing which franchise has had the best running backs as a whole throughout NFL history. Me being a Titans fan had to let him know…. Derrick Henry, Chris Johnson, Eddie George and Earl Campbell beat all other teams. Do you agree? Titan up!

Jim: It's tough to argue with that, Justin. The Cowboys (Emmitt Smith, Tony Dorsett, Ezekiel Elliott, Don Perkins), Rams (Eric Dickerson, Marshall Faulk, Steven Jackson), Bills (Thurman Thomas, O.J. Simpson, Travis Henry, Fred Jackson), Browns (Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly, Marion Motley) and Bears (Walter Payton, Gale Sayers, Matt Forte) have had some good ones, too.

Joel Tanaka from Aiea, Hawaii
I know I sound like a broken record but see litte on the progress of Kyle Philips this year. Is there any news on how he's doing into training camp?

Jim: Hey Joel. I think Kyle has had a solid offseason. He added some size, and looks more comfortable. If he stays healthy, he's going to make a big impact in 2023.

Paul Guerra from Donna, Texas
If the Titans sign D. Hopkins, and we don't accomplish certain goals like winning the AFC South or even playoffs, will the clock start ticking for Coach Vrabel?? Not that I want it to, I'm just curious.

Jim: A lot of hypotheticals in here, Paul, and I'm not going to play along with all this. Are you talking about Vrabel's wristwatch?

Have a great week everyone!

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