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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Ten training camp practices down, one preseason game coming up for the Tennessee Titans.

Time is flying by, and I'm about to fly to Baltimore for Thursday night's preseason opener against the Ravens.

But first, let's bang out this Tuesday mailbag…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Clint Richie from Medford, Oregon
Hello, Jim! Let me preface my email by saying that no one needs or cares about my opinions but me. However, I would like to say that, at least thus far, Treylon Burks has proven my initial concerns about him wrong. Time will tell the extent of his success, but he at least doesn't look like a disaster at this point. Thanks for your info on the team. One question: How has Radunz looked? Does he seem to have the upper hand on the RT position or is Petit-Frere challenging? (Sorry, that was two questions).

Jim: That's setting a pretty low bar, Clint, saying Treylon "doesn't look like a disaster." Hey, I get it. Treylon got off to a shaky start for sure. With that said, he has shown some positive signs. He was really good early in camp, but he's also been quieter in recent practices. Training camp is a long haul, and the expectation is he'll continue to improve and find his way. As for Radunz, he's been mostly solid. But the team has also been giving Nicholas Petit-Frere a look with the 1s. Preseason games will be huge for these guys in the competition.

Jake Mackey from Frisco, Texas
Headed into the first week of preseason, what's your take on the QB2 battle? Obviously Willis is the more highly-touted guy and seems to be improving. Woodside has the offense experience but doesn't have as much athletic ability. Do you think Titans carry 3 QBs onto 53 man roster?

Jim: Hey Jake. Well, my take on the QB battle remains unchanged. I think the team will carry 3 QBs, and I think Woodside will be the No.2 QB. But the competition will continue, and Malik will get chances to try and convince the GM and his coaches otherwise. There's no doubt he's getting better,

Nate Howell from San Antonio, Texas
Hey Jim, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
1) What's it like inside the practice bubble (loud,hot, cramped, etc)
2) Why do teams use those bubbles for inside facilities instead of a more permanent structure?
3) Vrabel talks about teaching technique all the time. Do you think we have reached a point in the nfl where there are no more new techniques to discover? Have you noticed some techniques that Vrabel prefers over previous coaches?
4) I have been hearing great reviews about Kyle Philips. How has he looked against the top corners?
5) Do you agree that Vrabel seems a little more cordial in interviews/media availability this year?
6) Why do you think this year's rookie class is further along than previous years?

Jim: Hey Nate. I'll go rapid fire on these.
1) I prefer to be outside, but the bubble is not cramped. It's much better than the previous bubble.
2) The bubble is mainly used when there's inclement weather, or walk-throughs. And, it's cheaper than a permanent structure.
3) Technique will also be a big part of coaching. And Vrabel harps on it at every position.
4) Philips has been impressive. He's been getting open on a consistent basis against every defender that's covered him, and catching the ball.
5) Has he not always been cordial? :)
6) The rookie class has potential, but let's keep it real here – the team hasn't even played a preseason game. It's too early to judge or give out any awards.

Omar Parker from Bay Area, California
Hope all is well with you. I'm sure you're glad the season is back like the rest of us are. My question is about this WR group. I'm sure you may have been shocked with the AJ trade on draft night like the rest of us were. By the way, much love to AJ and all he did for the team. Wishing him nothing but the best (except if we play the Eagles of course lol). Anyways looking at the current group I actually feel like we may be better off this year. We seem way deeper. At times last year it seemed as though all we had was AJ and that's it (no disrespect to Julio, he's a HOF WR, but wasn't the same as years past). But if Burks can develop, along with Bobby Trees, the continued progression of NWI and Racey McMath, Dez Fitz and the addition of the rookie Phillips, I feel like Tannehill may actually have more options and a more solid group than years past. What are your thoughts on this Jim? Looking forward to hearing your opinion. Thanks!

Jim: I'm a lot more optimistic about the group than I thought I'd be after the A.J. trade. Woods has looked good, NWI has gotten even better, Burks is developing, and so is Philips. Racey McMath looks like he's ready to take a leap. Throw in a pretty good group of tight ends and there's no doubt the team is going to have some weapons.

Kevin Hamner from Pinol, California
Hey Jim, I have a couple questions regarding the WR's and DB's. It seems like McCreary has been showing up day in and day out at camp. Haven't heard as much buzz around Farley. Do you think it would be crazy if McCreary is the one who starts opposite of Fulton? I understand there's a lot of a camp and preseason games to get through. Just curious on your thoughts there. Then with the WR's seems to be a very competitive bunch which is exciting. I know Woods, Burks, Ikhine, are probably top 3 going into week 1. But Phillips has been a guy everyone keeps mentioning, do you think he might start in the slot? Seems he keeps finding ways to get open. Also like the way he keeps himself accountable. Anyways, thanks for your time.

Jim: Hey Kevin. McCreary is going to play, I can assure you of that. He's been good in camp. Farley has made strides as well. On the initial depth chart, a slash separates those guys. Making matters even trickier: Elijah Molden has been out since early in camp with an injury. So right now, it's hard to say how things might shake out. Philips has been good, as I mentioned earlier. Let's see what happens in some of these preseason games and joint practices before penciling guys in. We're just 10 practices into camp.

Tommy Henley from Cookeville, Tennessee
How do you think our Offensive line is working out? it's very important they keep Tannehill protected, and our receivers are they getting separation from the defenders. I'm really praying our offense does good this year and I'm worried about ole Elijah Molden hope he's ok he's a good player can't wait til Thursday to see our team play thanks again Jim GO TITANS!!

Jim: Hey Tommy. The competition continues. Heading into camp I said Aaron Brewer had the inside track at left guard, and named Dillon Radunz the favorite at right tackle. I still think it's Brewer's job to lose, and we'll see if Radunz can hold off Nicholas Petit-Frere at RT.

Ryan Elder from Ft. Meade, Maryland
Hey Jim, I'm really pumped about this week!! I'll be at the Baltimore game on Thursday, which will be my first time seeing the Titans live since watching them beat the Dolphins in Miami back in 2016. On top of that, I got an invite to Tuesday's Ravens training camp for a special military event, and I figured, why not? Is there anything in particular Coach Vrabel wants to know about the Ravens this week? Kidding! ;) Plus, the pre-scouting report suggests the playcalling will be pretty vanilla for both teams, but hey, it's still football! My seats for Thursday's game are right near the tunnel, so maybe I'll see you there!

Jim: Sounds like a good plan, Ryan. Have fun, and give me a shout if you see me! I'll probably be visor-less for the game.

Lynn Glissen from Moore, Oklahoma
Wondering if its ever considered to let Henry take a punt return, not necessarily catching but maybe a hand-off? No doubt he could make a good return, question is how many defenders would move out his way since open field tackles on him would be painful.

Jim: I hope not. I'd rather have him available at running back.

Cleatus Garner from Ringgold, Georgia
In town Tuesday and Wednesday (August 9th an 10th). Big Titans fan! Will there be practice those days? I'd love to visit the practice field. Thanks

Jim: Unfortunately, no, Cleatus. The Titans don't have an open practice on Tuesday, and the team travels to Baltimore on Wednesday.

Dimitrios Jimmy Kosmas from Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Hey Jim. I hope all is well with you and your family Sir.
I want to say thanks for always teaching us fans about the Team earning the respect, rather than expecting what we fans think we deserve. I've followed the Oilers/Titans from the beginning, pretty sure you tell us at least once a month, 1 and done doesn't cut it. From all the coverage you and the other analysts have done this off-season, I'm so super excited for this team to hit the field. All the competition for spots and against each side is a breath of fresh air. For the fans that only notice the "drama or the worst play of the day", you are missing a Team that is showing that they want it. Who cares about when they were drafted, when will I get that promotion? It will happen if I make that next play. All the quality posts after practice, always talking about the competition and the praise for each other, Hats off to the guys that are jumping on board seeing that this is a serious chance for Mr. Lombardi.
Thanks for all the good work Mr. Wyatt,
Looking forward to coming to a game this season
Have a wicked awesome day sir.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Dimitrios. Have a good day.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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