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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now into the May, and Titans rookies report to town at the end of the week.

Rookie minicamp is scheduled for this weekend, starting with on-field work on Friday.

Soon, they'll be on the field with their veteran teammates.

On another subject, this Thursday was supposed to be the day for the NFL schedule release, but that's now a question mark. Hopefully we'll get news on the when and where of the 2024 schedule soon.

While we wait for all this, let's open another Titans mailbag.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Ben Mead from Cherry Valley, New York
Question: Hey Jim! With the draft now in the books I feel like Ran and Brian did a great job of answering alot of questions for myself and the rest of the Titan faithful. First off, who is going to be the left tackle? Check! Next who is going to help big Jeff on the line to take some of the double teams off him? Check! Who is going to be the green dot linebacker alongside Murray? (who is more of an instinct player) Check! I've seen a lot of people writing in complaining about this draft class. Quite frankly I feel bad for people who have such little optimism about the things we don't know. As they say " you can't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need." These were all positions that the Titans needed! And they clearly wanted these guys specifically or they would have traded back. So have faith and let Ran cook and don't tell me how it tastes till you get a chance to try it! The only questions that remain for me is who will be our second safety alongside Hooker? I still feel like they could upgrade that position and I know there are some solid veterans still out there. Dose the front office have any plans to visit with some of these guys in the coming weeks? And secondly I love it when a team finds a diamond in the rough. I've heard alot of great things about some of the undrafted free agents Tennessee has signed. Who are some of the guys that shine brightest for you? Thanks Jim and as always... TITAN UP!!

Jim: Hey Ben. You're right – we got some answers, but not all of them. The answer to the second safety alongside Hooker is TBD. Some veteran options are out there, and I think the team is interested. How quickly something might come together, however, remains to be seen. Right now, the team has four others safeties on the roster – Elijah Molden, Mike Brown, Shyheim Carter and Matt Jackson. As for the undrafted signings, the team hasn't officially announced them yet. That should happen on Thursday evening or Friday morning, after the players to come to town to take a physical, and sign. But I've seen the list of reported names, and some intriguing prospects are on it.

Sadhish Siva from Manchester, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim. Like most of the fanbase am excited for football season to start again and see what our team can do. My question is regarding a statement I think Coach Callahan said regarding our 2nd round pick Sweat. I believe he said that there is a certain weight that they expect Sweat to play at and that he conveyed to Sweat that playing above that weight would be expensive. Curious if this refers to actual fines/penalties written in the contract that would financially impact Sweat or was he just referring to the fact that if Sweat is too heavy and doesn't play well he is playing himself out of a lucrative 2nd contract.

Jim: Hey Sadhish. It was a light-hearted comment, and he was clearly just kidding. However, some teams will fine players for not being in shape or missing their weight targets. I'm sure T'Vondre will be given a weight target, and it will be on him to hit it. He'll hardly be the first big man to deal with this.

Bill Holmes from Fairport, New York
Question: Hi Jim. I hope this note finds you and your family healthy and happy.
I don't think the loss of The King will truly hit me until I watch the first game without him, but I remain optimistic even after all the changes in personnel and administration. Looks like we will be airing it out a bit more this year with Ridley and D-Hop a solid duo. My question - do you think the team is hoping to grab another veteran receiver off the wire? There are a few guys who had a down year in 2023 but are proven talents who could rebound - Zay Jones, Tyler Boyd, Marquez Valdes-Scantling - where we could likely buy low on a one-year "prove it" deal.
Not certain if the front office feels that needs are deeper elsewhere (TE, OL) or if the budget is too tight. Any ideas?

Jim: Hey Bill. Well, Tyler Boyd was in Nashville for a visit last week, and Zay Jones was in the building on Monday. So, that tells you the team is at least interested in adding another receiver. Working out a deal is a different matter. We'll have to wait and see how it plays out.

Luis Macouzet from Victoria, Mexico
Question: Hello Jim, nice to greet you. We have to be realistic, this season we will not be a contending team, I understand that we have to keep our spirits up because tickets have to be sold, but we will see the truth in a very short time. Cheer up and always titan from the heart.

Jim: Nice to hear from you, Luis. And thanks for the heads up.

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
Question: Hey Jim, totally off the wall random question for you today. Why are so many punt and kick returners Devin Hester style, 5'11-ish and 185lbs-ish... ?
Why not use running backs in the 5'9 range, 225lbs? For example, in this year's draft, Ray Davis out of Kentucky? 5'8 and 211lb and ran 4.50. Wouldn't a bowling ball make a better PR/KR? Thanks!!!

Jim: It's all about the speed. I'm not saying bigger guys aren't capable, but teams are looking for players in the return game who can make a cut, and run away from the pack.

Samuel Hernandez from Chihuahua Chihuahua, Mexico
Question: Tu crees que esta a�o sea el bueno???

Jim: Luis no lo cree así. Yo digo que el tiempo lo dirá.

Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo from Durago, Mexico
Question: Hola Jim excelente día, una pregunta que posiciones crees tu que haga falta aún cubrir.
En lo personal, haber si coincidimos un Safety Libre capaz de ser titular, un Ala Cerrada de profundidad y un cazador de cabezas de rotación.
En caso de que llegara un jugador como Tyler Boyd por su calidad, sería bienvenido.
Titan Up.

Jim: Hola alberto. Bueno, creo que agregar un safety veterano es una de ellas. Además, con la visita de Tyler Boyd, eso me dice que el equipo todavía está buscando ayuda como receptor. Veremos cómo van las cosas allí. También pude ver al equipo agregando a otro veterano en la línea ofensiva y apoyador. Muchas veces los equipos ven cómo se ven las cosas en las OTA y el minicampamento, y hacen una o dos adiciones.

Aaron Retan from Van Buren, Arkansas
Question: I might not be caught up but are we wearing the blue jerseys next season along with the Oilers and regular ones?

Jim: Hey Aaron. The plan is for the team to wear the light blue Oilers unforms again in 2024, but which games, and how many games, is yet to be determined. Also, the team plans to bring back the light blue Titans jerseys back for at least one game in 2024 as well, as long as there are no manufacturing delays. So, the uniforms for 2024 with be the Titans navy blue, Titans white, Oilers light blue, and the Titans light blue.

Jeff McRae from Hartselle, Alabama
Question: Hi Jim, I'm loving the new additions this off season. I am also a fan of our draft picks. Hope you're doing well. I love Levis' competitiveness! Who is the most competitive Titan you've ever seen? (You can name more than one if you need to)

Jim: Hey Jeff. Impossible for me to name one, or even 10, over the last 25 years. Of course, Steve McNair is on the list, along with Eddie George. But the reality is most of these guys are extremely competitive, even if they don't show it on their faces. Bruce Matthews wasn't a big rah-rah guy, but he played every game and busted his rear end.

Johann Ooten from Columbus, Ohio
Question: I have been a loyal Titans fan since we were in Houston. I am only 35 but i remember getting my first starter jacket in 1995 and I knew those colors were a part of me. Nobody knows getting your hopes up just to be knocked down like a Titans fan. But I'll tell you what I wouldn't change it for anything. It seems like year in and year out all these sports analysis put so much disrespect on our name. Why is that?. Yea we let the king walk, got a entire new coaching staff, but we also have a young QB that I have all my faith in to be the leader of this franchise. We had a great free agency. And our Draft definitely made our squad more chunky. I seen our power rankings and I wasn't surprised.. not because we are #30 but because i guess im used to most analyst not knowing what they are talking about..besides Peter Schrager.. Mark my words Jim, we will win the AFC South. And we are bringing The Lombardi To Nashville. Remember this.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Johann. I like the optimism. Time will tell …

Have a great week everyone!

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