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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The Titans took care of business on Sunday vs the Colts, and now it's on to Oakland to face the Raiders.

At this time a year, you can't spend any time celebrating wins, because the next big game is on the horizon.

But hey, we can celebrate the arrival of another Titans mailbag, right?

Let's get this bread …

Adam Blair from Springfield, Ohio
Hey Jim. My question, or statement, is about Corey Davis. A lot of people area throwing around the word 'bust' when they talk about him. I don't get it because he seems to do everything right and does a lot of dirty work in the running game that a lot of WR's wouldn't do. His numbers haven't been there but it's hard to get the 100 yds a game that people expect when he is only targeted 2 or 3 times a game. I think that, in time, he and Brown can be one of the better wr duos in the league. Take care!

Jim: Hey Adam. Corey Davis is not a bust. He's gotten better each year, he's been a regular starter, he's made game-winning catches, and he's made plays when given opportunities. And you're right – he does the dirty work. The Titans desperately needed a receiver in the 2017 NFL Draft, and Davis went 5th overall to the Titans, Mike Williams went 7th to the Chargers and John Ross went 9th to the Bengals. Those were the only receivers taken in the first-round that year. Davis has started more games than Williams and Ross, and he has more catches and receiving yards than both those guys as well. He's a better blocker than Williams and Ross. Sure, you can look at other guys taken after Davis in that draft and say 'The Titans should've taken this guy or that guy instead.' But you can do that in every draft, for every team. As for Brown, I'm with you. He has a chance to be special.

Samuel "Gene" Monaghan from West Palm Beach, Florida
Hey Jim. Just to be up front, I'm a Dolphins fan from the beginning. When Miami traded Ryan to you guys, I was pissed to say the least. All the talking heads in Sports Media declared him to be subpar. The also stated the Miami had the worst 22 starters in the league. Miami shipped some of them off for draft picks. All have become starters on better teams. Back to Tannehill, From the beginning he never had an O-line to protect him. You can't complete passes from your back. Tom Brady's worst games have been when his line couldn't protect him. Same as with any quarterback. I hope the Titans will make big strides in challenging for the Super Bowl. Count me as a fan from now on.

Jim: Ryan Tannehill is winning games and attracting fans from South Florida. Appreciate you taking the time Gene and happy to have you on board.

Peter Palmer from Orlando, Florida
Finally, everyone has come to the realization that Marcus Mariota was nothing more than a fraud. I've been preaching this from the time he got there. Now that we have a real quarterback in Ryan, what is your opinion of us getting into the playoffs?

Jim: C'mon Peter. Frauds don't win Heisman Trophies. Frauds don't throw 76 TDs vs 44 INTs in 61 NFL starts. Frauds don't engineer eight game-winning drives in the league. In fact, there's nothing about Mariota that deserves the word fraud attached to it. I was disgusted when WSMV ridiculed him on their morning show last Wednesday, especially after watching Mariota hand out food to the homeless the night before on a cold and rainy night in Nashville. The guy deserves better than to be a punch line for a few lame jokes. There's no denying Marcus didn't play well enough to keep his starting job this year, and that Tannehill has outperformed him as a starter. But I wish we could get to the point where one QB doesn't get disrespected because the other guy is doing well. And it works both ways – when Tannehill gets sacked or fumbles or throws an interception, the pro-Mariota crowd surfaces and starts ripping him and the team's decision to change quarterbacks. I see it every game on social media and it's gotten old. I'm not meaning to take this out on you Peter, but you hit a nerve with the fraud comment on the heels of what happened last week. As for the playoffs, my opinion is it would be cool if it happens.

Joao Gabriel Schutze from Campinas, Brazil
Oi Jim. How are you? What a game huh? I'm impressed with Tannehill.
He looks focused 100% in the game. If we are losing, he looks focused, if we are winning, he looks focused. This last game showed how tough he can be, he looks very hard to be sacked. I'm feeling so proud of our team. Titan Up!

Jim: Hello Joao. I guess I'm feeling triggered (has this expression made it to Brazil?). 🙂 Thanks for asking. And yes, Tannehill has definitely been clutch.

Scott Warren from Flora, Illinois
Hey Jim, thanks for all of your hard work. My question is about the Titan's special teams. They have been amazing this year! Coach Craig Aukerman does not get the credit he deserves. Do the Titans spend more time than other NFL teams practicing special teams?

Jim: Hey Scott. Special teams has played a huge part in recent wins, from defensive back Joshua Kalu's blocked field goal vs the Chiefs to Dane Cruikshank's block and Tye Smith's scoop and score vs. the Colts. Brett Kern is one of the best in the business. I can't say the Titans spend more time practicing special teams than other teams because I don't watch other teams in practices. I suspect it's about the same across the league. But there's no doubt the Titans are making the most of their time spent.

Jim McCann from Tennessee
When will we know if any of our games have the time flexed?

Jim: Hey Jim. Usually about a week in advance. Right now the Oakland game is still set for 3:25 pm and the Houston game in Nashville is set for noon. Those won't change, but keep an eye on start times for the Week 16 game vs the Saints and the Week 17 game in Houston.

Jefferey Fradsham from Crewe, Virginia
Jim. Are the Titans not the most complete team in the league? Please tell us about the atmosphere in the club house. TEAM!

Jim: Hey Jefferey. Guys are fired up. The team is suddenly rolling. But let's not forget that there are five teams with a 10-2 record right now, two teams with a 9-3 mark, three teams with an 8-4 record, and if the season ended today, the Titans wouldn't even be in the playoffs. So right now, I'm not going to come close to saying the Titans are the most complete team in the league. I'll just say the Titans still have a lot of work to do, and a lot to prove.

Jeff Garcia from Linden, Tennessee
Colts have out played and out coached out the Titans for too long. This is a problem which I believe starts at the top down. Do you every wonder why ticket sales are down? What's your solution?

Jim: Hey Jeff. I noticed this email came rolling in at 1:49 p.m. on Sunday. The solution? Play the second half. This looks a lot like my Twitter mentions from the first half.

Edward Reynolds from Grand Junction, Colorado
Happy Holidays Jim. Thanks for all you do both with the team and our great service men and women. I have been a Mariota fan, and with the talk of him possibly not being around next year, what of the thought about the team resigning both him and Tannehill. I believe the cap hit would not be as severe, with M8 getting backup money and R17 making a little larger amount. It is just a theory, which having both QB's isn't a bad scenario for Titans. Your input? Thank you and have a great holiday season

Jim: Hey Edward. I've been getting this question a lot lately. At this point, I'd have to think bringing Tannehill back has become a priority, especially if he stays healthy and keeps playing well. But you really think Marcus will head into the offseason with aspirations of being a back-up, making "back-up money"? I'm thinking no.

Mortimer Sneed from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Dear Jim, O Wow, O boy, O man, O Henry, OMG, Happy Birthday, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Titans Fans EVERYWHERE... we finally beat the Indianapolis Colts! In Indianapolis!! When we NEEDED to! Unreal. Tell me if I've forgotten it, but I don't remember a victory like this in our Ravens/Ray Lewis rivalry, EVER. SO SATISFYING. Omygoodness... so satisfying. Did I mention satisfying? Yes, I know, one game, not a playoff win, etc. But so unexpected, so well done, so complete. I just want to bask in this as long as possible. Way to go team and staff and all! I need a cigarette. And I don't smoke.

Jim: Hey Mortimer. You sound fired up! You have forgotten. Google "Titans, Ravens and 2003 season" and you'll see what I'm talking about. Eddie George returned to the game after injuring his shoulder and he ran through Ray Lewis, and Gary Anderson kicked the game-winner in a 20-17 win. It was a classic. Sunday was pretty cool, too.

John Deane from Wellingborough, United Kingdom
Hi Jim. Just wanted to let you know that my recent Sundays have been heaven. Hopefully the true potential of this squad of players is now going to be realised. Being a Brit I don't profess to know all the reasons for the change in results but I read all chat that comes your way some of which I agree with but some is a bit cloud cuckoo, what do you think the main reasons are?

Jim: Hey John. Well, there's no denying QB play has improved. Along with it, the team has been better in the red zone, and it's scoring a lot of points. The defense has stayed strong and made plays in the clutch. Special teams has been changing games. Across the board, the Titans are playing their best football of the season at just the right time. But now the team has to keep it going.

Have a great week everyone!

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