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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Rookie minicamp is in the books.

On Monday, the Titans rookies joined the veterans in the offseason program.

And, the team officially signed receiver Tyler Boyd.

We're off and running now, with OTAs set to begin next week.

Let's dive into another Titans mailbag to talk about it all.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

David Gornto from Knoxville, Tennessee
Question: Thank you for all you do, I look forward the mailbag each week and the insight you give us to the Titans. I am so excited for the upcoming season with the addition of so much talent. It certainly looks like the offense will be more of a passing attack. How is the revamped line look so far as it appears more pass protection will be in their game? Also how is the defense adjusting to the possibility of less time between drives

Jim: Thanks for reading, David. Well, the o-line looks different, and better. And, it all starts with the o-line coach, Bill Callahan. I go out and watch him teach during the offseason program on a regular basis, and it's impressive. The group is going to be better because of him. I think the left side is going to be solid, with LT JC Latham, LG Peter Skoronski and big center Lloyd Cushenberry in the middle. I'm looking forward to seeing how things shake out on the right side, where I think it's Dillon Radunz vs Daniel Brunskill for right guard, with Saahdiq Charles in the mix, and Nicholas Petit-Frere will try and hold off Leroy Watson IV, Jaelyn Duncan, and others at right tackle. As for the defense, right now it's just about getting everyone on the same page, and learning from a new DC.

Neil Carr from Bingley, United Kingdom
Question: Hi again Jim from across the pond.
My query this time is with regards the wide receiver group we now have. OK, so, if I have this correct, we now have Hopkins, Ridley, Boyd, Burks, Westbrook-Ikhine, Phillips, Dowell, the rookie Jha'quan Jackson plus, I think still, Mason Kinsey, Treshaun Harrison and Kearis Jackson. Not sure about the last 2. That's a lot of WRs.
I love that we have so many but I am assuming that only the first 4 are nailed on. How many WRs do teams generally have on a roster, and who is likely to miss out.
Seems daft to draft receivers like Phillips, Burks and Dowell to then move them on for new rookies/vets. (if that happens). I am intrigued to see what happens. Know anything?

Jim: Hey Neil. Add undrafted free agents Bryce Oliver (Youngstown State) and Sam Schnee (Northern Iowa) to the list as well – the total is 12, as of today. Over the years, I've seen the 53-man total range from four to seven. My best guess is the team will keep six or seven this year, with the potential for a guy or two on the practice squad (especially if the 53-man total is six). I could see Colton starting the year on PUP, but others will be in competition in OTAs, minicamp and training camp. OTAs start next Monday.

Martin Benitez from Montevideo, Uruguay
Question: Hi Jim how are you!? I have been seeing on your "ask Jim" section that you have quite few questions in spanish and you always respond… i dont know why im still write to you In english, so i make my next question in spanish. Yo soy de mirar y seguir muchos podcasts y programas en youtube sobre la NFL, por supuesto la gran mayoría son en idioma español (sobre todo de México, pero también alguno de España) y me llama la atención el poco "amor" que hay para algunos equipos, entre ellos los Titans. Es como que casi siempre se habla de los mismos equipos (49ers, eagles, cowboys, chiefs, bills, steelers, dolphins y alguno más) de buena manera en general, y de ciertos otros equipos (falcons, browns, saints, raiders, bucs y alguno más) casi siempre se habla más negativamente, particularmente a Titans siempre se los tiene como un equipo "malo" incluso dentro de la AFC sur, donde este año en particular casi todos los comentarios lo dan como el peor equipo de la división. Entiendo que en los papeles no seamos un equipo contendiente al SB pero de ahí a ser el peor de la división creo que hay una gran gran diferencia, En USA también es así? En los programas sobre NFL también se considera a Titans un equipo malo?
Un saludo grande y vamo arriba los Titans!!!

Jim: Qué bueno saber de ti, Martín. Bueno, los Titans nunca han sido los favoritos en la NFL. Es un equipo de mercado pequeño y, por lo general, se pasa por alto. Pero eso esta bien. Siempre he sentido que los equipos necesitan ganarse su reconocimiento y respeto. Además, la franquicia terminó 7-10 y 6-11 en temporadas consecutivas. En 2023, los Titans terminaron en el último lugar de la AFC Sur. Si el equipo de este año quiere que la gente hable más positivamente sobre ellos, entonces el equipo tendrá que jugar mejor y ser mejor.

Marc Coombs from Chesnee, South Carolina
Question: Hey Jim, hope you are well. I know we are not a "complete" team yet, but I see no reason for doom and gloom. We really don't have that many holes. I really wanted Alt, but after learning about Lathan I think he may be the better choice. He is powerful. I think we have a lot to be excited about in the fall. Sweat is awesome, I saw nothing wrong with that pick. He's a beast. I think we'll be competitive and give any team a good game. It would be nice to get away from the Navy to the Columbia Blue. I love the Oiler helmets and uniforms, but I guess that's in the past except for one to two games, unless they strike oil in Tennessee. God bless you and Titans nation.

Jim: All good, Marc. There is no reason for doom and gloom right now. There are plenty of reasons to be positive, from the free agents acquired to the draft picks selected. But it's all about putting things together for the fall, and winning games. JC is big and athletic, and I love his work ethic. He worked for 30 minutes on his own on the sleds after rookie minicamp. As for the unis, you're going to see the Columbia blue at least once on 2024, at least that's the plan.

Shane Jackson from Knoxville, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim. I was wondering what the odds are of signing Justin Simmons to the team to get an excellent safety to pair with Amani Hooker. Thoughts?

Jim: Hey Shane. The team hasn't made a secret of the fact it's looking to add a veteran safety. Brian Callahan said it again on Friday. But I'm not about to place odds on particular players. These contacts are a two-way deal, and I have no idea what a certain player or players are thinking. I so know who is still out there.

Aaron Retan from Van Buren, Arkansas
Question: Since we got the Cleveland tackle why don't we move him to the left tackle and keep the Alabama rookie on his strong side?

Jim: Hey Aaron. You're referring to Leroy Watson IV, a tackle the team traded a seventh-round pick for earlier this offseason. Leroy will compete, I suspect on the left and right side. I think he'll make the team, and he'll be a valuable swing tackle if he doesn't win the job on the right side. But the Titans drafted Latham seventh overall with the idea of playing him at left tackle, and coach Bill Callahan thinks he'll be really good at left tackle.

Jim C from LaVergne, Tennessee
Question: Jim. Took my daughter to get some Titans swag at the stadium store. I couldn't find the Titans store anywhere. The walkway was blocked off due to the construction. Did the store relocate? If so, where to? Help us😀

Jim: Hey Jim. Sorry you've had trouble. Not sure if you saw it, but the team announced recently it reached a partnership with Fanatics. As a part of the partnership, Fanatics will make a significant capital investment to upgrade the team's in-venue shopping footprint, including its stores, kiosks, and other additional retail touchpoints, to create a new and improved shopping experience for fans in and around the current Nissan Stadium. The team store is currently closed during this transition. It will re-open with limited inventory in coming weeks and be fully stocked with new Titans gear at a grand opening prior to the start of the 2024 NFL season. The partnership will also extend to the new Nissan Stadium slated for completion in 2027.

Al Rohrer from Farmington, Missouri
Question: No question in my mind. I'm excited and optimistic. Can't wait to see Big Jeff and the Terrible T push the other teams back into the end zone. I am excited for this years team. Welcome T'Vondre, and all the other new players.

Jim: Thanks for chiming in, Al.

Pamela Saldana from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: I'm very excited about this new team regime. I haven't felt this good about the team since the Music City Miracle. My husband and I have been begging for complementary receivers since the days of Derrick Mason and Frank Wycheck. Obviously, the Titans are going all in with Will Levis. If he can't consistently move the offense down the field and score touchdowns with this offensive talent, we will be looking at drafting another QB in 2025. I really don't expect that to be the case, though. I think Levis is the real deal.

Jim: We'll find out in time, Pamela.

Have a great week everyone!

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