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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The NFL Combine is now in the rear-view mirror.

Next up: The start of free agency.

The offseason continues to be interesting, and the questions keep rolling in.

Let's get started on another mailbag ...

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Ryan Polston from Benton, Arkansas
Hey Jim, new fan of Tennessee Titans! My first game my wife and I went to was 10/23/22 vs the Colts. We loved all of it and will be back this season. As Arkansas Razorback fans, we love Treylon Burks on the team. We are happy he is getting playing time. With the right coaching and guidance, do you think Treylon will be the next big wide receiver for the franchise?

Jim: Hey Ryan. Good to have you on board. I think Treylon has a chance to be really good. I've said this in here before, but I first saw Treylon play in person in his final season at Arkansas. It was against Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and he was beastly. Treylon had some bad luck last year from an injury standpoint after getting off to a slow start in the offseason because of his conditioning/asthma. But he got better, and I like his attitude. With a year under his belt, and a full offseason to work, I definitely think he'll be in a much better position to be successful in Year 2.

Steve Posa from San Diego, California
Would you be surprised if Ryan Tannehill retired this offseason because of age, injury, etc? Do you think he's secretly contemplating it? If so, what do you think the Titans next move would be?

Jim: Ryan Tannehill has given no indication he's considering retirement. He's rehabbing with the intention of playing in 2023, and I suspect he plans on playing for many years to come.

Kaiden Butler from Dyersburg, Tennessee
If there is a rumor for Derrick Henry getting traded, we could do it for the Ravens. I mean doesn't Ran want a QB who runs so why not get Lamar Jackson and we need receivers like Devin Duvernay, so why not trade Derrick to the Ravens for Lamar and Devin Duvernay?

Jim: Good to hear from you Kaiden. There is no way the Ravens would make this trade.

Howard Turner from Atlanta, Georgia
Waddup Jim! #LegendaryVisorPen
I had planned on waiting until things are clear before commenting on the state of our Titans.
That was until I started to hear King Henry trade reports from legitimate news sources. #NotTheTwitterverse
My response is an emphatic are you kidding me?!!! #SayItAintSoJim!
He's the heart and soul of the team, the identity. You can't just manufacture that, you can't build without a foundation. Who do we build around?
Yes, he's got mileage and isn't getting any younger, but this would be two straight years of dumb GM business decisions if we pulled this again.
I get the dollars and cents of it, but things aren't as simple as contracts, draft picks, and money. #TheNailInJRobsCoffin
I never liked this part of pro sports. Star athlete leaves the original team for greener pastures only to wither and retire with strangers. #McNair #George #CJ Truth is he's still the RB standard in the league. Let 22 retire as a Titan. #HeDeservesThat #WeDeserveThat.
I'm preparing for this heartbreak although I haven't full recovered from the last. #BracingMyself #SayItAintSoJim

Jim: Hey Howard. When are things ever in the clear? 😊
I see your hashtags and raise you one: #Letsseehowthingsplayoutbeforeyougettooworkedup.

Sergio Escobar from El Paso, Texas
Hello again Mr Wyatt. As always thank you for keeping us informed on the daily happenings in regards to the Titans. Seems like big Jeff is taking a similar route (pun intended) as AJ in that he has taken down any reference of him in Titans gear on social media. If he is not signed it will certainly spell disaster for our defense. I'm hoping our new GM doesn't decide to trade the king for numerous draft picks and start rebuilding. I still believe with a few good acquisitions we can still be a team to be reckoned with. Hopefully our new OC will come back with a less predictable playbook.

Jim: Hello Sergio. Just a reminder Jeffery is under contract for 2023. And, the reality is the team could put the tag on him for two more seasons after that, keeping him through 2025. No one wants it to play out that way. What's in question is a long-term deal, and there's still plenty of time to get a deal done. Appreciate the feedback.

Bill Dixson Jr. from Lebanon, Tennessee
Can we hit on draft picks and be able to reload for 2023 and have a great season? Titan UP

Jim: Sounds like a good plan, Bill.

Trenea Smith from Phoenix, Arizona
Do you know if the Titans met with any of the QB's at the combine?

Jim: Yes.

Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo from Durago, Mexico
Saludos Jim. Tendré especial cuidado en algunos jugadores que podrían encajar con las necesidades actuales del equipo. Tengo gran espectativa por ver a Jalin Hyatt.
Y claro a los LT París Johnson Jr, Peter Skoronski y Broderick Jones.
A los WR Jalin Hyatt, Quentin Johnston, Josh Downs, Trey Flowers.
A los TE Dalton Kincaid, Michael Mayer y Sam LaPorta
A los Linieros Ofensivos interiores John Michael Smitz, Olu Oluwatimi y Steve Avila.
A los corredores Devon Achane y Deuce Vaughn.
Este Draft será para apuntalar la ofensiva seguramente por lo que de Defensivos, no espero que busquen en las primeras dos rondas quizá en la tercera y tengo dudas por lo que veré a los edge Dylan Horton, Will Mc Donald, Derrick Hall y de los esquinas a Tomlinson de TCU.
De acuerdo a lo dicho por el HC Vrabel que quiere más velocidad habrá que ver y darle aún más importancia a los resultados del 40 yard dash en cada posición.
Titan Up desde Durango, México siempre apoyando y siguiendo a el equipo 💙

Jim: Gracias por hablar el tiempo, Alberto. Algunos buenos jugadores en esta lista seguro. ¡Qué tengas un lindo día!

Jerome Smithson from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hello Mr. Wyatt. Curious if the Titans will start bringing back events that were cancelled due to covid?
The season ticket holder movie night as well as the draft party at Nissan Stadium with Titan Alum for example. We live a few hours away and would like to plan on coming if so. Thanks for your time.

Jim: Hey Jerome. With the new turf going in at Nissan Stadium, no events are scheduled on the field any time soon. But, I have heard the team is working on a general public draft party for the night of Thursday, April 27th, so keep an eye out for that. Details will be released in the coming weeks.

Paul Gambini from Las Vegas, Nevada
Lonnnnng time loyal fan. If I hear one more headline "Titans happy with Malik's progress", I'll snap. I get they have to at this point. But bruh. Nice kid. Save my comment—-Malik will never be a NFL QB. And if he does get better to that point then the coaches deserve a medal. Isn't he part of Robinson being fired for god's sake. If Logan Woodside was kept on roster and we would have been in the playoffs, fact.

Jim: Appreciate the email, Paul. I'll let Ran and Mike know they shouldn't praise Malik again this offseason.

Isaak Jama from Orlando, Florida
Hi Jim. I am hearing a lot of noise about getting a better QB than Tannehill. My observation is without a good offensive line, no QB will survive hits & sacks. I think in free agency as well as the draft, the Titans need to strengthen the offensive line, which will not only give time to Tannehill but will create holes for the king. What do you think? Thanks

Jim: Hey Isaak. I do agree upgrading the offensive line is a huge priority, no matter the QB or RB. And, there are going to be a bunch of new faces up front in 2023, potentially three or four new starters. This group will be rebuilt with a combination of free agency acquisitions and draft picks.

Have a great week everyone!

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