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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Hope everyone had a Happy Easter.

The Titans landed a big egg in defensive lineman Jeffery Simmons with a contract extension, which was officially announced on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the NFL Draft keeps getting closer.

As for this Tuesday's mailbag, it's here.

Let's go…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Raymond Farrar from St. Louis, Missouri
Hey Jim!
1. Happy that the TITANS signed Big Jeff!
2. Happy when the Draft finally gets here. So TIRED of all these mock drafts!
3. Based on your knowledge, who do you think the TITANS should draft, if that person is available?
Thanks & as always, TITANUP!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Raymond. I have a guy or two in mind I'd love to see the team pick. Going to hold off naming names right now.

David Hierholzer from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
I am interested in your opinion. I still think it is most important that Titans take best left tackle in draft. No QB can throw from their back, and the fastest WR with 800 or more yards the last year in college with the 2nd pick but the rest however needs suggest.

Jim: I do agree the Titans still have needs on the offensive line, and I don't think drafting a tackle is out of the question. But the team has a lot of needs, and if Andre Dillard pans out, then the team should be in good shape for years to come at the tackle position with Nicholas Petit-Frere on the opposite side. I'd be tempted to go elsewhere with the first pick.

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
Hey Jim, draft fever is here... Just playing with a draft simulator and I traded down to 18 for a 2nd, got Quentin Johnston WR, Jack Campbell LB and Tuli Tuipolotu ED in the first two rounds.
Back to reality, overjoyed by the Jeffrey Simmons news. He held up his end of the bargain and now he's getting paid. I couldn't be happier. One more comment. We all love Derrick Henry but... If we're going into a "rebuild-ish" stage, I'd rather see Derrick play for a Super Bowl contender the last few years of his career. Dallas, Buffalo?

Jim: Hey Jack. The Simmons news was a big development, and a real setback for the "Titans are blowing it up" crowd.

John Jackson from Knoxville, Tennessee
I was wondering if the Titans by any chance will try to trade for Lamar Jackson? If we add Lamar we might be able to make the playoffs and maybe even win a game. Maybe we could give up our second round pick this year and our second rounder next year and maybe Tannehill. Just trying to suggest a possible trade for Lamar. Titan for Life!!! TITAN UP!!!

Jim: No one has told me this is going down, John. There's no chance of it happening with the compensation you suggested.

David Stowe from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hey Jim, hope all is well with you and the family first off thank God that we got the contract extension done with Big Jeff I was truly sweating bullets. Now I pray we don't trade up for a quarterback we've got way more pressing needs to address like wide receiver and offensive linemen plus a decent pass rusher. Well, I'm done. As always Titanthafup.

Jim: Good to hear from you, David. You won't have to wait much longer on the draft, when you'll find out if there's any fire behind all this smoke …

Idris Bell from Antioch, Tennessee
: Cam Newton recently said that he is open to being a backup for the Titans. I know he is a big personality but I think he would be a great mentor for any young QB the Titans may bring in. Do you think he is a realistic option at QB for the Titans?

Jim: I wouldn't bet on it.

Ira Udell from Boynton Beach, Florida
Hey Jim… long time fan here…hoping the team isn't committing to a rebuild even though they've lost key pieces…major Tannehill/Henry fan and believe the team can have a winning season in a weak division (not buying the Jaguars yet).......
Observation – teams get all excited and trip over each other looking to draft qbs from Alabama and Ohio State when there has not been a bonafide long term nfl star from those schools since Namath and Stabler….(get back to me in 2 years regarding Hurts, Tua and Fields)…
Give me Ryan and Henry and one more receiver and an injury free offensive line.
Thanks for keeping us informed.

Jim: Point taken, Ira.

Richard Seidman from Franklin, Tennessee
Wondering if Ran Carthon has changed over any of the scouts or is it still the same ones that Jon Robinson had?

Jim: Hey Richard. Changes in the scouting department usually take place after the draft, fyi. The answer to this will come in May.

Tommy Henley from Cookeville, Tennessee
Jim I'm so anxious about the new stadium and the upcoming draft. I have so much faith in Ran that he'll help bring alot of good things to the organization, myself I'm hoping for a good receiver in the first round and a OL in the second an I'm hoping they get LB Drew Sanders I'm sure coach Vrabel has done his homework on em what is your opinion on #11 WR for Ohio State. I'd love for us to get Hendon Hooker I'm a big fan of his but guess will see come the 27-29 I believe, but thanks for letting me share Jim tell Ms Amy thank you Jim just for everything she's done, that one day her an all Titans fans dream will come true, That Championship, I can see her big smile now holding that big trophy, I'll never lose faith in her or the choices that she's made thanks Jim!! Go Titans

Jim: Good to hear from you Tommy. I like the WR from Ohio State (Jaxon Smith-Ngigba) and I like Hendon Hooker better than I do some of these other QBs.

Richard Joseph Robles from Springfield, Tennessee
Hi Jim, NFL Draft is coming. We need to find a player who can intercept the ball with one hand, A pass rusher who can rush to the mid-direction and a player who can block field goals multiple times to be drafted to the Tennessee Titans. We must win the NFL Draft! Titan Up!

Jim: Good deal, Richard. I'll keep an eye out for those guys!

Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo from Durago, Mexico
Hola Jim buenas tardes, recuerdas en el tiempo que tienes cubriendo a Titans un offseason con tantos rumores sobre el el equipo en los medios deportivos.
En base a ellos van estás preguntas.
¿Vez posible el intercambio de Trey Lance a Titans por Malik u otro jugador o selección de Draft?
Crees que pudieran llegar DHop, Jerry Jeudy, Cortland Sutton o algún otro WR veterano?
Cuales son para ti las principales cuatro necesidades de los Titans al momento por posición?
Por qué jugador te gustaría subir con la selección global numero 3 de Arizona y que estarías dispuesto en dar a cambio?
Saludos Jim y espero que King Henry, Kevin Byard y Big Jeff sean eternamente Titanes. Titan Up!!!

Jim: Hola Alberto. Tienes razón, ha habido un montón de rumores circulando. Creo que algo de eso se debe al cambio en el gerente general, y nadie sabe con certeza qué sucederá. No voy a aumentar la fábrica de rumores respondiendo estas preguntas sobre las posibilidades comerciales. En cuanto a las necesidades, creo que el receptor, la línea ofensiva, el apoyador y la ayuda en la secundaria son grandes necesidades. Espero que todo este bien.

Benjamin Rosenauer from Hartford City, Indiana
Have you ever stopped to think that Hopkins might be too old to fit in with the Titans organization? Adding on to that Hopkins is too much money for us to only have for most likely a year. One more thing, I would love to get Jaxon Smith Njigba with are 11th pick, and with the rumors of trading for another first rounder I was thinking about instead of going for a top 10 pick maybe try to get a mid-first rounder and try to draft Devonte Banks. They both have shown their talent. What's your word on that?

Jim: Hey Benjamin. No, I haven't stopped to think about it. Too much other stuff going on. The Titans definitely need help at receiver, and they need more than one in my opinion. I haven't heard the rumor of the Titans trading for another first round pick…

Have a great week everyone!

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