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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Don't look now, but we're now a week away from Titans training camp.

At least the reporting date, that is.

Then we'll find out just how long it will be before players hit the field.

No waiting around here.

It's time for another Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Mike Temple from Birmingham, Alabama
Jim - we really appreciate having a positive diversion from all of 2020's challenges, so thanks for all that you do. I'm writing to thank the Titans organization for stepping up and signing King Henry to a win-win deal - tip of the cap to Ms. Adams, JRob, and the Coach - much appreciated! I also read an article last night that the deal was structured to free up some cap space. Beyond the much publicized J Clowney courting, would you anticipate the Titans signing some more DLine or WR depth before the season starts? As we proved on the field last year this team is close, very close, to competing for Super Bowl LV - I can't wait for the 2020 season! Titan-up, MT

Jim: Hey Mike. What the Henry deal did was give the team some flexibility for this year, and next season. It was a cap-friendly deal, and it also allowed Derrick to get a good bit of guaranteed money. It was a win-win. I do think the team will make some more additions, but a whole lot remains to be seen. There's been speculation about rosters even being reduced for camp because of challenges with the pandemic. What I really think is the GM and the HC and others want to see how their own guys perform. Keep in mind, the players signed in free agency and the guys drafted this year haven't been on the field yet to be evaluated. I think after a few weeks of training camp practices the personnel guys will have a much better idea of the strengths and weaknesses and they could make additions and subtractions at that point. And other teams will follow the same pattern. At some point, when roster cuts are made across the league, the Titans could jump up and add depth and competition at several positions.

David Smith from Beavercreek, Ohio
Hi Jim. I hope all is well in the now trying times as a long time Titan fan I would like to thank you for all the questions and issues you deal with and always professionally answering the questions. I moved to Ohio from Cookeville, Tn and there isn't a lot of Titans news here and reading your page keeps me updated. So my question for you would be: With the moves the D has made and all that could potentially still happen do you see us keying in on a style of smash mouth D as our smash mouth offense. I realize so many people want to see Clowney with us but i believe there is more value out there to bring a harder hitting brick wall D then just him.

Jim: Hey David. Good to hear from you. And I appreciate your comments. Well, whether Clowney is on board or not, the Titans will play a smash-mouth brand of football on both sides of the ball. It's what the head coach wants, and it's how the team has been built, especially with guys like Jeffery Simmons and DaQuan Jones and Rashaan Evans and more on defense. With that said, the offense has the capability – and the personnel – to be flashy as well. So, while Derrick Henry will be a battering ram with breakaway ability, A.J. Brown provides a home run threat every time he touches the ball.

William Scott from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I appreciate all of your hard work and also how nicely you embrace all perspectives from our many fans! It makes your column such a welcoming spot for all of us who love the Titans, regardless of perspective, in my opinion. My question is what follows: I am confused by the people who say they watch the game on TV and listen to it on the radio at the same time. I used to love to do this. I felt that our radio announcers were much more knowledgeable, helpful and informative than the national announcers. But then they started a time delay. So, The TV pictures were a few seconds different (like 5 or more) from the time the announcers talked about the play. It was completely a disjointed experience and so I quit listening to our radio broadcast while I was watching the TV presentation. Is it actually possible to watch the game on TV and listen to our radio broadcasters when they are in actual time sync?

Jim: Hi William. I appreciate the email. I'm feeling the love today! There's an app by the name of Radiosync that allows you to delay a radio broadcast to match a television broadcast. I'd give that a shot. Another option is Tune-in -- if the app is ahead, you can pause it and let the TV feed catch up. Good luck. Hopefully you can seamlessly listen to Mike Keith and David McGinnis and the Titans Radio crew!

Jeffrey Busby from Terrell, Texas
Who is going to be the second screen QB?

Jim: The favorite is Logan Woodside, who returns and will compete with Cole McDonald, the team's seventh-round pick out of Hawaii. In last year's preseason, Woodside showed promise, completing 46-of-76 passes for 539 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions with a passer rating of 99.6. Woodside completed 17-of-29 passes for 212 yards and two touchdowns (with a 104.4) while starting the preseason finale at Chicago. The 6-foot-3, 218-pound McDonald, meanwhile, finished his career at Hawaii fourth on the school's passing yards (8,032) and passing touchdowns (70) lists. If neither of those two convinces coaches and the GM he's ready, then a veteran will be added behind Ryan Tannehill.

Aaron Krepel from Wanaque, New Jersey
Hey Jim. Quick one that's been on my mind for a while. When did we switch to vs And what was the catalyst? I'd always wondered how we ended up as titansonline when every other team seemed to have their name formatted the right way. It wasn't until I heard it on the OTP that I realized we'd made the switch. Thanks for everything you do, and say a big hello to Coach Vrabel for me.

Jim: Hey Aaron. It happened earlier this offseason. The switch was made really because we wanted to align the website closer with the team brand. I'll tell the head coach you said hello.

Trevor Cayce from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Jim I've been a fan of your work for many years I'm glad to see you as the Titans writer. As for kneeling I support our players and if they feel like that's the best way to gain attention for equality I'm all in. As for the black national anthem I feel like that's further separation and that's not what we need. I'm willing to stand, kneel, sit or stand on my head with these men. I'm not sure about further separating us. It's unfortunate that our country was founded on and actually had provisions for minorities being less than a whole man. I would be all for a new anthem that our country accepts fault and now comes together regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation and religion. Why we look for differences why we hate what we don't understand why we can't show everyone respect and compassion I don't know. What I do know is that I love my team I respect everyone that wear the jersey. They show us that on and off the field that we can work, practice, and play together. We can respect everyone regardless we're all human beings. It's really easy to show everyone kindness and love. If you think it's hard just try it for a week and if you don't think it works keep trying it until it normal. So Jim I definitely saw that #81 had what it takes to be TE1 apparently so did the Titans staff. He's always one step or broken tackle away from the end zone. I'm not wishing anything bad on Smith but what happens if he is limited or injured, I don't feel like we have enough depth at tight end. Do you think the Titans will try to bring in another veteran to help with competition and add a little depth? Again Jim thank you for what you do we have the best team, staff, coaches, GM, team announcer, and writer in football period.

Jim: Appreciate it, Trevor. Thanks for reading, and for sharing your thoughts. As for Jonnu, I think he is going to take another big step. I like MyCole Pruitt and Anthony Firkser at the position as well. I actually wrote about the tight end position on Monday for the training camp preview. Here's the link to the tight ends preview story: CLICK HERE. I'm not ruling out a potential addition at the position. I also know it's a position that's going to need to be addressed very soon. All three of the guys I just mentioned have contracts set to expire after this season.

Roy Hansen from Fielding, Utah
Why in the world did we go away from our running game against the Chiefs? Doesn't make any sense.

Jim: It's time to let it go, Roy. We're on to 2020!

Ronald Duncan from Jacksonville, Florida
With the signing of Henry does that put Clowney out of the picture?

Jim: Nope. Sure, they're both big guys, but they can still fit in the same frame...

David Butler from Franklin, Tennessee
Hi Jim, not really a question but something of importance that no one is talking about. Looking at the contracts of most of the key players, the team has quietly put together a core that will [most likely] play together for the next 2-3 years under their current contracts. This is the same principle that helped build the Patriots into a dynasty. It's no secret that the more guys play together, the harder they are to defeat. Kudos to Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel for building a team not only for 2020 but for years to come. Here's to the Titans being a team to be feared for many more years.

Jim: Good observation, David. The team has a great nucleus, and it's largely because the GM has a great vision, and the same can be said for the HC. If this year's draft class pans out like last year's class, it will provide even more reason for optimism.

Henry Martin from Jacksonville, Florida
Good evening from Jacksonville, FL. I do not have a question, just wanted to comment on the Madden 21 post. I believe there were a lot of players throughout the league that were overrated and underrated, now I love playing Madden (since the beginning) but being a Titan fan and after the amazing season we just had.....just shaking my head at these ratings. The King should have at least been a 95/96, Kern is the BEST punter in the league, AJ = 86/87, Jayon/Rashaan should be mid 80's, Tannehill mid 80's, Byard could have got a few points added too. Also, none of our rookies have a rating higher than a 69....??? I'm just trying to figure out how these ratings are determined. After players seeing their rating, I think the fire has been lit #MOTIVATION. Love reading your post, GO TITANS!!! #TITANUP.

Jim: Hi Henry. Appreciate the feedback. I've seen the furor over these Madden ratings. Here's the post you're referring to for those who missed it: CLICK HERE. I know the game is fun, but the only thing that matters is the team rankings at the end of the season.

Luis Daniel Mariñelarena from León, Guanajuato
How about my dear Jim, always a pleasure to greet you !!! Hey I think we should already shelve the hiring of Javedeon Clowney, it seems that the guy is not interested in coming to the Titans and in the team we need people who are really interested in the project, in your opinion you think that Everson Griffen could do something similar or what would be your opinion about it. Thank you very much for always keeping the fans informed and I hope you continue to maintain the humility that characterizes my dear Jim.

Jim: It's a pleasure to hear from you, Luis Daniel. I've received a number of emails asking about Everson. I'm feel certain the team has done its homework on him, like a lot of guys. I'm sure you know he's raised questions with some off-field issues in the past, mainly during the 2018 season. I saw where the Seahawks expressed interest in him prior to the draft, and I've seen the Cardinals and Saints mentioned with him as well. As the team continues to monitor the Clowney situation, I suspect some other guys also remain on the radar. But we need to see how the Clowney domino falls first. Take care.

Have a great week everyone!

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