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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – On-field work for the Titans this offseason is now in the rear-view mirror.

Now, the countdown is on until training camp.

Lots of questions remain as the clock starts ticking.

Let's answer some of them in this Tuesday's Titans mailbag.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Stephan "Butch" Pohl from Troisdorf, Germany
Hey Jim, this is Stephan "Butch", former player and coach of football over here in Germany. My team, Troisdorf JETS celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2020, and we hope to get on the field soon after almost 2 years without competition. There is 67,000 members in 500 football clubs in Germany. As I visited NDSU in 95 and 96 as a guest coach, and then again in 2019 I would like to know your opinion, if former Bison OT Dillon Radunz will make the team as a starter? He looked very solid over the course of the last few years at Fargo, protected Trey Lance just perfect! My best wishes to Nashville from the Rhine area in Germany. Stay safe!

Jim: Hey Butch. Great to hear from you! Thanks for writing in, and it's neat to hear about football in Germany. As for Dillon, I like what I've seen from him. He's athletic, and he's picking things up quickly. The veterans and coaches on the team have also raved about how he's handled himself as a rookie. He's been very respectful, and eager to learn. On the field, Dillon has bounced around to different spots in practices. He's played inside and outside at guard and tackle, and I think all the work is going to help him in his attempt to make the game day roster in Week 1. Will he be a starter vs Arizona? Well, plenty will hinge on what happens in camp. I suspect the team will try and lock him into one spot as we edge closer to the season, but he'll have competition. His best shot as a starter will be at right tackle, but some others with more experience will be battling with him in practices, scrimmages, and preseason games.

Guillen Arango from San Marcos, California
Hey Jim. I have followed you for a long time. I appreciate how you connect with the fans and keep us informed. With the addition of Julio, the offense gotten better at least on paper. My question is, are there talks for adding any other players? If so any defensive player? Also wanted to ask: How has Jim Schwartz been involved with the defense? Thank you Jim. Let's Go Titans! #TitanUp

Jim: Hey Guillen. Appreciate the comments. Right now, the GM and HC are talking over areas where some additions could come. I think there will be some roster tinkering, with some possible additions. And as players are let go elsewhere, the team will explore the waiver wire. As for Schwartz, he's been a great resource for the other defensive coaches. But he's deferring to Shane Bowen, and it's very clear it's Bowen's show – with Mike Vrabel also in his ear and very involved.

Josh Carter from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hello Jim. Hope you are having a great summer! Now that we have restructured Ryan Tannehill's contract, I think the thing we are all wondering is: Do you think Jon Robinson can finally bring in Dez Bryant? Just kidding. One of my questions is about Brian Hill. I didn't hear much about him during Mini-Camp updates. Has he been involved and is he looking good? I think he was a really good, under the radar addition for the Titans. I think our back field will be even more unstoppable with a healthy Derrick, Darrynton and Brian Hill. With Julio and AJ on the outside Todd Downing will be able to incorporate almost anything he wants to now. I have heard a lot of people talking about Downing and RPO's. That would be an interesting addition to our scheme. I am personally hoping to see a big improvement in our screen game with the pass catching backs, maybe even some 21 personnel to mix things up and keep the defenses on their heels. What wrinkle do you think has been missing in recent years in the Titan's already potent offense or is there something new you are looking forward to seeing (besides Dez) this season?

Jim: Good one, Josh. 😊
I've liked the looks of Hill for the most part. He had a good season in 2020, and he has some experience. I think you've nailed the three backs – Derrick, Darrynton and Brian. And don't forget about running back/fullback Khari Blasingame, who has had a really good offseason, and is going to make the team. As for the RPOs, not really expecting much of that. I do think you'll see the team utilize the backs more in the screen game, and all of them are capable of getting the job done there.

Iain Sneddon from London, Canada
Jim, this is simply out of curiosity. I am thrilled with how Ryan Tannehill has played and I wouldn't want any other QB in the league as the Titans QB. But, for fun, what do you think it would take to acquire the unhappy Aaron Rodgers. Tannehill plus what? A first round pick? A Ricky Williams type Ditka move and give up the entire 2022 draft? Again, I want Tannehill to lead this team regardless of Rodgers HOF pedigree. But, much like fantasy football, it can be fun to discuss. So Jim, I know you are a Titans employee so it may seem like an odd question, but I'm sure you would know better than I what it would take hypothetically.

Jim: Hey Iain. A month's supply of cheese curds? Sorry, but it's not happening so no sense in wasting everyone's time here on that subject.

Julio Cesar Bastida from Mexico, Estado de Mexico
Hola Jim te escribo desde Mexico, mi pregunta es la siguiente, quisiera saber tu opinion de los nuevos cordinadores ofensivo y defensivo, cres que si daran el salto???

Jim: Me gustan ambos. Creo que son buenos entrenadores y creo que tienen el personal para tener éxito. Gracias por la pregunta.

Derek McMillan from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hey how are all the Titan fans doing? I've read where you have said several times that we should be back up to 100% capacity. My thing is we need to get back to having one of the loudest stadium in the NFL. Where is our 12th man gone over the years? We can give a lil help when our defense is on the field and make it hard for the opposing team to hear. Just my opinion. Also why don't you see Delanie Walker as an option? Thanks and have a good day . TITANUP !!!

Jim: Hey Derek. I think Titans fans are fired up, and ready for the season. And, like I've said here before, I'm not expecting Delanie to be in the mix here. I hope he gets another shot somewhere, though.

Brett Heard from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. So, I have been featured here a bit with my outstanding questions and comments. Do I receive any kind of compensation for my work? Thanks Jim. This is fun.

Jim: Hey Brett. You can have those extra cheese curds I discussed with Iain.

Daryl Tucker from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim my first time writing and I'm a big fan of yours and the effort that you put in to keep us posted on the latest news. And the fans that hate on the Titans, love, and wonder about the team they love. I've been a Titans Fan since 1997. All I wonder about in the weight room whenever they lift weights, do they have patience with how they lift and push. The way I see it while pushing is that, are the coaches saying to the players when you push think of Blocking and when you bring it back to your chest, think control? Our blocks got Destroyed inside the Playoffs in 2019 & 2020. Block-Patience-Block (BPB) Foot Work is key and stepping in the way still gives the QB a Half Second more to get the ball off. I still wonder if we can be consistent in that area especially if we play the Steelers and KC in the Playoffs. High Motor Sports baby Titan-up🏈🏋🏽‍♀‍

Jim: I enjoy it, Daryl. To be honest, I think other things are on the minds of the guys in the weight room, but that's an interesting thought.

Aaron Judge from Perth, Australia
Hey Jim. Hope you and all are well. I like the Jones recruit because it offers a diverse offensive pattern and gives the OC a few options, however, like most Titan fans I still have concerns about our defence. If we are an offensive threat through the season, who do you think we need to add to give a hope of defending our score line? Our def rushing/line backs continues to look thin. BTW still no Titan gear in Aus. Titan up!!!Thanks Jim.

Jim: Hello in Australia! We've had a lot of questions from Down Under of late. The defense just needs to come together in camp, and at the start of the season. Lots of new faces, from Bud Dupree to Denico Autry to Jackrabbit Jenkins to Caleb Farley and more. Plus, I expect many of the returners to play better than last season. If these guys come together, the unit has a chance to be much improved.

Have a great week everyone!

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