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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now less than 10 days before the start of the NFL Draft.

Next Thursday, we'll be making picks.

In an upcoming mailbag, I'll give fans a chance to make their own predictions, and mock drafts.

In this Tuesday's edition, we'll continue to talk draft and more.

Let's go…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Aaron Bulfin from Beerburrum, QLD Australia
Hi Jim. Hope you are doing well this offseason. In light of the retirement announcement by Julian Edelman this week, I think it is fitting that Draft WR prospect Rondale Moore was given the spotlight in a segment on GMFB by Nate Burleson. It can't be understated what an undersized and speedy WR prospect like him could offer to the Titans Offense. A guy who could line up inside and outside and win the leverage each time due to his size and speed he will be able to slip in behind those LBs and then outrun the safety's. Having a guy who can dominate the middle will also open things up on the outside for AJ by holding that safety in the middle. I know the talk has been to target another big bodied WR who can line up opposite AJ, but given that the best big WR prospects will be gone by the time the Titans pick comes around, is it worth them considering Moore with their first round pick? Recent Mock Drafts have him going early to mid second round so this may be a good chance for the Titans to pick up a prospect who could certainly open things up on the offense and match that speed of KC. Thanks for taking the time Jim.

Jim: Hey Aaron. The Titans need help at receiver, and they're going to address the position in the draft. Will it be in the first round? Heck, I don't even think the GM knows at this point, because he can't say for sure what is happening at picks 1-21. I like Rondale Moore. You described him well. But I also like receivers Ja'Marr Chase, DeVonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, Rashod Bateman, Kadarius Toney, Elijah Moore, Terrace Marshall and more. Plenty of good ones will be on the board when the Titans pick in the first round, and in the second. I'm curious to see how it plays out myself.

Hi Jim. Hope all is well in Nashville. Slightly concerned about upcoming season seems to be so many positions that need improvements Pass catcher, cornerback etc. Talking to some of the fans here and all agree that a good draft is going to be so important. Clowney was a disappointment last season expected more, but Schwartz in my opinion is a great addition. Anyway keeping the faith and still hoping for a Super Bowl win Big party here in the hills when it happens good luck

Jim: Hey Mark. You're right – the roster still has holes. But that's what the draft, and post-draft free agency is for. Without a doubt, the Titans have to make it a good draft class. Clowney was a disappointment. The team didn't get its money's worth out of him. The addition of Schwartz will definitely help. Best to you and good to hear from you again.

Adrian Lopez from Caracas, Venezuela
Hey Jim espero estés bien junto a los tuyos...Se acerca el draft y los mock draft no paran de estimar el mejor jugador para los titans... Ahora bien si evaluamos a JR se puede decir que el hombre es efectivo en sus escogencias pero en mi opinión el tiene un saldo a deber y es las escogencias de primera ronda... Cual crees que sea su planteamiento de este año ya que los Titans necesitan cubrir varias areas iran por el mejor atleta disponible en el 22 o irán por cubrir una necesidad primaria? Igual en JR we trust... Titan up....

Jim: Hola Adrian. Debido a los movimientos en la agencia libre, creo que los Titans están en posición de tomar al mejor jugador disponible en una posición de necesidad temprano, y luego continuar haciéndolo durante todo el draft. Los Titanes tienen muchas necesidades en este momento, y tratarán de abordarlas en las rondas uno a siete.

Karim Labib Bethesda, Maryland
I am hoping I'm able to get to Nissan next year and watch the Titans win football games. My question for you is what are the top 5 sections to watch the game if you had to rank them. Since I'm sure you have been to practically every section by now.

Jim: Hello Karim. I'm probably not your best resource here, even though I've been at every Titans game ever played at Nissan Stadium – preseason, regular season, and postseason. That's because I sit in the press box during games. But I do have experience sitting in the stands. I've attended Music City Bowls, concerts, other college football games and more at Nissan. I think the lower bowl seats are the best because you're closer to the excitement. But the view on the East side upper deck, looking West toward downtown and the skyline, is pretty spectacular. And the club level has some nice perks.

Andy Stambene from Lethbridge, Canada
With so many positions that need addressing the strategy has to be for the Titans to parlay some of our picks and move around. I can see JRob moving the 1st for a high 2nd and a low 3rd. Then taking the three 3rd rounders and our 4th R and moving into the second round again! I can see the Titans having two 2nd R+two-three 3rd rounders! All told the Titans have 9 picks but I bet by the end we'll only have 6 picks. The need areas are pretty obvious,DL,CB,TE,WR,OLB,OL! It was really tough losing J Smith,and letting go A Jackson had me wondering, but I get why! Like the J Reynolds signing and B DuPree and D Autry should add some bang to the Defense and increase our pressure/sack totals considerably! Everyday I look for news that the Titans have signed more free agents...I guess I'll have to wait until the draft...Thanks Jim for your insights,its always enjoyable to read and be a part of the Titans Nation, even way up here in western Canada

Jim: Hey Andy. Well, sounds like you're familiar with the GM. He's definitely shown he's willing to move around, and be active. It's not going to surprise me if he slides up and down throughout the draft, but I admit, I'd be surprised if the team ends up with as few as six picks. Good to hear from you again in western Canada!

Maria Z from Ottawa, Ontario
Hey Jim, hope you are doing fine? My question how will Titans handle WR situation? With so many guys gone. Who will be No. 2 after Brown? Do you think there will be a chance to see more of No. 16 Cody Hollister? Do you think he will get to play more in the new season? Thank you and stay safe!

Jim: Hi Maria in Ottawa! We're all over the map in this mailbag. Right now, Josh Reynolds is the No.2 opposite A.J. Brown. But this roster, and the receiver position, is a work in progress. I'm expecting several more additions this offseason, in the draft and potentially more in free agency. Cody's experience will help him in the competition to stick on the 53-man roster, but several other returners will be in the mix, too, from Cam Batson to Nick Westbrook-Ikhine to Rashard Davis to Chester Rogers to Marcus Johnson to Mason Kinsey.

Peter Palmer from Miramar, Florida
Hi Jim. Hope you and your family are keeping safe. Titan Up ! Question for you: What do you think the Titans need to actually be a legitimate contender and just not a pretender, apart from the defense that we all know stunk all of last season?

Jim: Hey Peter. Every team that doesn't win the Super Bowl qualifies as a pretender, some more than others. The Titans have had legitimate chances the past two years, but fell short each time. Last year's squad ended up being more of a disappointment compared to the previous season. The goal now is to keep the momentum on offense despite some key departures, and to get a whole lot better on defense.

Have a great week everyone!

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