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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – And, just like that, we're into the offseason.

It wasn't supposed to end like that for the Tennessee Titans, but after Sunday's loss to the Ravens, he were are on January 12 talking about what could have been, what should have been, and what's next for the Titans.

We'll have a lot of time to discuss.

Let's get started now…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Carol Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee
We have had seasons when we didn't make the playoffs but ended rather badly. We have had numerous coaching changes and player changes. This loss against the Ravens was not what we expected but as the saying goes on any given Sunday a team can lose. So rather than drown our disappointment in what coulda, woulda, shoulda happened, the Titans should pick themselves up, dust off, get some rest and then get back out there and get ready for next year. I am sorry for our loss but so very proud of what was accomplished. This team won our division. No other Titan team has done that since 2008. Last year we were in the AFC Championship Game. Next season is not that far off. WE WILL GET TO THE SUPER BOWL AND WE WILL WIN!!! TITAN UP!!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Carol. And well said. There's nothing anyone can do about it now. The Titans accomplished a lot of good things in 2020, from winning the AFC South to winning 11 games to Derrick Henry running for over 2K, etc. Sure, it ended in disappointment. Ultimately, only one team will be able to say its season didn't.

Dion Miller from Sawyer, North Dakota
Hello Jim, if you told me before the game that we only give up 20 points and lose, I would have called you crazy. Never thought our Offense would be that bad. Only around 200 total yards. Definitely out played and definitely out coached. Really disappointed on the 4th and 2 at the 40 and punting in the fourth quarter. Tired of being a playoff team but not a true championship contender. Hate losing to a running back playing QB. Sorry about all the negativity but just a frustrated fan for over 40 years. Living up north my most hated teams both wear purple now. Hopefully next year is better.

Jim: I understand your frustration, Dion. After such a successful regular season, everyone expected more. But to say this team hasn't been a 'true championship contender" just isn't true. This year's squad can't stake claim to that after bowing out in the first round, but the 2019 Titans sure can after reaching the AFC Championship Game and losing to the eventual Super Bowl champs (a team they beat in the regular season). The Titans ran out of gas in the second half last year against the Chiefs. If not, I believe they would have beaten the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Again, this year's team fell short of expectations. It laid an egg on offense against Baltimore after such a great regular season. But let's not act like the Titans are decades removed from having a real chance to win it all.

Peter Cronk from Colorado Springs, Texas
Well, THAT didn't go the way I wanted! I thought our D played a good game. One of the better ones of the year. It wasn't the best day for our O. Still, I'm proud of this division winning team! After the game I put my Titans hat on and shoveled some snow. Win, lose, or draw I'm still a Titans fan! So, let's Titan Up and get em next year! What's our cap situation? Where are we in the draft?

Jim: Hey Patrick. Cap situation is TBD, because the cap is TBD. As or the draft, the first pick will be at 22.

Zack Kitterman from Eagle Mountain, Utah
Heck of a season. Won the division! Nothing much beyond that. Not one to point the finger, as that loss was on the team and coaches together. But hard to ignore deciding to punt on 4th & 2 with 10 minutes left in the fourth on Baltimore 40 down by 7. 31 out of 32 coaches would have gone for that there. I understand why the political answer will be given by coaches and yourself when asked about it, not placing blame on anyone but the team and coaches a whole, that's 100% on Vrabel and most likely could have won us the game, or put us in a position to win it. So no question here, just voicing my disappointment in a terrible decision with a playoff game on the line.

Jim: Hey Zack. I know a lot of folks are upset about the 4th and 2 call. Mike Tomlin proved on Sunday night that 31 of 32 coaches wouldn't have gone for it. And how can you say it would've won the game? After watching the offense stumble all game long, even if the Titans went for it and made it, which was a big if the way things were going, I think there's a pretty good chance they would've ended up kicking a field goal and eventually lost 20-16.

Steve Jaramillo from Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Hi Jim, tough loss Sunday. Long time reader 1st time writing. I life-long fan of Oiler/Titans 48 yrs to b exact. Just would like to know where Corey was? Why was he on the sideline? Did he quit on us or was he benched? Really believe it would have helped if he was in. So sad we lost but I believe our future is bright so Titan up.

Jim: Hey Steve. Corey was hurt. It bothers me to see where some fans say he quit on the team. I saw him head off the field in discomfort in the 4th quarter. He never returned. This is what Vrabel said on Monday when he was asked about him: "We don't talk about injuries. But, clearly if Corey was able to finish that football game he would have. He would have tried to have done everything that he could have done that to help us win. That wasn't going to be a possibility at that time."

Bob Weaver from South Jordan, Utah
In your 6 things following the ratbirds loss you mentioned a whole lot of change coming for next year. Would you elaborate on the changes coming? Great year - a bit strange as we seemed to be good or not so good. Spank the Bills and get spanked by the Browns.

Jim: It's a long offseason, so we'll see what transpires. But the team has a ton of free agents, including Corey Davis, Jonnu Smith, Jayon Brown, Jadeveon Clowney, DaQuan Jones, Desmond King, Stephen Gostkowski, Daren Bates, MyCole Pruitt, Anthony Firkser, Jack Crawford, Will Compton and more. A lot of these guys won't be back. Plus, the team will add a new draft class, and changes on the coaching staff is also a possibility. One thing is certain: There will be plenty of change, and roster turnover.

Sergio Escobar from El Paso, Texas
Tough loss to a team everybody picked to win. I felt we got no respect and rightfully so by the way we played. Non the less it was a great season as we broke out of that 9-7 funk. I can't wait till next year and see how we can make a run towards a Super Bowl that has eluded us for over 50 years. Look forward to reading your column and keeping us updated on personnel and coaching moves if any. Thanks for what you do and thanks to the Titans for a good season, next year will be our year. Titan up!!

Jim: Appreciate it, Sergio.

Billy Owens from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
We will never win a Super Bowl if we don't get a defensive line and some decent DBs. I played in the NBA for 12 years and I love my Titans. I will have their back no matter what but, come on man I am tired of just being a good team. I want us to be great. SMH. Billy Owens, Syracuse B 🏀

Jim: Thanks for writing in, Billy. I remember you as a player – you had a great career. I do think upgrading the defense will be a big point of emphasis this offseason. After the struggles of 2020 on defense, I think we'd all agree it needs to be.

William Scott from Nashville, Tennessee
Surprising turn of events in terms of the defense playing pretty solid – – at least in terms of what they were dealing with—- and the offense having real difficulty dealing with Baltimore, not being able to open holes for The King, etc. Also, Lamar Jackson and Baltimore, in my opinion, acted completely without class at the end of the game. I understand getting on a team logo before a game starts. But that is very different from taunting and celebrating at the end of the game one team has just won. No class. In addition, Lamar Jackson making a dismissive arm gesture and walking into the tunnel without interacting with us at the end of the game is another perfect example of complete self-centered lack of sportsmanship, in my opinion. We will not forget the way they acted .....

Jim: Hey William. I thought them bolting to the locker room after the game was pretty classless myself. They've got another week left to play – the Bills will send them packing for the offseason on Saturday night.

Peter Palmer from Mirimar, Florida
My opinion is that this loss falls on Vrabel's and Smith for their poor play calling. They keep wanting to make us a pass first offense which we are not. That Wildcat formation with Henry standing beside Tannehill has failed us all season. That formation does not work! I'm so frustrated to lose again. 43 years as a fan and Vrabel and Smith screwed us with that stupid play calling. Vrabel reminds me Fisher with their stupid predictable play calling!

Jim: The Titans won all season because they had a balance on offense, and it worked. On Sunday, the Titans failed as an offense. But it was on everybody.

Dan McFall from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina
Another exciting year, Thanks Titans. On another note, is Adoree Jackson in a Nashville burn unit today? Because he got torched yesterday.

Jim: Hey Dan. I remember first hearing this joke in 6th grade. You need some new material

Eli Decko from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Hey Jim, what a great season. Give some love to the team from me will ya? I thought this was a good game. The Ravens simply made more plays that us. I watched it twice just cuz I couldn't believe how many holds didn't get called. There were 4 on the Jackson touchdown. I'm wondering though why the approach in the second half defensively was so much different? I really hope Arthur Smith doesn't leave to coach some scrubs in another city. But all in all, we had 11 wins last year and 11 wins this year, so we are getting closer, it's just that 2 of those 11 were playoff wins last year. Here's to a hopefully fruitful off season. Once again thanks for everything Jim.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Eli. The difference in the second half was Lamar Jackson found more room, and the Titans didn't do as good a job being disciplined and making plays. But overall, I thought the defense played well enough to win.

Reuben Alvear from San Francisco, California
I am not mad that the Titans lost. I am dang proud of the guys. They showed up. They just didn't make enough plays. I am especially glad for Mike Vrabel and Shane Bowen. Most of this season they have been criticized because of apparent defensive deficiencies. Yet, Sunday it appeared that Shane Bowen and/or Coach Vrabel called a fairly good defensive game. Yes, L. Jackson had some chunk plays. Yet, I don't believe the Titans were nearly as "bad" as some football analysts predicted they would be. Heck, at times the ESPN broadcast team even raved about TEN's
defensive game plan, technique and focus. I'd a hunch the boys on that side of the ball would show up. As fans, let's not hang the loss on one player because it's a team effort. And let's keep perspective because this one loss doesn't need to define whom the Titans are. The guys have had five straight winning seasons, they just won a division title and the squad earned their third playoff berth in four years. They do need to re-tool and improve. Yet, I believe Coach Vrabel and Jon Robinson will do just that, as both men strike me as driven individuals who are not complacent. I sense the future's still bright in Nashville, as the Titans have a nice mix of veteran leadership coupled with some young upstarts. David Long Jr .. my goodness! And to think that right before the game I told my brother to watch out for DLJ ;-)

Jim: Good to hear from you, Reuben.

Thomas Herschbach from Minneapolis, Minnesota
Where is Jeff Fisher now that we need him?

Jim: Fly fishing.

Mike Sorey from Medical Lake, Washington
Hey there Jim. First off, thought it was a great season with the win totals and the division crown! About the game though, wasn't expecting it to be that close considering how bad our defense is. But the decisions from coach not going for it on 4th down just kills me. I thought we were playing to win in the playoffs? We gotta do whatever it takes to win and not give the ball back to ravens! Adoree was terrible in coverage again and was out of position for tackling again! Hope we really focus on the defense this draft! Wouldn't mind having Arthur moving to head coach and Vrabel focusing on defense! We need Arthur to stay since he gets all the credit for how good the offense is! Thanks Jim and have a great off-season!

Jim: Thanks for writing in, Mike. I can promise you Vrabel and Arthur won't be switching positions on the staff. We'll now see if Arthur gets an opportunity as a coach somewhere else.

Kev White from Salisbury, North Carolina
Hey Jim! What a crazy season! AFC Champs. King Henry making franchise and NFL history. I love my Titans as I'm sure all loyal Titan fans do. Which explains the paradoxical place I'm in between proud and incredibly frustrated with the Titans. On the day were the defense put forth an effort worthy of the playoffs, the offense became stagnant. Not to take anything away from the Ravens D. But our offense became bland and predictable as opposed to the first two drives of the first half. And not only were we beat but we got disrespected in our own house with that little display by the Ravens D. What happened Jim? What happened?

Jim: Hey Kevin. Didn't play well, and got beat. That's the simple explanation. I thought the defense played well enough to win, and the offense let the team down. It was the opposite of what we've seen a lot of weeks.

Benny Peterson from Erwin, Tennessee
: The worst offensive coached game of the year.Tannehill played scared,maybe he had good reason.did not change anything offensively for whole game,hope smith goes on somewhere else.probably the best game the defense line has played all year,of course corners and safeties need a cleaning out or is it the a fan not employed by the titans so im not hurting like they are but drastic changes need to be made to get where they should want to go ,not wasting your first round pick on a offensive player who cant even get on the field when you SHOULD KNOW you need DEFENSIVE PLAYERS or is it the scheme.enjoy your rest of playoff football Jim,

Jim: Gotcha, Benny. Take care.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Dear Jim, I previously cautioned you that the Titans would engender anger from other teams if they don't stop meeting at other team's logos for some kind of pre-game ritual before games start. The Titans did this to the Ravens a few months ago so now the Ravens did it to the Titans today + Lamar Jackson left the field early without shaking hands with any of the Titans. And to top it all off we got Coach Vrabel's spurious response when he was asked about the Ravens players dancing on the Titans logo after the game and he said, "I coach the Titans, not the Ravens" as if he himself would never do such a thing. Give me a break! Coach Vrabel has been doing this to teams all season long and it reminds me of a Jerry Glanville type of trick that can backfire & motivate opposing teams. I'm not saying it's the sole reason the Titans lost today, but it obviously did motivate the Ravens. I would like to go on record again as being opposed to the Titans doing this anymore.

Jim: The Titans didn't lose because they gathered at the Ravens logo in November, Jimmy. Just like they didn't win because they gathered on the Ravens logo on November.

Jason Rodehaver from Greenfield, Tennessee
I am extremely disappointed in the outcome of Sunday's game, but in no way disappointed in the season we had. We won 11 games and that is no easy feat in today's NFL. I know people are going to be upset that we lost but don't lose faith in our coaches or players. They did a good job this season and gave Titans fans many thrills. Hopefully next year we will get life and football back to normal. I hate that our season is over but look forward to next season and whatever it will bring. Thank you Jim for all of your coverage, and hope 2021 is the best season ever. GO TITANS!!

Jim: Hey Jason. I'm with you – and I hope things are back closer to normal for the 2021 season. Best to you.

Have a great week everyone!

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