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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The Titans are back on track, and now they need to keep it going.

After a win against the Bears on Sunday, the Colts are now headed to town for a Thursday night game.

With a short week, there's no time to waste.

Let's get right to it…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Roger Wilson from Spring Hill, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I was wondering about the knee injury to Adoree' Jackson. The only thing I have ever read is that he suffered a knee injury but never any detailed information. It's going on three months and it seems like it must be a serious injury. I know that they have until Wednesday before he counts against the 53-man roster. If he is still not ready do you think he will be finished for this season?

Jim: Hey Roger. I hope you haven't been waiting for Coach Vrabel to provide the MRI results... Adoree' suffered a knee injury the week before season opener. He's tried to work his way through it during practices, but so far, no one has been comfortable with him playing. So, what happens now? Well, the team has to decide by Wednesday whether to keep him on Injured Reserve, which would effectively end his season, or take him off IR and elevate him to the active roster. Under the second scenario, he'd be eligible to play immediately, but the team could also make him an inactive each week until he's ready. Vrabel has said he doesn't think it's a season-ending injury. Stay tuned.

Dan Broadwater from Maryland
With the trade of Correa, release of Beasley, and now possible knee surgery for Clowney, who picks up the slack at the outside backer/DE position that looked to be loaded just a few weeks ago? I'd bet Correa wishes he didn't ask for that trade now. I don't understand the release of Jonathan Joseph. He had his struggles, but I don't think anyone thought he was starting caliber at this point in his career. If he was so bad to get cut midseason, why was Vrabel starting him until now? Why not keep him for a more limited role and depth?

Jim: Outside linebackers Harold Landry, Derick Roberston, Wyatt Ray and others. Frankly, I'm surprised you were surprised about Joseph getting released. He isn't starting material at this point in his career, and the problem was he was having to start and play a lot more snaps than anyone anticipated when he was signed. The injuries to Adoree' and Kristian Fulton forced him to play more, and it showed off some of his limitations. With Desmond King aboard and the hope that Adoree' could be back in the mix at some point, the decision was made to release him.

Robert Starkey from Corpus Christi, Texas
Jim, I don't know if you see every post and saw what I sent last week...but just to remind you I told you I wasn't worried about our team, especially after the flurry of releases and addition of DB King this past week. Because our D especially in 3d down has been God Awful and mentioned our backfield should press when we blitzed and yadda yadda. But after what I saw from our Defense vs the Bears (what we've always been k own for since the days of AFC Central) finally manned up and played like the Titans we know!!!
I loved the move for DB King and he had a huge play today and the defense was able to pressure and actually get sacks because we had players that could press on 3d down!!!
I don't know what the plan is for King after Adoree gets back if he does but that defense that we saw today along with our Offense is more than scary. I've said it at least 3 times now, and this will be my 4th!!!
Titans!!! Are bringing home the Ship and it involves not only the players which are the biggest part yes, but the GM and Vrabel are instilling into everyone that we expect nothing less than your best or your gone and I love it!!!
The King didn't have the best day, but I'm actually happy we have Foreman and McNichols to give him a break because I don't want him to be a used and have to leave or lose his edge too early like Eddie George did. Nothing in McNair because our offense is filled with awesome talent!!!
And he didn't have a great day Sunday but tell GM he's gonna regret it if he doesn't lock up Corey Davis!!! I get it, our number 1 is AJ and he's a phenom but Corey Davis could be a number 1 on most teams so tell him not to let him GO!!!!
Loved the win and one closer to that first Lombardi Trophy in Nashville!!!!
Luv Ya Blue, and Titan Up!!! It's ours to lose this year and let the entire staff and players k ow I said that please!!! If we don't bring it home it's because they did not want it bad enough!!!
I know that statement alone will fire most of them if not at least the King 👑 Henry up enough to make it happen. Well and Vrabel too!!! We have something so special right now and we have to Capitalize!!!

Jim: You called it, Robert!

Weston Chamberlain from Gainesville, Virginia
Hey Jim! The Titans came to Nashville when I was growing up and I have been a fan ever since. It doesn't matter what state or city I live in, the Titans will always be my hometown team. This is my first time writing in after reading this thread every week. Watching this game my question would be is there a health concern for Derrick Henry? It seems that his utilization has gone down in recent weeks. I am just hoping that the team continues to use him to wear down defenses like we have in the past. He seems a little frustrated on the sideline at times, ready to go in but getting called back. Thanks for keeping us all informed on everything Titans!! #titanup!!!

Jim: Hey Weston. Derrick is good. Derrick has carried the ball 182 times in eight games, so he's on pace to carry it 364 times on the year. On Sunday, he carried it 21 times, and just eight times after the half. When the game was going on, and the Titans had a comfortable lead, I just think Vrabel made the decision to ease his workload back a bit, especially considering the Titans have another game on Thursday.

Mark Lindstrom from Toronto, Canada
Hey Jim. First time writing in but long time reader. I am coming at you from Toronto, Ontario. Definitely not a lot of us here but the few of us who are, remain die-hards. Quick question: Any thoughts on why Derrick Henry was only in on 53% of the snaps on Sunday? I have noticed McNichols starting to get some more snaps and he looks impressive when given the opportunity. Some rest for Henry is great but I think being in on only 53% of the snaps is a bit extreme? Curious to get your thoughts.

Jim: Hey Mark. As I was just discussing with Weston, I really go think his snaps were more limited with the future in mind. Vrabel said as much after the game when asked about it. "I think we're always conscious of that and what it's going to take to win the game," Vrabel said of Henry's workload. "We got a little bit of a lead there and were able to, I think, kind of come off of him a little bit."

Darryl McDonald from Brooklyn, New York
Good afternoon Jim. I don't have a question, just want to congratulate the team and let them know their fans are behind them 100%. This season has definitely been interesting thus far for us, 5-0 start, losing to the Bengals, our Defense winning in take always but losing with staying on the field at times, and our Offense. I'm glad to see our players sticking in there and trusting one another to fix and improve on their mistakes. Offense wise, I wish we kept Tajae Sharp, he was another very reliable wideout. I would also like to see Khari Blasingame involved in more plays, he can catch and he's a solid blocker as well. Our defense balled out like we knew they were capable of. The line applied pressure allowing the secondary to make plays instead of leaving them on an island for too long. Lastly, judging by the way we're taking our time with Adoree' Jackson, the rest of our injured players should feel more than comfortable to recover to an acceptable playing status. The coaching staff has definitely been making the tough decisions needed to be made.

Jim: Hi Darryl. Thanks for taking the time.

Charles Lyons from Omaha, Nebraska
Is there a potential chance for us to win the Super Bowl?

Jim: Yes, Charles, I'm telling you there's a chance.

James Ball from Fayetteville, North Carolina
Hey Jim. Long time Titan/Houston fan one question: Is there a chance that Jeff Fisher could come back if asked to help beef up the Defense?

Jim: Hey James. I'm telling you there is no chance.

Mundy Emesiochl from San Antonio, Texas
Will there be a chance that J.J Watt might be an addition to the Titans?

Jim: There is very little chance that there's a chance in 2020 since the trade deadline has passed, and I don't think there's a chance of the Texans releasing him. But if by chance he should be available in the offseason, I guess there is a chance the Titans could take a chance on him, and at that point, it wouldn't be by chance.

Dieter Grafenberger from Holzhausen, Austria, Europe
Dear Jim! First of all, thank you sooo much for all your well founded information. Me and my wife Sissy, we are diehard Titans fans since the 99 season and we are very thankful for unbelievably many moments that really thrilled us. We love the team! We were lucky to visit the Baptist Sports Park in 2005 and a very friendly older man, his name was Joe, showed us the facility. We were in the locker room and I sat on Steve McNair's place and made a photo with OC Norm Chow!
This team is blessed with a lot of very good players and if we fix the problems on the defensive side of the ball, which surely will happen, then the first ring is on the way to Titans fingers! All the best for you and your family and greetings to all Titans fans around the world! Greetings from Austria. Didi and Sissy.

Jim: Thanks for sharing this story! Take care.

Randy L from Yorktown, Virginia
Hey Jim. I really appreciate you always being a class act and having such a good head on your shoulders responding to these emails. I think you missed one on what stood out in the game this weekend. I heard this player's name a few times during the game and I was impressed with his stat line. Perhaps it's our newest shiny addition Desmond King?
Player A 9 7 0 0 1 0 0
No,'s Breon Borders...a player most of us had no idea who he was coming into the game. Love the unheralded! Thanks for the mailbag Jim!

Jim: Right on, Randy. I thought Borders, who played collegiately at Duke, did a solid job. He was second on the team with nine tackles while playing all 77 snaps, including two more stops on special teams.

Brandon Green from Brentwood, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Didn't want to overreact about the Titans after the Bengals game and don't want to overreact after this Bears game. The D looks better, but I'm still waiting to see our guys catch fire. Butler, Simmons (obviously), and Jayon have been playing well as of late, but I want to see Rashaan reignite, I'm ready for Kevin Byard to start playing like our star safety, and I'm ready to see us start pressing receivers at the line.
It feels like things are coming together for a 2nd half of season run, and all the pieces are there to look like the #1 team you don't want to play again. Even though Henry looked annoyed on the sidelines when we let McNichols and Foreman take away some touches, I feel like we're keeping him a little fresher to punish teams once the weather flips cold.
To sum it up- these Titans are beginning to "wake up feelin dangerous" and I'm ready for it

Jim: Nice summary, Brandon.

David Hosein from Surbiton, United Kingdom
Hi Jim. It was good to see some pressure on the opposing QB for a change. One got the impression that 4 rushers was thought good enough, but it wasn't and we were just getting picked apart. The more you see of Jeffery Simmons you think what a selection. First, how is Adam H? The roughness penalties on receivers has not been officiated well. Last year Raymond 2 feet down hit by shoulder in head - a fumble No penalty. Humpheries hit in head - incomplete No penalty. Sunday Amani Hooker side shoulder in chest and ball pops out- 15 yard penalty. I am liking the production from the other running backs it does mean other sides can't assume if Henry is out its a pass. I assume you're fluent in Spanish and think it's really good answering those fans questions. Unfortunately, I have to use a conversion program. David

Jim: Hi David. You're right – Jeffery Simmons is a beast. On Humphries, he's still working his way through concussion protocol. Will he play on Thursday? Well, on a short week after not playing vs the Bears, I'm skeptical. Vrabel is really cautious with his players coming off of concussions. I'm with you on some of these calls/non-calls regarding roughness penalties – shaky at best. As for my Spanish skills, I did take Spanish in high school at Father Ryan. I may or may not use the Spanish to English translator online ...

Marco Jara from Tampico, Mexico
They certainly improved the defense, but they got tired, they were on the field too long in second half, it also affected two crucial calls from the referees that marked unnecessary rudeness to the passer quit doubtful. And kept the Bears offense on the field.

Jim: Si, si, si, si y si.

Carter Cheeseman from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hey Jim, good game on Sunday with some of the same kind of swarming Dean Peas' defense that we have seen in the past. Just wanted to comment on a couple people. Our entire D-line, and linebacking core did a great job taking advantage of a shuffled O-line as they should. However, most noteworthy in my mind was the play of our corners. It wasn't perfect but what an improvement! Malcolm Butler did a wonderful job against Allen Robinson, and wasn't out of position. It was great to see. Our newest addition Desmond King had a great fumble return for a TD. Breon Borders though was the most impressive in my mind. He was flying all over the field, played all the snaps in his first start, and challenged all the balls that came his way. As much as Jonathan Joseph has had a good career, he just didn't have the kind of juice left in the tank to make those kinds of plays. I was impressed, and looking into his shuffling around on many teams, I was glad he showed out when he got the opportunity. When we get Adoree and Kristian back there is reason to be excited!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Carter.

John Mellos from Montreal, Quebec
Hey Jim! Huge fan of your writing, huge fan of the Titans! Happy to be heading back into the workweek after watching the Defense step it up big time and win that game! It was great to see Roberson back in the lineup too! That guy is a straight-up ninja. Can't wait to see him and JD tear it up together in the second half of the season. Really feeling good about this Defense right now. With the addition of King, I truly believe that there are no glaring weaknesses at any position, and once we get Fulton and Adoree back, our defensive backfield will be looking scary good. Anyway, a lot remains to be seen at this point in the season but we're 6-2 and I'm feeling damn good! Can't wait to take it to the Colts on Thursday night! Have a great week!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, John.

Bill Slack from Hixson, Tennessee
Defense. Defense. Defense. Great to see the defense unit play outstanding ball. just in time for the Colts. We have the talent on both sides of the ball to take this team all the way. Titanup.

Jim: Hey Bill. Well, Sunday was a big improvement. But the Titans have to keep it up. This is still a defense that's allowed 30-plus points in half of the team's games. A bigger challenge is coming up Thursday night against the Colts.

Have a great week everyone!

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