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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The rookies wrapped up a minicamp over the weekend, and this week they're mingling with the veterans.

Next week, the Titans will be on the field for OTAs.

The offseason keeps flying by, and questions for the mailbag keep flying in.

Let's dive into this Tuesday's edition…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Justin Ayotte from Nashua, New Hampshire
Hey Jim. I am wondering about Malik Willis and what we are doing with the position this year? Titan up!

Jim: Hey Justin. Well, Malik took part in the team's rookie minicamp, and I thought he did well for the most part. He has a strong arm, and he has a great attitude. But he's a work in progress, of course, and his work is just getting started. Ryan Tannehill will be the starter in 2022, and sitting here typing this in mid-May I suspect Logan Woodside will be the No.2, with Malik being the third QB and potentially inactive on game days. Can Malik do enough in the next 3-4 months to convince his bosses he can be trusted, and is ready, to be the 2 as a rookie? Well, we'll see.

Tate Rhodes from Idaho Falls, Idaho
Hey Jim! I was just curious about Robert Woods! I'm sure glad the Titans got him at such a cheap price! Any word on his recovery? Do you think he'll be the #1 guy at least to start the season? Thanks for your time, and Titan up!

Jim: Hey Tate. Great question, but right now I don't have an answer. The Titans veterans will be on the field for OTAs starting next week, and we'll begin to get some clues on his recovery then. I'm thinking he'll be ready for the start of the season just based on the timetable (he tore the ACL in November), but a lot hinges on whether he has any setbacks or not.

Michael Hendon from Americus, Georgia
The NOLA Saints just overloaded their Wide Receiver depth chart by signing Jarvis Landry. Why don't you offer them a draft pick for Marquez Callaway, now fourth or fifth on their pecking order?

Jim: Hey Michael. If the Saints would bite on this, I'd be down for it. But if I'm the Saints, I'd rather have Callaway than a late-round pick.

Tyler Hayzlett from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I was hoping you could give us an insight on some of the rookie tryouts from this weekend. As a UT-Martin alumni I'm rooting for Donnell Williams and hoping to get more insight on how he's holding up against the others. Any chance Donnell or any of the others tryouts make the camp roster? Thanks for all that you do!

Jim: Hey Tyler. So far, defensive back Kenneth George is the only guy among the seven tryout players at rookie minicamp who has been signed to the active roster. I will say I noticed Donnell out there. He's a good-looking prospect from a physical standpoint, but he hasn't been added to the active roster and I haven't heard any buzz about that happening. Fun fact: Did you know I started off at UT-Martin? I may or may not have made a few stops in Cadillac's 😎 …

Neil McGeehan from Killycolpy, Ireland
Hey Jim. Irish Titan fan here, been a fan since i got to a preseason game in 05 v the bucs and been crazy ever since! Want to thank you for the work you do in keeping us up to date. Love coach Vrabel & the smash up front offense but just hope these Titans learn from past mistakes and hope to improve on, for example Johnson era . Thanks Jim. TITAN UP

Jim: Good to hear from you in Ireland, Neil, and thanks for taking the time

Greg Walker from Shreveport Louisiana
With that happen with the team going into a new year. Does the organization still believe that we are in our super bowl window like the past 2 years?

Jim: Well, Steve sure thinks so. See below …

Steve Crosio from Brick, New Jersey
Hey there Jim, here's my prediction on the Tennessee Titans record after seeing this schedule:
Week 1: Vs New York Giants W
Week 2: @ Buffalo Bills W
Week 3: Vs Las Vegas Raiders W
Week 4: @ Indianapolis Colts L
Week 5: @ Washington Commanders W
Week 7: Vs Indianapolis Colts W
Week 8: @ Houston Texans W
Week 9: @ Kansas City Chiefs W
Week 10: Vs Denver Broncos W
Week 11: @ Green Bay Packers W
Week 12: Vs Cincinnati Bengals W
Week 13: @ Philadelphia Eagles W
Week 14: Vs Jacksonville Jaguars W
Week 15: @ Los Angeles Chargers L
Week 16: Vs Houston Texans W
Week 17: Vs Dallas Cowboys L
Week 18: @ Jacksonville Jaguars W
Record: 14-3

Jim: I'm sure a lot of folks would take this ...

Robert Green from Augusta, Georgia
Hey Jim. I appreciate the time you take to answer questions from fans, so hopefully you'll get to one of mine one of these days. The question I have is why does the team, and a lot of the fans I see on here, seem to not get the fact that while DH is the heart of our offense, his stature and ability is only part of what the receiving corps viable. Losing AJ and not having someone proven in his place is a terrible position for this team to be in. Especially after a lackluster post-season performance and an inconsistent office headed by Downing who shouldn't be in that role. I see so many nonsense comments about AJ like "Oh his injuries, so he wasn't worth that money". The man missed a total of 6 games in 3 years. Lewan missed more than double that in the last two years, but he's still getting paid and no one is complaining about him. My point is, AJ was the glue to the air attack like Derrick is to the ground game. What do you see us as a team doing to rectify that gap, because I just don't see it with who's on the roster currently?

Jim: Hey Robert. Well, Robert Woods was signed to make a difference, and Treylon Burks was drafted to do the same. A.J. is not coming back, and I'm not going to spend a lot more time on his departure. He wanted a lot more money than the team could/chose to pay him, and he was shipped to Philly. I hope he does well, and I wish him good health. But even I, as much as I like A.J. and wish he still played for the Titans, can't say with a straight face that he should have been paid like a top-five WR. And, as you mentioned, he did miss six games in the past two years, and he didn't practice a whole lot. Those are facts, and we'll see what happens from here.

Adam Finlan from Spring Hill, Tennesse
Hey Jim is Adam Down syndrome about Derrick Henry is a MVP Cover Brand New Tennessee Titans Yearbook say is MVP right Jim my friend.

Jim: Good to hear from you my friend Adam!

Josh Reynolds from Bristol, Tennessee
My oh my how soon we forget about the days of Jake Locker and Marcus Mariota. They were great qbs but would never have led us to where we are today. Tannehill had about a bad a day as a qb could have on the main stage and it sucks but we have to move on. Im glad he's taken it to heart and hopefully he has the attitude to come back stronger than before. We were a top offense for a few years and losing Brown is a major blow, but nothing a little hardwork and practice can't cure. Is it gonna be a struggle early most definitely but this team has showed time and time again they can perform under pressure if they all pull together and do their jobs. Week 2 @ Buffalo is HUGE if u ask me yes it's early in the season but all eyes will be on the Titans and especially Tannehill. He could shut the critics up early if he has a great game...Here's to the 22-23 season and bringing home a Superbowl or thats what we all hope for right? Thanks for letting me chime in Jim.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Josh. Good luck this year with the Lions… 😊

Have a great weekend everyone!

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