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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The Titans kick off a three-day minicamp on Tuesday, which means the offseason program is nearing a close.

It also means training camp is just around the corner.

Let's open up another mailbag before hitting the field at Saint Thomas Sports Park.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Brett Heard from Nashville, Tennessee
So when new players like Julio Jones, Bud Dupree, and Josh Reynolds come in, is it like the first day at a new school? Do you think they have trouble making new friends?

Jim: Hey Brett. I don't think these guys will have any trouble making friends. … They usually do get a nice welcome, with guys coming up to welcome them.

Joan Bissett from Hermitage, Tennessee
Julio has been playing at least half of the season's schedule on turf and in a dome for a long time. Do you think he'll have a problem getting adjusted to grass and playing outside in Nashville's weather elements? And I wonder which one he prefers. Thank you! P.S. I love your britches reports!

Jim: Hi Joan. Good to hear from you. I actually think Julio will welcome playing more games on grass, because it's regarded as better for the knees and the body, and the wear and tear. And I don't think he'll mind the early season heat like some others might since he's from the South – born in Foley, Alabama.

Jacob Herzog from Normal, Illinois
Will the Titans host any open practices for fans to watch this year with the covid regulations getting dropped? I'm from Illinois and been a Titans fan since '99 and would love to be able to come back and see the team up close again.

Jim: Hey Jacob. You have a pretty famous last name for that part of the country. I've been getting this question a lot, and I try to answer it in here pretty regularly so fans won't be surprised. The problem with practices this year has nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with all the construction at Saint Thomas Sports Park. The building (and the parking lot) is a work zone. It's not going to be ready by training camp. So there won't be open practices at the facility like years past. Sorry to be a buzz-kill. I know a lot of folks are going to be disappointed by this. Things will be spectacular for training camp 2022, but not this year. I do expect there to be at least one open practice at Nissan Stadium, maybe more? So that will provide an opportunity in the preseason, along with the preseason game against the Bears on August 28.

Bill Caldwell from Lebanon, Tennessee
Morning Jim, the rain can stop already. Here's my take on the Coon signing: I'm a graduate of Cal State Bakersfield. The school has no Football Program but it had a superior Wrestling Program. One of it's most successful product was Stephen Neal who dominated the heavyweight ranks during his years in college. He was then quietly signed by the Patriots as a development project and ended up as a starting guard for a decade. HC Vrabel certainly remember this and is quietly confident in Coon's signing. Worth the chance. Titan up.

Jim: Good insight, Bill. I actually wrote about this in a story that was posted on this web site on Monday. Here it is, for those who missed it: CLICK HERE.

James McReynolds from Clayton, North Carolina
Hello Jim, I hope all is well with you and yours. I'd like to get your thoughts on this idea of mine. Being that we are thin at the edge and outside linebackers what would you think of sliding Rashaan Evans into that role, being that we are deep in the inside LB position? Have a great weekend. Exciting times as a long time Oiler/Titans fan. Mike in NC.

Jim: Hey James. I've had folks mention this to me in the past. I think Rashaan will play primarily at inside backer. He has lined up and rushed the QB in the past, but the team likes him inside. And I think the Titans – with Bud Dupree, Harold Landry, Rashad Weaver, Derick Roberson et al now have some pretty good options on the outside. I also think Rashaan will return to his old self this fall. ILB coach Jim Haslett bragged about Rashaan on Monday.

David Smith from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim, my first time writing in and want to thank you for all the fantastic work you do keeping us updated. You had mentioned a nickname for the guys and I really liked your Bruise Brothers idea. Then I kind of looked at it another way, you know we've got several outstanding players in that offensive group as well as the entire team. So I thought why couldn't we call them the Bruise Crew? I'm gonna bet there will be some HEAD KNOCKERS show up on our defense as well!!! WHAT DO YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE THINK ABOUT THAT ???
Not to take up a lot of space and time but I did want to say one more thing. We all lost players that we were partial to and that we thought were great fits for the team, and, hated to see them go. But, there's always things behind the scenes that help the coaches, GM, doctors make up their mind to let people go as well as bring people in. There could have been unknown reasons why some of the guys that got released that we don't or may never know about. I think management has made the best choices for the team all the way around and that we should support them in their choices the players that they chose the entire team and staff 100% win lose or draw. They are there every day we're not we can only speculate. Thanks for all you do BIG JIM! Let's have a great year and win it all !!! GO TITANS !! 💪

Jim: Good suggestion, David. And thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Calvin Lum from Phoenix, Arizona
Now we got Jones I can't wait for the season to open with the Cardinals, going to Vegas for this one. Titans were 3-point favorite for that game, now they said 5 to 6 points. Does Jones make the Titans that better? In the NFL 2 or 3 points is huge.

Jim: Well, somebody apparently thinks so. But all that maters is what happens on the field on game days…

Melkin Avelar from Lawrenceville, Georgia
Delanie Walker still without a home, maybe bring him in at veteran minimum? He could really teach our younger guys a lot. Imagine that… Tannehill, Julio, Aj, Henry, Walker? I think he has a little left in the tank, what do you think?

Jim: Just my honest opinion: I don't think it's going to happen, Melkin.

David Butler from Franklin, Tennessee
Not a question, but a comment. Ryan Tannehill HAS to feel like the most blessed athlete in the NFL. I can only imagine how he feels mentally after going from where he was with the Dolphins to where he is now. Every year, in every sport, there is a team that is a solid winner because they believe in themselves and are having a LOT of fun (being successful is fun!). I remember the '72 Dolphins. They did what they did and had a blast doing it. The Titans have a myriad of leaders right now. So good for the young guys to be in a place where they can get that kind of leadership. "Hats off" to Coach Vrabel and GM Robinson for creating a place where everyone feels motivated to give their best.

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, David.

Bill Tutor from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Just a basic question of concern re: seating this fall at Nissan Stadium. Are all seats going to be available and no longer covered in tarps? This is a great concern of mine as I seat on Row B in Section 139. I missed 2020 and want my seat back. Please advise. Thanks...Bill

Jim: The current plan is for 100 percent attendance. So far I've heard nothing to suggest otherwise…

Paul Franchina from Stansbury Park, Utah
Hey Jim hope everything is going good and well with you and your family. I appreciate all the insight you give about the Titans. My question is do you see us adding more Edge or CB depth or try and add another offensive weapon? Because I would try and sign someone like Ingram on a 1 year prove it deal around 5 million for edge depth and a veteran leadership with our younger players as well then maybe go after someone like an O.J. Howard from Tampa via trade because. I fully believe in Farley and Molden to be exceptional rookies on defense this year thank you for all you do for all the fans out here.

Jim: Hey Paul. I know the GM is always looking for ways to upgrade, and also add depth. After Kevin Johnson's retirement, I can't help but wonder if someone else will be added to compete. The edge position has numbers, but if someone of quality is available, I could see another guy added to the mix. I still think there will be an addition at tight end, it's just a matter of who and when.

Billy Holton from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Good day to you, Jim. I just wanted to make a comment to all the people that have jumped off the Titan bandwagon. A future first-ballot HOFer that is only interested in winning a Super Bowl wanted to come to Nashville because the Titans are that team. Regardless of feelings about the trade, salary, future, or past Titans that have moved on, Nashville is a destination for players wanting to compete for a Lombardi. Great players. If that's the perception of the Titans from great NFL players wanting to win a championship then that means we have become a winning stable franchise. After not flinching in my loyalty through some of the (consecutive) losing seasons we've been through (in the not so distant past) it's great that our franchise is considered a winner by the guys that play the game and analysts alike. We are getting some well-earned respect, which took time winning (consecutively) to earn. No matter what happens this season, Titan fans, be proud of where our beloved organization is and is going. Great job by everyone in the building turning this organization from cellar team to winners. Extending one of those 'attaboy handshakes to every Titan for working so hard for the past several years to make this a reality. RESPECT!!! Relax, have joyous faith, and TITAN UP Titan Nation!!! Let's make sure every home game is a TITANS home game through and through and how proud we are of our Titans rings for several hours after the final whistle in the ears of our opponents this season. Show up and show out!!!

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Billy.

Dan Baird from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey ya Jim, not so much a question, but a request for the fellow peanut gallery enthusiasts. Please show some restraint with the 17-0 mentality. I'd love the big win as much as the next guy, but really…… Look how long it took the Bucs to jell last year. They did win the super bowl, but it didn't start pretty. By a lot. Yes, we picked up a badass offensive weapon with #2, and we have 80% of our O line returning, but it'll take some regular season games to get that side of the ball consistent and fluid. The defense will take a while to jell. So many new faces and learning each other from the ground up. As far as I can tell, only one returner in the secondary. That's gonna take time. D line revamp is going to take time. Fellow fans, don't expect consistency out of the gate. Halfway through the season we should see what this whole team is capable of. Excited, but patient.

Jim: This is fair, Dan. There's a lot of work to be done between now and the regular season.

Have a great week everyone!

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