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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now over a week removed from the NFL Draft, but feedback continues to pour into the mailbag on the Titans 2023 draft class.

And that's cool with me.

Let's hit on that and some other topics in the Tuesday edition of the mailbag.

The rookies report to town later in the week, by the way.

Let's go …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Jimmy Brewer from Texarkana, Texas
Good morning Jim. I was wondering if you were thinking like me that with all the changes in the division from QB's to head coaches that the Titans have a very good chance to win the division due to the fact that Tennessee has its core intact on both sides of the ball. Last year was hard facing Jacksonville with all the injuries but healthy I'm sure we are a better team?

Jim: Hey Jimmy. Yes, I think the Titans have a good chance to win the division. But it's hard for me to say the Titans are the better team right now. Just like the draft, time will tell. The Jaguars won the division a year ago, and they're clearly getting better. I understand them being listed as the "favorites". But let's also not forget the last time they had this much hype heading into a season, coming off an appearance in the AFC title game at the end of the 2017 season, they went 5-11 in 2018. So, let's not crown 'em quite yet. We also can't ignore the fact the Titans have work to do, with a whole bunch of new faces on offense. I'm curious to see myself how things will play out with a new OC, and the need for guys to step up at the WR position. There's a lot to get sorted out in Tennessee this offseason, and in training camp.

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I'm sure alot of people may be wondering why Tennessee waited to draft a wide receiver until the 7th round, so I want to know what you think about it.
If I had to guess, I'd say it's because they're expecting big things from Chig Okonkwo and Treylon Burks in year 2. Kyle Phillips is also someone who got alot of hype last offseason. I guess Mike Vrabel is content with Burks, Phillips, Okonkwo, Whyle and possibly Tyjae Spears as his pass catching threats. Which honestly, I can't blame Vrabel. There's alot of potential in that group. The one thing I don't love is that we don't have alot of WR depth. It's Westbrook-Ikhine, Moore and Dowell as of this moment. I liked the Chris Moore signing quite a bit, and I think Westbrook-Ikhine is a pretty good WR4, but I feel like Titans fans of all fans know that all it takes is a couple injuries and suddenly our corps is very weak again.
I wanna know what you think about it. Because I've been pretty vocal on social media about it and people just don't seem to love the strategy of trusting our young players and not drafting a receiver high because of it.
Thank you Jim, and I hope you have a great rest of your week.

Jim: Hi Evan. Well, I'm not so sure Ran Carthon and Mike Vrabel looked at the roster on offense and said, "Oh, we're good there" and that's why a receiver wasn't taken until the seventh round. I just think the way the draft went, and what the team's board looked like each time it picked, the better option was at other positions. With that said, I do think the GM and HC believe in some returning guys, like the ones you mentioned. Personally, I believe the team still needs more help. I suspect it's coming at some point, but I'm not sure who and when.

Ben Oddo from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Serious question: how long do you think I, a non-professional athlete (5'7", 155 lbs), could last in an NFL game before coaches and fans realized something was up or I was seriously injured?
I think about this a lot. Hockey the jig would be up almost immediately. Baseball and basketball I think you could fake it for a little bit, provided you're able to run up and down court or play in the outfield. Soccer I definitely think the average person could go undetected for a bit. But I wonder about football.

Jim: Serious answer: If you're lining up across from Jeffery Simmons, or trying to tackle Derrick Henry in the open field, I'd say one snap.

Jason Vesely from Mosinee, Wisconsin
I thought the Skoronski pick was a good one. If Big Pete stays healthy, barring any serious injuries the Titans have a fixture on that offensive line for a long time. I also like the Josh Whyle pick, the tight end from Cincinnati, that can contribute, and the Jaleyn Duncan pick, there too barring any serious injuries, he could be a fixture on that offensive line, plus with Petite Friere, that offensive line with Brunskull and Dillard, looks good that'll open up holes for Derrick Henry and protect the quarterback better. Will Levis I don't know why everyone is so "down" on him but if he turns out to be good and improves on his mechanics and ends up to be great and then you look at what the Colts have with Richardson and the Texans with Stroud, suppose if Richardson and Stroud turn out to be busts and Levis ends up being better than them, those two teams, the Colts and Texans will be kicking themselves for not taking him when they had their opportunity. And the Spears pick was good, because now that makes good complementary running with him and Henry. Next year hopefully the Titans can get Braelon Allen in the draft, the running back from Wisconsin what would Titan fans think of that pick?

Jim: Hey Jason. Not sure that would go over great right now, but a lot can happen between now and next year's draft.

Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo from Durango, Mexico
Buenos d�as Jim mi calificaci�n para la Clase del Draft 2023 de mis Titans:
1 OL Peter Skoronski A
2 QB Will Levis B-
3 RB Tyjae Spears C-
5 TE Josh Whyle B+
6 T Jaelyn Duncan B
7 WR Colton Dowell C+
Calificaci�n General B-
Spears es muy buen corredor muy elusivo, con excelente cambio de direcci�n, velocidad y gran balance; pero Titans necesita un WR2 urgentemente. Me encantaron la selecci�n de Skoronski, Whale y Duncan. De Will Levis esperemos que pronto se gane la titularidad.
�Mi Pregunta es se contratar� a otro WR en la agencia libre? Burks, Moore, NWI, McMath, Philips, Dowell se ve sin profundidad esa posici�n. Titan Up.

Jim: Gracias por tomarse el tiempo. He visto muchas buenas calificaciones para los Titans. En unos años sabremos cómo fue.

John Fleming from Guelph, Ontario
Observations and comments on a mailbag trend. If you call yourself a fan of the Titans but then bolt cuz' you disagree with a draft pick or a free-agency acquisition, then we didn't want you on the bandwagon to begin with and no one cares that you left. Go donate your jersey to a deserving fan and don't let the door hit you on the way out. If you or I knew more than the Titans Brass did, then we probably wouldn't be sitting here with time to write the Mailbag. Good Riddance to those that lack loyalty and a big Titan Up, to those that bleed Titan Blue!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, John. I actually saw one fan on Twitter lighting his Titans jersey on fire after the draft. That's just silly.

Justin Tibbs from Dyersburg, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Just wanted to comment on some of these folks writing in to say they were fans but now there done with the team. Ummm NO first off in my opinion they were never fans to begin with . Secondly a true fan rides the ups and downs. I'm not in favor with every trade or draft pick but I'm in favor of two tone blue always .Have a good one Jim and all my TRUE Titans fans out there!!!

Jim: Have a big day, Justin. Sounds like you and John from Ontario are on the same page.

Joel Cairo from Nashville, Tennessee
Jim - Count me in as a fan of the Tyjae Spears draft choice. He is a great replacement for Dontrell Hilliard who had 177 receiving yards last season. So in that respect we pick up a speedy running back and a receiving threat out of the backfield. Had we taken a receiver with that pick, instead of Spears, we would have no passing threat out of the backfield other than an occasional Derrick Henry screen pass, and defenses would be able to more capably challenge our downfield passing game. Your thoughts?

Jim: I really like the look of Tajae Spears myself. Looking forward to seeing him on the field this weekend.

Walt Slaughter from Raleigh, North Carolina
Jim, you're good and so are this year's new GM, HC and scouts. They delivered what appears to be a solid draft class. First Round pick could be our Bruce Matthews 2.0. Or OL Swiss Army Knife. All the rookies look to have big league potential. Eager to see who makes the grade. Of course, would like to have seen another receiver.

Jim: Appreciate it, Walt.

Carolann Bryant from Nolensville, Tennessee
Hey. I'm a grandmother of 6 and advid Titans fan!
You have probably already answered this question and I've missed it. What was the reason they chose Levis over Hooker, just curious. I think both will make it in the NFL. That spot wasn't out most important need it's the O-Line...Looking forward to a great year with great coaching of this draft class to compliment and hopefully give King Henry the space he needs to burst out on his great runs, he is so exciting to watch (when he wasn't being tackled in the backfield) and Tannehill time to find a receiver.

Jim: The main reason is because the decision-makers feel Will Levis is a better prospect – and fit – than Hendon Hooker at this time. I know that is not a popular opinion from a lot of folks around here, but I think that's pretty much why.

Josh Widmer from Kansas City, Missouri
Hey Jim, real quickly, I want to say thanks for everything that you do, and taking time to answer questions from the fans! Regarding last weeks draft bombardment that I read, I feel pretty confused….. and some what annoyed that our fan base seems a little uneducated!! Anyways, I know that the vols fans are upset….. but this is the pro team, not a graduation program. Also, their program doesn't typically translate well to the nfl, and on top of that hooker is coming off of an acl tear. And he will be 26 in January….. that's not ideal either. So Detroit took him…. And they're not ruling out extending Goff….. so doesn't sound like hooker will be their starter soon either. I heard a comp for hooker was teddy bridgewater….. after his knee injury…. That's not very inspiring!
Anyways, from what I heard, the colts were intending on taking Levis at 4 if Anthony Richardson had been selected….. so to me, that makes Levis sound like an absolute steal. I've seen a video of will on his knees…. Throwing it 65 yards and hitting the goal post….. that's insane! I don't work in the scouting department, or as a GM… so I don't believe I can scout a star QB from draft day hahahaha! Also… Kentucky isn't a top tier school in college football…. So I'd expect some of his tape looks a bit rough! Then the spears tape…. He looks great….. and the injury news was very poorly timed…. Less than 10 seconds after the pick… making it look like we were clueless….. then 15 minutes later, they sneak in the line, apparently the titans knew and cleared him……. I thought that was kind of low from espn…. But just how I see it. Also… everyone has similar opinions when we drafted big Jeff……. And how quickly they forget…. Now that he is AMAZING!! Spears lit it up at the senior bowl, and was largely touted as a potential sleeper at the rb position, so I'm hoping he can turn into a tony pollard kind of steal tbh!
Lastly, I can agree that wr was a need…. But I've heard plenty credible humans say that this years wr class is very top heavy!! So outside of the top 4…. The rest are very meh as far as difference makers. Treylon is a beast… and I can't wait for him to prove that this year!! If our fans didn't see what he was doing with less than 60% snap share…. Then they're not paying enough attention!!
My question is actually about any news on any undrafted players we might sign??? Also, I felt like the sentence by Vrabel is kind of peculiar…. RT is the starter on Monday, willis is the backup, and Levis is the 3rd…… and whatever happens after is up to the players……. To me that sounds like a training camp battle???….. and that can only be a great thing!! Levis improves, willis improves, and Tannehill is perhaps pushed and pressured to be at his best!! Better line play, and a healthy Harold Landry back to reestablish that pass rush….. big Jeff in the middle…. Tennessee started 7-3 last year…. Less injuries…. And we are back in the playoffs!! Just my two cents!

Jim: A lot to ponder here, Josh. Appreciate you taking the time.
Here's what I can give you back: The list of the undrafted guys will be released later this week, when the players have come in, pass a physical, and sign. I've seen a bunch of names already out there, and I suspect most of them become official later in the week. I've seen an internal list myself. Occasionally a guy has gone elsewhere last minute, or not passed a physical, and that's why the team waits to put out its own list. … As for Vrabel's QB spiel, he said exactly what I expected him to say in early May.

Jared Clark from Leakesville, Mississippi
Hello Jim! Long time reader here, for everyone in the fan base bashing will I must say… the kid has potential, because I'm sitting here thinking the whole time who did he have a at Kentucky to throw to? Kinda like the old saying making chicken salad outta chicken sh** 🤷🏻‍♂️ so I'm basically saying let's give the kid a chance before we knock him!!

Jim: I do agree Tennessee had better receivers – and a better offense – than Kentucky for sure.

Jonathan Humphrey from Rumsey, Kentucky
Hey there Jimbo! Long time no talk. I just want to know your thoughts and/or feelings on Tanny not wanting to help the other newbie QBs? I mean I see article after article about him saying "he's not a babysitter" but can he not at least help out and give advice??? I mean I dont feel like this is common in the NFL. We are a team. I mean they practice together and work together. No one is asking him to babysit I feel, just be a mentor right? Listen, Im a supporter and fan on him on all levels except on this one subject. You have any thoughts or comments to make me feel better about this? Thanks Jim as always!

Jim: The only reason I included this email is so I could say this line of thinking is a bunch of nonsense, and the folks who write these articles are clueless. Hope that makes you feel better.

Tom Meyer from San Antonio, Texas
Howdy Jim, well the draft has come and gone and I enjoyed reading all the hate mail about Will Levis, man! these guys can really get upset over nothing. I wonder if it's because he is from Kentucky that causes this or because many fans think the Titans are Tennessee Vols 2.0? Let's give these picks a chance to show us what they or can't do. I liked the draft for the most part but was confused on the pick of a running back at 3. I thought they could have taken a back later and use the third on a tight end or receiver,but since I wasn't part of the draft room what do I know. let's just get behind these guy's and give them the fan support they need. It seems to me the people in the know think the Titans did a good job on draft day. The Jags had a ton of picks and all the draft analyst give the Titan's just as high of a rating as the Jags( go figure). I honestly think Will Levis will show us more than we think as he gets NFL type coaching and he should have a better offense than he did in Kentucky. Well thanks for letting me rant ,have a great off season.

Jim: Appreciate it, Tom.

Jeremy Rodriquez from Winchester, California
Hey Jim, not much of a question today. I was watching Tannehill take questions (at his media availability last week) and man, 17 is an absolute professional! Knowing two years in a row the Titans have drafted a QB and two years in a row Tanny has to walk up to a microphone and act like this doesn't bother him. He puts the Team first, feelings aside and says the right things. If Wills and Levis can be half the Pro Tanny is, I think that will play well in the Titans favor. Maybe I'm biased because I am born and raised in Texas like Tannehill. Fans can say all they want about him, the one fact is, 17 always put Team First. If people cannot appreciate that, they can appreciate good football. I am off my soapbox! As always Jim, have a great weekend and TITAN UP!!

Jim: He's definitely always handled himself like a pro, Jeremy.

Have a great week everyone!

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