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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Two preseason games down, one to go.

Then, it's on to the regular season.

A lot is going to happen between now and then for the Titans, including more competition, and roster cuts.

Let's keep the conversation going in this Tuesday's Titans mailbag …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Nicolas Delamare from Laval, France
Hi Jim. Thank you once again for "Ask Jim", for giving to Titans fan everywhere in the world the opportunity to be with you , with the franchise and our players, staff... I write you with no question, but just a message... I want to thank the memory of Mister Floyd Reese... I'm a proud Titan fan from France but if I fell in love with this team, that's thanks to our Super Bowl team (my 1st NFL game), built by the talent, the vision of Mister Floyd Reese...So, I want to share this because I'm not alone, I'm not the only Titan fan, built by the greatest Floyd Reese, we are family who bleed two tone blue. So, Mister Reese, thank you and to his family, his friends, God bless you

Jim: Well said, Nicholas. Thanks for taking the time. Floyd deserves so much credit for helping build the team that helped put the Titans on the map. He did it by having an eye for talent, and he treated so many people well along the way. I'll always remember how kind he was to me when I came on the Titans beat in 1999. He'll be missed.

Greg Stauffer from Clarksville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Everyone is talking about how many starters are not even practicing. I understand trying to keep them safe from injury or get them healthy if they are injured. My question is, since this is a team sport, how does this affect them QBs timing on pass plays? How does this effect the O-line being in sync? Do you think this spells trouble for the first couple of games while the veteran players that are sitting out get in their timing & technique down? Thanks, and Titan UP!

Jim: Hey Greg. Well, it's a fair question. In a perfect world, Julio Jones and A.J. Brown and Josh Reynolds are practicing every day, and getting chemistry with Ryan Tannehill. That's not happening, of course, as all three players have been sidelined with injuries, and given time to get healthy. At some point all three of them will be out there, and as long as that's the week before the regular season opener, I think they'll have time to get on the same page. I'll be honest: What's happened so far is not ideal. As for the o-line, they're going to need some time to jell, too. The good news is center Ben Jones and guard Nate Davis returned to practice on Monday, joining guard Rodger Saffold and left tackle Taylor Lewan. All the candidates at right tackle – Ty Sambrailo, David Quessenberry, Kendall Lamm and Dillon Radunz, were out there, too. But all these guys are definitely going to need some time together.

Rodney Perkins from Kansas City, Missouri
How is the FB battle going between Khari Blasingame and Tory Carter? I personally think Blasingame should be a shoo-in for the position. He's fast and put on good size in the off season. He also has good hands (which I hope we see more of this season).

Jim: Hey Rodney. I'm a big believer in Khari Blasingame. I liked him at Vandy, and I like him as the starting fullback for the Titans. He's gotten bigger, and he's in great shape. He's a sturdy blocker, and he catches the ball well. He can help on special teams. I think Tory Carter has done a nice job in camp, but it's Blasingame's job.

Danny Patterson from White House, Tennessee
Hey Jim, Do you think Dillon Radunz ultimately kicks inside to guard? It's still early but seems to struggle with speed. Nowdays your LT & RT almost have to be of equal dancing bear ability or the defenses just line up their best pass rusher on your weakest tackle. Probably just needs some seasoning. Your offense is only as good as your ability to protect.

Jim: Hey Danny. Well, he's worked at both. In fact, he started at guard against the Buccaneers, and kicked outside to tackle. I think the experience at both positions will prove to be valuable, because he'll be in a position to be active on game days, capable of playing either position in a pinch. I do think he'll eventually wind up as a tackle, but for now, the team is still getting him ready for both spots.

David Kennedy from Hytop, Alabama
Was Coach Vrabel fully vaccinated?

Jim: Yes.

Richard Jones from Jacksonville, Florida
Hi Jim hope all is well now that football is officially back in season. My question is: Have I missed something with undrafted rookie TE Briley Moore? I haven't seen him in either preseason game and haven't heard mention of him in quite sometime now. Thanks for all you do. TITAN UP

Jim: Hey Richard. Briley was injured early in training camp, and he was placed on Injured Reserve.

Ryan Gilpatrick from Indianapolis, Indiana
Hi Jim. I've been really happy with the amount of good competition at the wide receiver position. In my opinion, there are at least nine guys who deserve to make the roster, although we obviously can't keep that many. With that said, how much should we really be expecting some of these guys to play in the regular season? Obviously we want AJ and Julio on the field as much as possible, and Josh Reynolds should get a lot of time on the field. But given our quality of depth, will those guys be spending more time on the sideline? Thanks.

Jim: Hey Ryan. Well, my guess is seven will make the final 53. I suspect five will be active on game days, maybe six, depending on the ability of some on special teams. But the reality is only four or five will probably be in the rotation if all goes well on game days. Like you said, if you have Julio Jones and A.J. Brown, you want both of them to be on the field. So, it's a matter of who else joins them, and for how much.

Wes Janson from Hollywood, Florida
Greetings from South Florida, Jim.
Great coverage of Training Camp - longtime fan of yours since your days at The Tennessean. Thanks for keeping us on top of all Training Camp news with your reports. My question: with Tucker McCann being cut, does this mean the job is now Fickens'? Or, will the team bring in another kicker to compete? Or, wait until other teams make cuts and try someone else out? Thanks, and Go Titans!

Jim: Hey Wes. I appreciate it. Well, I'll just say it is Ficken's job for now. But nothing is guaranteed in the NFL. So far, Ficken has been really good. He's 3-of-3 on field goals in games, including the 58-yarder, 6-of-6 on PATs in games, and 48-of-53 on field goals in practice. He's earning the job, one kick at a time. But what happens if he has a bad week of practice, and then goes 0-4 on Saturday night against the Bears? Well, all bets are off. So, I'll answer it like this: At this point, I think he's on track to be the team's kicker on September 12 against the Cardinals. But, September 12 is still nearly three weeks away. Ficken needs to keep kickin' 'em through the uprights.

Lynette Spahr from Franklin, Tennessee
Hi Jim! Watching Titans v. Bucs and who is the player with the last name Roos, #57? Any relation to Michael? Thanks!

Jim: Hi Lynette. That's Jordan Roos, who started at left guard against the Buccaneers. He's no relation to Michael. I actually had a chance to run behind Jordan at the team hotel in Tampa, and he got the job done. Here's the quick story: When there was a line of probably 30-40 guys waiting for the elevators when we arrived last week, Jordan headed to a door just off a hallway. I peeked in, and there was another elevator, tucked away off to the side. He looked at me and said, "Always find the service elevator." I jumped on it with him, and seconds later I was on floor 6. Smart guy!

Riley Sawyer from Shreveport, Louisiana
Why didn't we see Racey McMath take any offensive snaps last game? Has he been regressing? Because Coach Vrabel & AJ Brown were both gushing over him during camp.

Jim: Hey Riley. You're right – Racey played 23 snaps on special teams, and zero on offense. I think the coaches wanted to see some other guys, but I'd be lying if I said Racey hasn't cooled a bit since his fast start in camp. He's still making plays – he had a good day Monday – but not as many. Right now, some other guys have moved ahead of him, and are getting longer looks right now.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. Arthur Smith ran a pretty much straight-ahead offense. What changes do you see in the offensive scheme now that Todd Downing is setting the game plan and calling the plays? Is there any chance we will see more razzle dazzle stuff, like the end around, flea flicker, reverse pass, and maybe even the old bomberooski?

Jim: Hey Jim. I thought Arthur was pretty creative, with touchdown throws to offensive linemen, lining up tight end Jonnu Smith as running back and pitching it to him, using the "Wildcat" with Derrick Henry and the "WildBat" with Cameron Batson, having Derrick Henry throw a jump-pass to Corey Davis. So, Arthur had a pretty big imagination, and he used it. As for potential trick plays with Todd Downing, I can't give anything away here based on what I've seen in practices. I'll just say: Get your popcorn ready!

Have a great week everyone!

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