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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Well, we've made it.


Training camp officially starts on Wednesday for the Titans, and then the countdown will be on for preseason games, and the regular season.

Check back here for training camp observations, and much more.

And now, settle in for the latest Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
Good day Jim. This time of the year is so exciting. I'm elated with the signing of John Simon. This dude can flat out play football. And Vrabel knows it first hand. Very good signing, I like it way more than the Dupree acquisition to be honest. I have an interesting question for you. Last season we didn't have preseason and our offense was rippin. Do you think the coaching staff takes a similar approach with our starters this season? Like, not playing them in this preseason, and just get the back up and bubble spots figured out? I feel like our core is too important to take meaningless snaps don't you? Have a good one Jim, Titan Up!!

Jim: Hey Eli. I like the Simon addition as well. He's a gritty player who adds experience, and some pass-rushing ability. As for the preseason, I'm curious myself how Vrabel and the team approaches things, with only three games, and a two-week plus layoff between the final preseason game and the regular season opener. I'm not expecting to see a whole lot from the starters in the preseason, especially considering there's now a 17th regular season game. Everyone knows what is most important, but some guys will need, and want, the live action. And, we can't ignore the sputtering offense last year in Week One in Denver...

Donald Rowie from Indianapolis
Would like to know how is Rashad Weaver is doing so far?

Jim: Hey Donald. I think Weaver has already made strides. He's a talented player, is long and athletic, and his work ethic really showed in OTAs. I'm looking forward to seeing him when the pads come on in training camp.

Bradford Bailiff from Raleigh, North Carolina
Hey Jim. Hope this finds you well. I have a few questions about a couple 2021 draft picks. First, I read somewhere that the coaches might look at using Elijah Molden as a safety in addition to a slot CB. Also in regard to Rashad Weaver, do the coaches view Weaver as a DE or an OLB? I realize we haven't even had training camp yet, where these decisions get ironed out, just wondering if you've heard or seen anything to clarify their position groups. I'm excited for this young, underrated defense! Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Bradford. Elijah will compete in a lot of situational packages, but I see him more as a corner. Weaver, like a lot of the OLBs, could line up as a DE in a 4-3 look, and maybe of the team rolls out five defensive linemen. But he's listed as an OLB, just like Dupree, Landry, Simon, Roberson et al.

Gene Dunlap from Ashland City, Tennessee
Which running backs do you think will make the roster?

Jim: Derrick Henry, Darrynton Evans, Brian Hill, and FB/RB Khari Blasingame. But we'll see how things shake out in camp. Jeremy McNichols needs to first get healthy before he can compete.

Cody C from Monroe, Louisiana
With Abry Jones set to retire, do you think there's any chance the Titans will give Jurrell Casey a phone call to try and to bring him back home? Or even if they did call him, do you think Casey has too much of a bad taste in his mouth from when the Titans traded him to accept the offer?

Jim: Hey Cody. The Titans added two more d-linemen on Monday in Kyle Peko and Anthony Rush, in case you missed it. ... And, I'm not expecting to see Jurrell back in a Titans uniform.

Scott Oldham from Gallatin, Tennessee
The Kicker situation makes me nervous. Obviously last year the kicker situation was very unsettling. There were no sure things when the kicker stepped on the field. I haven't seen the Titan's do anything to address it.

Jim: This is a popular question, Scott. Here's the deal: It's July 27, and the season starts on September 12. The Titans will let Tucker McCann and Blake Haubeil compete for the job between now and then, and if neither guy convinces the decision-makers he can get the job done, the team will look at other options at kicker. Some veteran kickers are still out there, and others will become available as we get closer to the season.

Alberto Armando Téllez Salcedo from Durango, Mexico
Una vez más aquí preguntándote Jim.
Para cuando crees que estén listos al 100% Bud Dupree y Caleb Farley? (Se que solo los Doctores pueden decirlo con presición, pero tú eres mi Insider favorito por qué estás informado y al pendiente diariamente de nuestro Equipó)
Y la otra pregunta, crees que pueda agregarse un agente libre más y si es así cuál podría ser la posición.
Gracias y un abrazo a todos los aficionados a TITANS en todo él mundo.

Jim: Hola Alberto. No puedo decirlo con certeza, depende de cómo vaya su rehabilitación y de lo que piense el personal médico. El personal de capacitación no los apresurará a regresar, se lo prometo. Creo que los veremos en agosto. Creo que el gerente general continuará jugando con la lista, en función de la salud y el rendimiento. El pateador, el ala cerrada y la línea defensiva son posiciones a tener en cuenta.

Eli Molden from Moulton, Alabama
Did Caleb Farley change his number to 3? He posted a pic on his Instagram of a jersey with the number 3. Have a good day jim.

Jim: This may be coming down the pike, Eli. Stay tuned…

Jacob Dunican from Bennington, Vermont
Hi Jim. My name is Jake and I am a proud Afghan War vet living all the way up in Vermont. Myself and my three boys are super fired up for this season. My oldest loves Julio Jones and was crazy excited when he was traded to the Titans. I will be taking my older two boys (13,9) to their first live Titans game this year when we play the Jets on October 3rd. I was hoping you might know how I might go about purchasing tickets to meet the players after the game or if that is even a thing. My kids idolize guys like Julio, AJ. and King Henry and I was really hoping to make their first NFL experience a great one. Thank you from all of us in the frozen north and TITAN UP!!!!!

Jim: Hey Jake. Good to hear from you, and thank you for your service. I checked StubHub, and it looks like some good tickets are available for the game. I also saw some upper deck seats starting at just $46 a piece. As for meeting players, I can't make you any promises there. With the COVID-19 protocols, it's not going to be easy to get close to the players at the game, or after it. And I'm not sure what security will be like at MetLife Stadium. The team will be flying back to Nashville right after the game, so the exit from the stadium is pretty quick. Good luck, and have fun!

Harold Cash from Cincinnati, Ohio
I hope all is well with you and your family.
First time writer. I have been an Oilers / Titans fan since Earl Campbell became a Houston Oiler. I am 53.
My question / statement:
With the wide outs that we have, do you think that we should run a high percentage of 4-wide out sets with King Henry? (Once we have comfortable lead change to a more 2 / 3 wide outs sets).
I believe this could be a winning formation. I believe this will put pressure on the defense. Playing the numbers game, the box will be light for King Henry. The defense will have to truly make a decision.
Thank you for all that you cover for us fans. " TITAN UP" Cash.

Jim: What's up, Cash? Thanks for writing in. Not a bad plan, because it would spread the defenses out and let Henry take advantage of the space. But the Titans are going to want to take advantage of these receivers, and this plan would make protection tougher. I think it's safe to say you're going to see a lot of different looks, and personnel choices, for the Titans to take advantage of their weapons.

Richard Gamboa from Round Rock, Texas
Hi Jim. I hope all is well. Let me start by saying I am excited about this upcoming season. I believe the Titans will have a great year and, we as fans, will be very proud of our team Super Bowl win or not (preferably win.)
Now here comes the rant… is it just me or does most of the media refuse to give the Titans any respect? It seems most of what I see has the Titans at 8-9 season and not making the playoffs at all. The Colts are expected to win the division according to the so-called analysts, mostly because of Carson Wentz. Did not Wentz have one of the worst QB's records last year? And now he will be a VIP candidate for 2021? Hopefully the Titans are seeing this out there and will use it as inspiration for the upcoming season.

Jim: Hey Richard. I appreciate you taking the time, and don't take this the wrong way. I know you're not alone in thinking the way you do. But I'm going to shoot you straight here: I think the "no respect" talk is a tired subject and complaint. Teams need to go out and earn respect instead of worrying what everyone else thinks. What difference does it make what people think about a team in July? What matters most is what folks think about a team in February.

Have a great week everyone!

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