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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend.

We're now just three weeks away from the start of Titans training camp.

Let's keep the conversation going until then.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Joni Daniels from Antioch, Tennessee
I've gone back and looked at several Titans games. The more I watched the more I began to really enjoy Nick Westbrook-Ikhine. I've accepted the departure of A.J. Brown and now understand why he is no longer here. I truly believe Nick Westbrook-Ikhine brings more to the team than he is given recognition for and he stays healthy! I believe he can and will fill any void left by A. J. Brown. What are your thoughts?

Jim: Hi Joni. I think Nick Westbrook-Ikhine is an underrated guy myself. And he's a heck of a story. He went from being an undrafted free agent who struggled to catch the football in practices as a rookie to a dependable guy who has earned his roster spot, and playing time. I think a lot of folks don't realize he was second on the team in catches (38), receiving yards (478) and touchdowns (4) last year, behind only A.J. In 2022, the Titans are going to need Nick and a number of guys to fill the void left behind by A.J. It'll be a team effort, but I certainly think Nick is capable of dong his part.

Baker Monahan from Seminole, Florida
With AJ brown and Julio jones gone, do you think that Malik Willis and Ryan Tannehill will be throwing to these new receivers? Or stick to handing it off to Derrick Henry?

Jim: Ryan Tannehill will be throwing to these receivers in games, and all three of the quarterbacks – Tannehill, Logan Woodside and Willis – will be doing so in practices. Henry will also get his carries, that's for sure.

Harry Prentiss from Sunbury, Pennsylvania
I believe we will be fine at WR. I love Robert Woods and I believe McRath and Dez will improve. Do you see them carrying an extra tight end and using Hooper more wide or living with they have in the group or signing another receiver? I know I ran on there. I value your opinion however.

Jim: Don't forget about Treylon Burks and Westbrooke-Ikhine at receiver, and Kyle Philips. I think at least three tight ends with make the roster – Austin Hooper, Chig Okonkwo and Geoff Swaim. The team has shown patience with Tommy Hudson, but he's had trouble staying healthy. And I do think you'll see the tight ends very active in the passing game.

Ronald Mitchell from Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Hey Jim. With the AFC South getting better through draft picks and free agency signings do you think the Titians can win the division again this year, and how long do you think the Titans can continue to win the division before the talent of the other teams in the division catch up to the Titans talent to overtake the Titans from winning the division?

Jim: Yes, I think the Titans are capable of winning the division for the third straight year. But it's not going to be easy, and the Colts are talented and a formidable foe. As for the team's window, I can promise you the GM and HC aren't conceding anything.

Dan Baird from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I have an observation concerning Treylon Burks, fans thinking he's AJ's replacement and the lack of time put in at mini camp.
I've been through chemo, and have lost my immune system. Happens to most cancer patients, still an easy choice. Bye bye immune system, hello tomorrow. So I was very negatively affected by this year's bumper crop of pollen. It's been a king size doozy for anyone that has a problem with it this year.
Treylon has asthma and is an a new part of the country, and he's built up no resistance to our blend of pollen. The summer pollens will be done by the time meaningful games start.
These guys can't put a lot of over the counter drugs in them, because of the "performance enhancing" language. So a lot of the things we could do to address the condition are off his table.
Coach knows this and isn't freaking out.
I think we as fans need to follow Coach Vrabel's lead. Give the kid some slack. Treylon wants to impress way more than any of us.
Thanks for letting me spout off, dan

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Dan.

Da'Munie Coleman from Memphis, Tennessee
Hey Jim how are you doing? Long time titan fan here. Me & my brother Zo'Don have debates all the time about the team he thinks we can go 16-1 i say more like 12-5 which i think is still good but i think we took a major step back on offense so my question is do you think we can still be major Super Bowl contenders with our current roster? I think we have been taking steps forward alot but this 1 time i think we took a step back.

Jim: Hey Da'Munie. Your brother is an optimistic guy! I'm not going to predict 16-1. Heck, I'd take 12-5 no questions asked. I think that would win the division and give the team a chance in the postseason.

Luis A. Linares Cubillas from Mexico City, Mexico
Hola, Jim, de nueva cuenta saludándote por este vía. Espero te encuentres bien. Sabiendo de antemano que tú ya observaste y conociste a los nuevos jugadores novatos no reclutados, mi pregunta es: ¿Qué jugador novato no reclutado es tu favorito para quedarse en el equipo? Gracias por tu respuesta, Jim. Recibe un abrazo.

Jim: Buena pregunta Luis. Y los abrazos son geniales. Iré con el liniero defensivo Jayden Peevy.

Greg Smith from Hohenwald, Tennessee
Hello Jim. I've been reading your mailbag for about two years and one question that keeps popping up: When will the Titans wear Oilers throwback unis? You have been consistent in stating that it would be 2023 at the earliest, even prior to the 2021 season. So my question is, why does this take so long? It's not a matter of consequence, just a random curiosity based on the number of fans wanting to see this and the proliferation of Oilers merch that I continue to see. Can you walk us through the process and why in the summer of '21 you knew it wouldn't happen earlier than the '23 season?

Jim: Hey Greg. It's been a complicated process, as the league began to approve the new helmets and the throwback jerseys. It's all about the timing for the Titans, because the team doesn't want to wear the Oilers jerseys without the Oilers helmets and vice versa. The soonest that could happen is 2023. So, that remains the plan, for the Titans to wear light blue jerseys from the Luv Ya' Blue era with white britches, with an Oilers helmet in '23. Stay tuned for more updates on this down the road.

Roger Piccirillo from Bridgeport, Connecticut
Hi Jim I hope everything is well with you and yours. I hate the fact that I have to defend Ryan Tannehill so often often. Fans make statements such as why is Ryan tannehill worth 30 million and AJ Brown wasn't worth 20 million the fact that I have to tell you why tells me you're not paying attention. For starters Ryan tannehill has been available for every game and every practice every week he was the one consistency with the offense in 2021 had he missed the amount of time that AJ Brown missed along with Henry the Titans would never have made the playoffs never mind the number one seed. I cannot defend the playoff game completely but they were three tipped passes. And for everyone who is praising the defenses performance in the playoff game against Cincinnati you forgotten when the quarterback dropped back to pass it was either a sack or completion. Sure he threw an interception at the end of the game but did the defense have to give up for 20 yard pass on the 1st play from scrimmage how about stopping somebody in that spot that's why it's a team game it's never one person's fault for a loss just ask coach. Thank you for your time Jim. And maybe you can tell me why everyone is so high on a third round draft pick he's done nothing in this league but people assume a rookie or second year player is going to take them to the super bowl not likely tannehill is the only chance this team has just look at what the dolphins have been able to do through the passing game without him you will miss him when he's gone.
Sign RT supporter

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time. I know Ryan is going to have to win back the faith of a lot of fans out there. I think Ryan knows this himself. But let's face it: Real Titans fans need to support him at this point. He'll be QB1 in 2022, and the team's success in large part hinges on how he performs.

Have a great week everyone!

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