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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.

The Titans hit the field for three more OTAs this week, and then we'll roll into June.

First, let's roll out another Titans mailbag…

De'Angelo Richards from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Question: Let's get right to it Mr. Wyatt. Rapid fire style.

1. When will MM8 talk to us like he's human? He's been programmed to speak "P.C." We NEVER hear the real MM8.

2.Will coach M.V. continue to be aggressive in game winning/losing situations? (I don't mind either way) execute?

3. Week 1 vs the Browns. Will Dean Pees Defense win the game? (Pick 6s and forced fumbles) Or will MM8 let it fly with Arthur Smith's to put up 24+ pts. #Titans#VA

Jim: Hey De'Angelo. Let's do this…

1- You're hearing the real Marcus. He's polite, and humble. You should be used to it by now. Sure, you're not going to get inflammatory sound bites. If you don't think he has a fiery side, though, you're mistaken. When he's mic'd up, you'll hear him use manners, but you'll also hear some colorful language on occasion.

2- Based onhis past, I'd say yes.

3- It will take a team effort. Dean Pees and the defense played well enough to win in Buffalo last year, and the team lost 13-12.

Billy Houser from Bristol, Tennessee

Question: Greetings and salutations Mr Wyatt. I hope all is well with you and yours. I was just curious on why Ryan Tannehill has not been made available for questions at any press conferences? I respect your opinions and would like your take on the situation. Thanks for your time and all that you do for us Titans fans. TITAN UP!

Jim: Hey Billy. It sounds like you'll get to hear from Ryan Tannehill this week. The plan is for him to talk to media after Thursday's OTA.

Enrique from Orlando, Florda (UCF)

Question: Hey Jim! Long time reader, 1st time writer so I hope this makes it onto The Internet. I've been running around all the bars here in Orlando since 2004 where I get looked at crazy because I'm a Titans fan! I currently proudly rock that Lewan #77 on my back and get looked at even crazier because who EVER wears an offensive lineman's jersey…? THIS GUY! Lewan is That Dude! Anyways… What ever happened with Ahmard Hall?!?! I though he woulda been perfect for Derrick Henry running from the I-formation although he ended up not needing him. But still… with him in the game he gives the defense a different formation to deal with plus Hall always had good hands. I mean… Hall had a rating of "88" at one point in Madden! I'd love to see us bring a fullback, back! Thank you for keeping your ears to the streets Jim!

Jim: Hey Enrique. You made the Internet! And way to represent in Orlando! Ahmard Hall is retired (last played in 2011), and he lives in Texas. I saw him at the Titans Homecoming last year and I saw him at a game in Houston in 2017 (I included a photo below). And he has an impressive beard. I actually thought about him yesterday, on Memorial Day. He's a Marine, of course. Hall won't be back and in the mix at fullback, but the team will have options to use one occasionally. Running back David Fluellen, who has beefed up this offseason, is one of the guys who could fill that role. It won't be a big part of the offense, but there will be packages with a fullback.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington

Question: I'm not saying that A. J. Brown is a busted draft pick. Quite the contrary, I think he will be a great receiver for the Titans. But that having been said, I wonder if it was really necessary to use a 2nd round pick on a receiver when Taywan Taylor is ascending. His first season he caught 16 passes for 231 yards but his 2nd season he caught 37 passes for 466 yards. That's improvement. That means he's getting better. He's ascending. PFF gave him a 70 pff grade for 2018. That's above average. He did that in only his 2nd season. And for receivers the 3rd year is considered the breakout year. I think the Titans could have maybe been better served had they used their 2nd round pick on TE Drew Sample or CB Lonnie Johnson or RB Miles Sanders. I'm not saying that I think that the team needs a TE or CB or RB for 2019 but I do think that if the team had gotten Drew Sample or Lonnie Johnson or Miles Sanders then the team would be in a good position to cut either Delanie Walker or Logan Ryan or RB Dion Lewis after the 2019 season. And that could create some cap space to sign other veteran players in the off-season.

Jim: Hey Jimmy Dee. Taywan is improving, but A.J. Brown is a different kind of player. And I think the Titans got a steal in the second round. As for other potential picks you mentioned, the team is deep at cornerback and running back, so receiver was the way to go in my opinion. And why would you want to cut Delanie Walker or Logan Ryan? They're two of the best players on the team?

Brandy Lakarosky from Shelbyville, Kentucky

Question: Hey Jim! I've been a Taywan Taylor fan since his days at Western Kentucky (Go Tops!). Just wondering if you still see him as a frequent piece in our wide receiver corp this season?

Jim: Hi Brandy. Back-to-back questions on Taywan here. As I was discussing with Jimmy, Taywan is improving. He's looked good in the three OTAs I've watched. He now has more familiarity with the offense, which should allow him to play faster, and be more successful. But he's going to have to stay healthy and produce. He was slowed by a foot injury last season, and that impacted his game. He'll get chances this year, but the competition has improved around him with the addition of Adam Humphries and A.J. Brown.

Josh Bomar from Knoxville, Tennessee

Question: Hey jim! Thank you for keeping us fans going during the off season. I was wondering why the titans don't let delanie walker take the kick offs? He tied the school record at central missouri for kick off returns for td's, and there is a video of him online taking a kick off 101 yards vs. The chargers back when he played for the 49'ers. He is without a doubt our best player athletically. Heck, put him on defense too! The guy is a freak. Use him like deon. In that video of him taking that kick off against the chargers, the kicker had a chance to try and tackle him, but instead just walked to the sidelines. There aren't many players that want to get in front of him when he has a full head of steam. I know this is far-fetched, but these are the things that pop up in your mind when you're just sitting here day dreaming about the titans, counting down the days.. Titan up!

Jim: Hey Josh. Good to hear from you again. I can assure you this won't happen. The Delanie of college was 14 years ago. He's a different player and body type now, and the team certainly wouldn't risk his health putting him on kickoffs.

David Stalder from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Question: Hey Jim. It seems like the media focus on the potential success of the Titans' 2019 season rests on the success of Henry and the run game, that everyone expects the offense to run through Henry with a supporting passing game, at least until it doesn't work. Is Henry fully prepared for that responsibility? Maybe not as much as MM8, but this could be a make or break season for Henry. Are management and the coaching staff prepared to put the fate of the offense in Henry's hands?

Jim: Hey David. Derrick is ready to do as much as the team will let him. He proved that at the end of the 2018 season. But as much as I hear from fans clamoring for him to do more, I also hear from plenty who want to see Mariota air it out more, and with the additions of Adam Humphries and A.J. Brown, and Delanie back in the offense, look for the team to throw it plenty in 2019 as well. You're going to see a mix of pass and run, but just what the split looks like will depend on how games play out, and on new OC Arthur Smith's approach.

Have a great week everyone!

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