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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


MOBILE, Ala. – It's Senior Bowl week.

More than 130 college prospects will be here to give NFL personnel a chance to get a look at what they have to offer.

It's the start of the ramp up for the 2021 NFL Draft.

In the meantime, let's get another Titans mailbag off the ground and running.

Here we go…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Danny Sasnett from Chandler, Arizona
Hey Jim, hope all is well! Although we have been championship contenders the last few seasons, we still have a lot of pieces missing. The pass rush needs help clearly, but I am wondering, in your own opinion, what do you believe we need to get over the hump and make it to the Super Bowl? I know we have some weak spots on the roster, however, the team always plays with a high morale and high chemistry, and a lot of that is due to how the coaching staff works with the players. Do you believe we are more in need of adding players on defense, or more in need of having a DC (like Pees) that will bring the most out of our players regardless? After typing it, seems like an odd question to myself, but I truly believe that our defense struggles were due to a lack of coaching/scheming. Thank you and I hope you're having a wonderful beginning of the Year!

Jim: Pass rush is No.1 in my mind, Danny. Up until the final two games of the season, the pass rush was pretty much non-existent, so I think edge rushers should be a top priority. The Titans need to keep finding weapons on offense as well. What happens with Corey Davis and Jonnu Smith, of course, is a key part of this offseason. As for the coaching, well, I don't think Vrabel is letting anyone off the hook, including himself. The struggles on defense were a combination of a lot of things.

Lee Miles from Arlington, Tennessee
Hi I saw that the NFL is giving a total 7,500 SB tickets to vaccinated healthcare workers. I believe they are allowing the 32 teams to distribute those locally. I have been a Titans fan since they left Memphis. I am a cardiac nurse working a at a local cardiology clinic and often round in the hospitals on the weekends. I receive my second phizer vaccine this coming Friday, so will be fully vaccinated by SB. This would be a dream even though Id of course rather be watching my Titans. I didn't know who else to send this to. Thanks

Jim: Hi Lee. Thanks for all you do. I've had several health care workers email me about this, so I checked on it and was told the majority of the healthcare workers at the game will be coming from Florida. Each team is going to send four workers from their market and those have been selected from Nashville already. Sorry, but wanted to let you know.

John Burnett from Dickson, Tennessee
I know I'm just an armchair general manager but I'd like to get a "What if" question answered. What if the team hadn't traded An all-pro DT who was a game wrecker? What if they had resigned an all pro right tackle? What if they had kept a fireball defensive back who led by example? Now I know you have to make decisions and move on from some but I can't help but think these three players could have made a big difference this year?

Jim: Hi John. You shouldn't include Jurrell in the 'What if?' game because he suffered a season-ending injury in September and didn't play the rest of the season. And part of the reason the Titans dealt him was based on his price tag and concerns about his health moving forward. As for Conklin, hey, the Titans tried to re-sign him, but money became a big issue and Jack cashed in. And the right tackle spot wasn't a problem for the Titans this year – I thought Dennis Kelly did a nice job. The Titans were down to their third left tackle after Taylor Lewan and Ty Sambrailo got hurt, and I thought David Quessenberry did a solid job for the most part. This after tackle Isaiah Wilson failed to pan out as a rookie. Hindsight is 20/20, but keep in mind the o-line paved the way for 2,027 rushing yards for Derrick Henry while allowing just 24 sacks in 16 regular season games. I concede Logan Ryan was missed, but he wasn't going to solve all the problems on defense in 2020, and he wouldn't have been out there playing offense in the playoff game against the Ravens, so chances are the season would've ended at the same point.

Noah Leake from Murray, Kentucky
If you had to pick between bringing back Clowney or Corey Davis, who would you go with? I am currently siding more with Clowney, picking up more pass rush in free agency, and drafting a receiver to replace Corey (Waddle is mocked for the 23rd and we have 22nd) I don't think we have anyone who can stretch the field vertically with pure speed, so I feel like this would be a big pickup to punish safeties coming into the box, which became an issue with AJ being hurt the whole year and not being the fastest guy on the field (yes he is fast, but not just burn the corner fast). Thoughts?

Jim: Which Clowney would the Titans be getting? The one who is healthy and disruptive, or the one who failed to make the same impact as he did earlier in his career? And, for how much? Too may unknowns here Noah, from price to production. And they're two completely different players who play on different sides of the ball. You can put them both on your wish list, but so many other factors are in play, including who else is attainable at their positions, because that will influence value. I'm also with drafting a burner at receiver.

Juan Javier Sandoval from Ciudad de Mexico
Seria un buen cambio Deshaun Watson por tannehill??

Jim: ¿Un buen negocio para qué equipo? Esto no está pasando, Juan Javier.

John Deane from Wellingborough, England
Hello Jim. just seen a report that AJ has had some work done on his knees, in hindsight he did seem to be in pain a fair bit after tackles. What is the expected time frame? Also, a thumbs up to Firkser great this year hope he gets a new contract. Stay safe

Jim: Hi John. A.J. was playing hurt all year, from his knees to an ankle to a hand injury. He'll be good when the time comes. The surgeries were described on his own Twitter feed as "small procedures."

Steve Boxwell from Corpus Christi, Texas
We had great season to win the AFC South.
And King Henry too win Rushing Title.
Too bad we could not gone more into the Playoffs.
It was too bad we could not keep Mr A. Smith for
Our Offensive Coach we we're getting very good.
Hopefully some else can fill that void. I believe in keeping good people that's why New England Was very successful they keep their people there. Hopefully we can get Great offensive Coach and Defensive Coach.
Always Appreciate you. Go Titans

Jim: Poetry in motion, Steve.

Aiden Kelly from Phoenix, Arizona
I was wondering what are the plans for next year to push further into the playoffs?

Jim: The plan is pretty clear-cut, Aiden: Play better, and win.

Brianna Joshua from Waianae, Hawaii
Hi there Jim my dad is a huge fan of the Titans he has been a fan since they were the Houston Oilers so if possible can you please respond with how much how a fan he means to the team...please and thank you....GO TITANS.

Jim: Shout out to Papa Joshua! Aloha!

Bob Cole from Benton, Tennessee
Hey. I was wondering if anyone has ever merely mentioned opening up the NFL field size to the same as the CFL? Given how 99% or kickoffs are through the end zone and the huge increase in athleticism in the modern athlete versus a few decades ago, it would seem to beg for a wider, longer field? Yes, I know the NFL likes change about as much as they do empty seats in the stadium. I also know it'll never happen as the NFL would never think of following the CFL in anything. But has anyone ever seriously brought it up? Thanks for listening!

Jim: Only Bob from Benton, Tennessee.

Menua Mirzakhanyan from Glendale, Arizona
Hey Jim how are you doing? Been a huge Titans fan for over 20 years. I believe people don't realize how big off a loss Jayon Brown was when his season ended to injury. Everyone says we need to draft or get a FA, that maybe true but I believe if he did not get hurt our defense would not have been as bad as it was. He was really playing his best before the injury. Hopefully he stays healthy all season next season. Thank you Jim and enjoy the off season. Well deserved.

Jim: Hey Menua. You're right – Jayon was missed. Keep in mind Jayon's contract is up, so he'll need to be re-signed. I'm curious myself to see what transpires at ILB, especially considering David Long stepped in and played well.

Michael Kennedy from Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Hey Jim- As disappointing as the loss to the Ravens was, this is the first time that I have been able to write you while wearing a division championship pullover, so I am very grateful for the 2020 Titans for that. Consider me the ultimate optimist, but I feel like we are in great shape overall as an organization. I trust our leadership and I really enjoy playing meaning playoff football. Sure, we have a long way to go, but we are so much closer than we were just 5 years ago. So no need in all the doom and gloom. My question for you today is what are your early thoughts on needs to be addressed in the draft and potential order of priority. I really want to see a pass rush but I'm not sure the draft is the way to handle that in the short term. What are your thoughts?

Jim: Hey Michael. I touched on a little of this earlier. So much of what might be needed in the draft hinges on what happens in free agency. If the Titans are able to retain some players, and land others in free agency, that would influence what they might do in the draft. But edge rushers, receivers (including a burner), help on the o-line, d-line and in the secondary are all areas of need right now, but again, so much depends on what happens in March.

Have a great week everyone!

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