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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions from Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Now that's how you get back on track.

The Titans went to Baltimore, and then left with a 30-24 overtime win over the Ravens.

It was a gutsy effort from a team decimated by injuries of late.

Now, the Colts are once again on the horizon in a battle for first place in the AFC South.

Yes, there's plenty to talk about.

Let's go…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Asa Fitzpatrick from Lutz, Florida
I have a question: I understand opposing teams standing on the Home Team's logo can stir up conflict, but to me, it seemed like the conflict between the Titans and the Ravens went beyond Turf Disputes...Harbaugh not shaking hands, Lamar popping Butler during their celebration, etc. To me, there seemed to be a lot of tension between the teams. Was this strictly because of the pregame when the Titans congregated on the Raven's logo? Was there something deeper going on?
As I am writing this, the Colts just kicked a game winning FG against the week against the Colts is a HUGE game. Titan up!

Jim: Hey Asa. When I saw the Ravens and coach John Harbaugh react the way they did in pregame, it told me the Titans are officially under their skin/in their heads, whatever you want to call it. And I couldn't help but think, 'Man, crazy how things have changed.' Because there was a time 20 years ago when the Ravens were a real pain in the rear for the Titans. Was something deeper going on? Well, of course. It dates back to the Titans knocking the Ravens out of the playoffs last year, and in the minds of a lot of fans, to the Eddie George-Ray Lewis, Titans-Ravens battles from the late 1990s, early 2000s. There's actually a lot of history/bad blood between these two franchises.

Reuben Alvear from San Francisco, California
Are the Titans a perfect team? Heck, no. Do they have ongoing 3rd-down struggles? Yes. Do they need to protect the football better? Yes. More times than not this season, have the Titans found ways to win games? Yes. Are the Titans still in the thick of things? Heck, yes, because they are resilient!
The Titans still need to get more pressure on the opposing teams' QB. Yet, on the positive side Ryan Tannehill is one of the least-sacked quarterbacks in the NFL. So, despite a banged-up O-line, the Titans are doing fairly well at keeping RT upright.
The Titans' recent rut had some so-called fans saying they'd go find another team to root for. Best wishes to ya. Stick with your new team when the going gets tough, and don't come back to the Titans when they start jamming ;-P

Jim: Good to hear from you, Reuben.

Michael Miles Sr from LaVergne, Tennessee
Jim hope you and your family are doing good. Man, the game Sunday kept me on the edge of my seat. Thanks for Henry and our offense and a BIG THANKS TO OUR DEFENSE. They played the full game with the will to win. Question for you, do you see Adam (Humphries) coming back for the Colts game or how do you think will be able to return from injury? Thanks for keeping us up to date on our team. TITAN UP TENNESSEE FANS🏈🏈🏈

Jim: Hey Michael. It was a heck of a game, huh? The Titans showed some real spunk. As for Humphries, well, he's making progress, but Coach Vrabel is always cautious with guys in the concussion protocol. Here's what he said about Humphries on Friday: "There's been some progress and he's working his way through the protocol as far as the strength and conditioning evaluation and see how he responded and then working on to some running and has been attending some meetings. That's a very positive sign of how he's moving forward." Reading between the lines, I think he's getting close to returning.

Joe Arcudi from Merrimack, New Hampshire
C'mon Jim.....did you really think we actually had a chance this week? We are breaking down in every phase....Lousy couching, lousy play, no leadership on D and now tons of injuries. As it is right now this team is barely a 9-7 team.

Jim: These in-game emails always make me shake my head, especially when things flip. And this was not the only one from Sunday. … To steal a line from Coach Mac: Joe, keep your powder dryuntil at least after the game.

Don Green from Knoxville, Tennessee
Just curious on the status of Taylor Lewan? Sure miss him on the line.

Jim: Hey Don. Lewan is unfortunately out for the season.

David Buck from Germantown, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Titans.
Great team win... offense made the plays, defense stood their ground, and kicking game came through like they are capable of doing. However, my goodness. Is #13 Mr Batson ok? Those were some violent hits he took on those returns? Short of letting the ball go into the end zone is there any plans on opening up some running lanes for him and/or protect him better?

Jim: Man, I hear ya, David. I thought special teams made a big step in the right direction on Sunday, with Stephen Gostkowski kicking, Trevor Daniel settling down a bit punting, and the fake punt play for a first down. But the kickoff returns left a lot to be desired. That's an area that needs improvement.

Paul Tyler from Granbury, Texas
I became a fan of the Titans when I was young and impressionable and they made their Super Bowl run. My favorite Titan of all time is Keith Bullock. I loved the way he played. Ok now to my question, do you know how long Brett Kern is expected to be out? He is a weapon that the teams desperately needs back. One final thought; When Jackson and Fulton are back I think the defenses should really pick up. They should be able to take away a lot of the quick throws which will allow the D line and linebackers to get more pressure. Love what you do Jim!

Jim: Hey Paul. I can tell you this on Kern: He was placed on Injured Reserve back on November 7, and that designation means he had to miss three weeks. Well, he's now missed three games. He's in the process of being evaluated, so stay tuned here. As for Jackson and Fulton, there's no doubt they'd give the team a boost.

Simon Aston from Leeds, United Kingdom
Hi Jim. Greetings from across the pond! Although our last few results have not been brilliant, it's been good to see Corey Davis step up to the plate. I've always loved his play, but he seems to be really playing for a contract at the end of the season. Do you think that he'll be a Titan next year?? Stay safe Jim,

Jim: Hey Simon. I think Corey is one of the team's most underappreciated guys on the team – from the fan base, that is. The coaches and front office, however, love him because he's a tough-minded player who does the dirty work. Corey had another solid game on Sunday – he's having a solid season. I don't see it as him "playing for a contract," however. Corey is playing to help the team, that's just how he is. We'll have to see what transpires this offseason.

Bill on Spokane, Washington
Please award a Ravens game ball to WR Davis. His courage, grit and productivity seem well-suited to HC Vrabel's style. His contributions to the win column far exceed those of LBs Beasley and Clowney, combined. Any chance the Titans use some of the Beasley/Clowney cap space to extend/renegotiate Davis' contract beyond this season?

Jim: Good timing, Bill. Corey was big time with his five-catch, 113-yard performance. Clowney and Beasley (who is no longer around, of course) were both signed to one-year deals so they won't impact what happens this offseason for in 2021.

John Cox from Camden, Arkansas
Hello Jim. Just wanted to chime in and say that I am so glad that the Titans got it together and beat the Ravens yesterday. I just plain out don't like 'em! I think Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill, and A.J. Brown are all headed for the Pro Bowl. I would love to shake all three of those guys hands and thank them for their extreme effort this year! I also think the Titans need to go ahead and wrap up a deal with Corey Davis. The man is making big plays for us! So disappointed that Jayon Brown's injury will end his season; he is a great player and seems to be quite a character as well.
Now, we gotta figure out how to beat the Colts this Sunday.......the key is pressuring their old QB. No pressure on Rivers could mean trouble again vs them.
Happy & safe Thanksgiving to us all. I lost my mother in June and know that we all should be truly thankful for what we have and not so bitter and concerned about things that don't suit us in life. These are trying times, indeed.

Jim: Good to hear from you, John, and with a good message. May God bless you and your family following the loss of your dear mother.

Craig Lobb from Pontypridd Wales United Kingdom
Hi Jim, as a new fan to the NFL and the Titans family I have read a lot of negativity about the organization and previous teams regarding underachieving. In your opinion, is this year's squad good enough to replicate last season's success and start to achieve consistent success?

Jim: Well, we're about to find out. As for the state of the franchise, believe me, a lot of fan bases would love to trade places with a team that's produced 9-7 records four years in a row, went to the AFC Championship Game last year, and won a playoff game during the 2017 season as well. And, yes, the team is sitting at 7-3 right now with six regular season games to go. Everyone wants a Super Bowl, and the Titans are trying to get there. But I've covered this franchise since Day 1 of the "Titans era" and believe me, things have been a lot worse despite some rampant negativity following losses.

Have a great week everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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