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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The NFL Draft is now just over three weeks away.

It's crazy how this offseason keeps flying by.

The questions keep flowing, too, so let's get right to it in the latest edition of the Titans mailbag.

Let's go…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

McKeeg Russell from San Luis Valley, Colorado
: Hello there, Jim! I hope all is well and as always, thank you for keeping us in the loop. First off, I know it's been months, but recovery since January has been rough. I was so proud of the season we put together with so much adversity in so many positions, but really thought it coming back together for the playoffs was that great story that we'd one day see a special on NFL network. But alas, we move on, we still bleed two-tone blue... Questions...
1) Is there any notion of bringing in a new backup QB? Woodside hasn't had a whole lot of opportunity to show, but what he has seems very practice squad quality. I have been happy overall with Tannehill, a few red flags and repetitive mistakes that I think scare us fans. But also the way he plays and runs and is willing to lower his shoulder, while awesome from a teammate and spectator standpoint is just setting us up to need a backup who can keep running the offense, and I don't see that from Woodside.
2) Would you be willing, since you have a larger reach than I, to help me start a petition to have the AFC Championship trophy renamed the Hunt-Adams (Adams-Hunt) trophy? I'm sure you're familiar with the history, how Bud was the drive behind the AFL and eventually the Merger. But how Adams has been left out of that recognition has always grinded my gears. I think it's time the NFL paid due respect to what he did for the league. Hunt didn't do it alone, and I think there's more than fair argument that Bud Adams was more instrumental... the AFL would have folded without him...

Jim: Hey McKeeg. The coach and the GM have both complimented Logan Woodside every time they've been asked about him, so obviously they have more faith in him than most. And don't forget about quarterback Kevin Hogan, who finished the year on the practice squad. I asked the GM and HC about the QB situation behind Tannehill at the owners meetings, and I plan to write that story this week. You might find it interesting. As for your petition, well, let's see if this gathers any steam

Bud Stein from Jacksonville, Florida
GM Jim. Bud in Jax Country. I know we have discussed this and the debate goes on LOL but Even Mike Vrabel said on Marcus Mariota there's NOT a better person in the league. I know he said person not player.
I'm not the only one that says the Titans sold Marcus short. Im sure injuries didnt help. Tannehill had a bad year and a half so then should the Titans Trade him To? A top sports analyst on ESPN with his own Show Get Up SAS recently said with Tannehill the Titans will NEVER make it to the Super Bowl and maybe not even to the AFC Championship. His prospective The Titans would have had a better chance to do that if they signed Marcus and traded Tannehill. Tannehill in most part and Mariota injuries and riding the King Henry Train made him look better than he was. Its too bad the Falcons dont play the Titans in 2022. The Titans should have given Marcus a second chance. Isnt the American way everyone deserves a second chance?? Still Titans UP!!! in 2022 Take Care Jim. Respectfully. Bud.

Jim: Hey Bud. Always good to hear from you. But I'll be honest when I say these questions on Marcus irritate me. Why? Because I really like Marcus, too. But these questions put me in a position where I have to remind everyone he flamed out at the end in Tennessee. His play wasn't good in games, or in practices, at the end of his days with the Titans and he deserved to be benched whether his loyal supporters want to admit it or not. A lot of people a few years later are now trying to make it sound like the Titans parted ways with Tom Brady. It's like they've totally forgotten how so-so he was before the team decided to move on. I hope Marcus fares well in Atlanta, I really do. But why do I need to keep reminding everyone he's been a back-up since he left here, and 30 other teams were pretty nonchalant about signing him before the Falcons finally did. Remember, no one wanted to sign him as a starter when he left Tennessee and ended up with the Raiders. Marcus is now getting his third chance in Atlanta.

Joe Chunn from Memphis, Tennessee
The Titans don't usually do a lot of draft day trades to move up, so even tho this year would probably be one of the least costly years to do it I don't expect them to. My question is, despite the offensive line needs, what are the chances of us taking a QB in the first round should a Corral or Willis fall to us? We haven't had the best experience drafting day one starters on the line and, in my opinion, we need to have another option ready for if/when Tannehill doesn't work out.

Jim: Well, I'm not expecting it

Brian Cutler from Plainfield, Connecticut
lol know it's way too early to get upset. But I just watched a video of the Titans not even making the playoffs. Why can't we get any respect? The Titans the last few years have been fighters! The question for you is outside of the Titans winning Super Bowl what causes them to gain some respect? Looking for your honest point of view on this subject.

Jim: My honest opinion on this subject: I hate the "no respect" pleas. I got a lot of questions/comments in here in the fall from folks upset about the Titans not getting any respect, and I repeatedly said the way you earn respect is by getting to the Super Bowl and winning. You certainly don't earn respect by going one and done in the playoffs, which is what the Titans did. So enough with the "no respect" talk. It's silly, and a waste of time.

Jordan Marbury from Birmingham, Alabama
Jim I don't like how the quarterback, running back and linebacker positions are being prioritized as needs over the Cornerback and Kicking positions for the Titans by some media outlets. Let me explain.. Who has proven themselves at the CB position outside of Fulton with the exception of Molden who might be too small to be a CB2? We are gambling on Farley who has looked like he has never played football a day in his life after coming back. Our kicker can't kick beyond 40 yards, why does this not scare anyone but me? Where is the since of urgency from Vrabel and JRob? We are in our last window to get a Super Bowl, none of these mediocre QB prospects give us take a better shot at a Super Bowl in 2023 than Tannehill. We have a seasoned linebacker depth core. If anything we need depth behind Jeff Simmons because if he is the cornerstone to the defense. Our priorities in order should be OG, WR, C, WR, TE, CB, K.
1.Kenyan Green
3.Alec Pierce, Cristian watson, Danny Grey
4.Jelani Woods
4.Dohnovan West
5Jake Ferguson
6.Montaric Brown
6.Cameron Dicker

Jim: Hey Jordan. Appreciate the feedback

Robert Hernandez from Centennial, Colorado
Hi Jim, I've been an Oilers/Titans fan since George Blanda was slinging the ball in the AFL days. If the Titans trade down (their #26 for the Bears #'s 39 & 71 this could be the result.
39. Jahan Dotson WR Penn State
71. Cole Strange OG Chattanooga
90. Greg Dulcich TE UCLA
131. Hassan Haskins RB Michigan
143. Myron Cunningham OT Arkansas
169. Shaun Jolly CB Appalachian State
204. Kana'i Mauga LB USC
219. Reed Blankenship S Middle Tennessee I feel like the first four picks are pretty solid.

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Robert.

Jimmy (Tye) Brewer from Texarkana, Texas
Good afternoon my question is referring back to the playoffs, shouldn't the offensive coordinator take most of the blame when #17 threw that tipped interception down in the red zone. I have noticed most of last season he calls these plays that probably should be called between the 20"s instead of just going with what got you there 85% of the time. Most of the time it is the running game and the defense is beaten up because of that running game I think he should take a very long look at his play calling why chance it for something to happen that did happen, Thank you

Jim: It's time to move on from the blame of 2021, Jimmy. We're on to 2022, but I do think everyone is on board with you about wanting to see improvement in 2022.

Griffin Justice from Plain City, Ohio
Hey Jim, I have been a lifelong Titans fan and watch about every Titans game I can. I was just curious do you have any news on potentially a new stadium in Nashville? If so, do you know any info on if it will be a dome or another open field? Also, any potential dates when it may be finished?

Jim: A whole lot TBD here, Griffin. The latest buzz is it would be "yes" on a dome and 2026 at the earliest. But again, a lot to be determined.

Heather Mims from Columbus, Ohio
Hi Jim how are you today? My Question for you is that what is between a throwback Oilers jersey's and a real Titans Jersey'? And why they wanna Do a throwback Oilers Jersey's? It will be confusing for certain people plus some of the people not even a fan of the Oilers to the Titans today.

Jim: Fair question, Heather. I'll just say I know the Titans have a lot of passionate fans who have been with them from the team's days as the Oilers. Want proof? Just hang out with the TTFIH (Tennessee Titans Fans in Houston). Plus, the team's history means a lot to the Adams family. Here is what Amy Adams Strunk said when asked about the Oilers jerseys. (The plan is to wear the in 2023, btw): "Oilers history is Titans history," the controlling owner said. "We know our fans feel passionately about showcasing that legacy on game day, and we're actively working on making throwback jerseys possible in the near future. Stay tuned!" In case you missed it, in the Saturday mailbag I wrote if all goes according to plan, the Titans will wear a light blue jersey from the Luv Ya' Blue era with white britches, with an Oilers helmet (a white one). The earliest the combination could be worn is 2023, and that's what franchise is shooting for. Stay tuned for more updates on this down the road.

Brody Ledford from Knoxville, Tennessee
Hello, This is my first time asking a question on your mailbag and I would like to know if the Titans would ever wear their old jerseys again? I like the way the current jerseys look but I absolutely loved the older ones with the sword on the sides and would love to see them come back. Titan up!

Jim: Hey Brody. Haven't heard any buzz about this

Have a great week everyone!

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