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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe out there.

After a crazy week without football, the Titans now have their sights set on returning to action on Sunday, at Nissan Stadium, against the Buffalo Bills.

I think we're all ready to turn the subject back to football again.

Let's do that in here, too.

The latest edition of the Titans mailbag has arrived …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Matt Forsythe from Birmingham, Alabama
Jim, Praying for all the players, staff members and their families. I am curious do you think this early bye week could work in our favor in that it will give players like Adoree Jackson an AJ Brown more time to heal up and give us all our weapons?

Jim: That's one way to look at it. The off weekend gave A.J., Adoree' and Taylor Lewan extra time to heal. But the team has placed defensive lineman Jeffery Simmons, receiver Adam Humphries, cornerback Kristian Fulton, outside linebacker Kamalei Correa, defensive lineman DaQuan Jones, fullback Khari Blasingame and long snapper Beau Brinkley from the 53-man roster to the COVID-19 list. Titans HC Mike Vrabel said on his coaches show last night "I'd plan on those guys not being with us this weekend. We can't begin preparations counting on those players on that list." So, there's that…

Steve Crosio from Brick, New Jersey
Jim, with most of our main cast on COVID-19 reserves list is it time to hit the panic button?

Jim: I've never seen a panic button. There really is such a thing?

Joan Dutton from Cerritos, California
Hi Jim. I know that the team has many starters on COVID-19 protocols and their next game is coming up next weekend. How fair is it to have teams play without key players not because of football injuries but COVID-19? I would love to hear your take on this. TitanUp!!!!

Jim: Hi Joan. Well, we all knew this would be a different year. The Patriots played without Cam Newton on Monday night. The Titans will have to play without all the guys ruled out on Sunday because of COVID-19. Fair or unfair, it's 2020, and teams have to deal with it.

Ram Piyaket from Bangkok, Thailand
Hello Jim. First time writing here and greetings from the other side of the world! I used to live in Nashville between 2006-2013 and has become a big fan of the Titans since then. That's to say I've followed your articles since you were with the Tennessean too. I appreciate your bringing all the Titans stories to all of us.
With this COVID-19 challenges and players being added to its reserve list almost daily now, it must be really tough for the team and especially the coaching staff. I wish them all good health and a speedy recovery. My question is if more players continue to test positive in coming days, what's going to happen to the Bills game? What day of the week that they use to determine players eligibility for the Sunday games when it comes to the COVID-19 test?
Other than that, let's enjoy being an undefeated team for another week and TITAN UP,

Jim: Hey Ram. Good to hear from you. Hopefully the positive tests will stop, and the team can return to the facility and start practicing. The current plan is to play on Sunday, October 11. There is no wiggle room this week – the Bills are scheduled to play the Chiefs on Thursday, October 15.

John Murphy from Hoboken, New Jersey
Jim. Hope all is well during these trying times. At what point do (the Titans) finally admit that the Butler signing has been lackluster to say the least and rolling out a 36 yr old CB across from him isn't helping? Both Butler and JJ are destined to be burnt at least once a game by the opposing's team 3rd best receiver. Butler did have some nice breakups but his coverage is better described as good recoveries instead of being in the right position. I thought the goal of not bringing back Logan Ryan (which in my opinion was a huge mistake) was to get more speed on the field? I get they want 26 in the slot but why not start him over 33? If we're going to give up 300+ yards of passing at least let the rookie get some experience. Luckily we get Adoree' back soon which should be a huge help but have you heard any rumblings about a move at CB? JRob's the man don't get me wrong ... but I'd say it's time to make a splash move at CB to right the ship before we get into the meat of our schedule. 3-0 is unbelievable but we might be more lucky than good right now. More of a rant than questions but stay safe and wishing a speedy recovery to all the Titans and staff affected in the recent outbreak!!! Titan Up!

Jim: Hey John. Well, out of the gate we disagree on Butler. Sure, he gave up some plays against the Vikings, but he made some plays as well. After a slow start in Tennessee in 2018, I think he's been a solid acquisition. As for the moves in the secondary, the Titans let Logan Ryan go because he wanted more money than the team was willing to pay him, and because the team wanted to go younger and faster as you mentioned. At the time, no one knew Adoree Jackson' would miss the first part of the season. Adoree' is coming back in the not-so-distance future, and Kristian Fulton is just going to keep getting better. When everyone is healthy, you're going to see a lot of Butler-Jackson-Fulton, which was the plan, and with Joseph used as well. Writing off the secondary after three games -- without one guy (Jackson), and with Fulton playing just his third game -- is premature in my mind. And, of course, when the pass rush rounds into form it will help the secondary as well.

Alex Athanasi from London, England
Hi Jim. Another question from a die hard Titan fan from across the pond. With Vic Beasley finally suiting up and playing for the team, how do you feel the new additions have fared in terms of contributing to the team so far this year, both the free agency signings and also the rookies? And can you see anyone having a breakout year? Thanks very much for doing this every week. Titan Up to all my Titans family in Tennessee and always know there will always be a burger and brew waiting for you guys whenever you come over!

Jim: Hello Alex. Well, it's still early. There's no doubt in my mind we're going to hear a lot from Jadeveon Clowney this season, and I expect Beasley to make an impact as well. Veterans Jack Crawford and Johnathan Joseph are contributing as well, along with kicker Stephen Gostkowski, of course. Guys like Will Compton, Nick Dzubnar, Jeremy McNichols and Ty Sambrailo have all played roles. The rookies, Kristian Fulton and Darrynton Evans, are going to be more of a factor each week. So newcomers are contributing, and they'll continue to do so. And I may take you up on that burger and beer someday!

Martin Walker from Whiteville, Tennessee
Jim, every team that has ever played wants a RB who can give you three first downs, cover 35 yards in six plays while burning 5 minutes off the clock. We have one. So why pull this man off the field, go with play action pass, let the drive stall and settle for a FG? I hate to complain with a 3-0 start. But this team is 15-0 when Henry has over 100 yards rushing. The luck is running out. Not to mention as have others, that our defense is as leaky as ever (three years running). Always playing catch up is like sabotage. Someone needs to focus on dominance in all phases including play calling, in order to win a championship. What other reason are we here for? Thank you.

Jim: Hey Martin. Oh man, you're nitpicking now. The team is still 15-0 when Henry goes over 100. The guys needs a break from time to time, and he's going to get more moving forward as Darrynton Evans gets up to speed. Henry is on pace to carry the ball 437 times this season, which would set a new NFL record. And one of the last things I would criticize right now is offensive play-calling.

Enrique Buenrostro from Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México
Hola Jim, mi nombre es Enrique, soy mexicano y fan desde 1978, la temporada en que Earl Campbell llegó a los Oilers, y el equipo jugó la final de conferencia contra los Steelers. Solo para decir que los grandes equipos son los que aprenden a ganar aún en la adversidad, y los Titans del 2020 son sin duda un gran equipo.

Jim: Agradezco las amables palabras y el apoyo, Enrique. Ha sido un comienzo de temporada loco y sin precedentes, con mucha adversidad como mencionaste. Pero creo que el liderazgo es bueno en el cuerpo técnico y en el equipo, y creo que las cosas estarán bien. Gracias por contactarnos.

Travis Garcia from Jonesville, Missouri
Our defense needs help, BIG TIME. Why doesn't the organization resign Wesley Woodyard and Logan Ryan? They were huge for us last year.

Jim: Logan plays for the Giants, and who do you want Wesley to replace – Rashaan Evans or Jayon Brown? The inside linebackers have played well. I'm a big Wesley Woodyard fan, but he played behind both of them last year.

John Gilbert from Johannesburg, South Africa
Hey Jim. When do you think we'll get the chance to see Isaiah Wilson in game? Big thanks.

Jim: Hi John. Well, right now the focus is getting him back in a position to be cleared for practices. And when that happens, he's not going to step in and replace Taylor Lewan or Dennis Kelly. And veteran Ty Sambrailo is ahead of him as well. So, patience is going to be needed with Isaiah, but I think that was always going to be the case. I always viewed him as a future contributor, not as someone who would make a big impact right out of the gate.

Have a great week everyone!

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