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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're getting close…

Yes, the NFL Draft is now just over two weeks away.

Mock drafts are changing, and so are opinions regarding prospects, and potential landing spots.

Let's discuss it all in here and more in this Tuesday's Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

T.R. Cooper from Soddy Daisy, Tennessee

Question: Hey Big Guy ... Second time writing in ... Haven't heard much about Bud Dupree's rehab from the ACL, is he working with the Titans staff?? Titan Up!!!

Jim: Hey T.R. While on a conference call, I asked Bud about his health back on March 19 after he signed with the team. This is what he said: "Definitely I am going to be ready on camp – I am going to be full speed in camp, full steam ahead, being back in the groove and just making sure I am healthy then. But I'll be healthy way before camp and I'll be full speed training, and I am excited about the progress that I've made so far. I am going to make sure I am in the best tip-top shape when I get back. … I am coming back stronger than ever. I want to continue developing my game, and keep my arrow pointing upward." Below is a video Bud posted on his Instagram story on Monday, which was sent out via Twitter on Monday night by Justin Graver (@titansfilmroom) of Broadway Sports.

Roy Jenkins from Harriman, Tennessee

Question: Good day Jim. I'm a long time Oilers/Titans fan (40yrs) and wanted to tell Eddie George Congratulations on his new coaching job at Tennessee State. I remember watching him at Ohio State and was glad we were able to get him in the draft. When we drafted him, little did we know how much he would contribute on and off the field and after playing football. Thanks for all you Mr. Jim. TITANUP. God Bless.

Jim: Hope all is well, Roy. Heck of a story about Eddie, who will reportedly be named the next head football coach at Tennessee State University on Tuesday. I'll be pulling for Eddie, and TSU. I can't think of a better mentor for young men than Eddie.

John Flanigen from Collierville, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim, long time follower, first time responder. I'm a long timer with the franchise (Oilers/Titans). I know you have your ear on "the" door, so tell us how in the world do you spend free agent money on career backups to (OT) to open holes for King Henry...? Just because the young man failed last year doesn't mean you turn your back, (like divorce, you don't stop fishing)..! Get the best OT for the team. (Jenkins, or Christianson) then "do whatever it takes" to get Jim Schwartz the title and control of as DC...!

Jim: Hey John. Good to hear from you. Keep in mind it's April 13, not August 13. We haven't had the NFL Draft yet, and free agency isn't over. The Titans have signed Kendall Lamm, formerly of the Browns, and re-signed Ty Sambrailo in free agency, but that doesn't mean they're done yet at tackle, or any position for that matter. And, part of a GM's job is evaluate players and decide what their role, and potential, could be moving forward. Dennis Kelly, for instance, was a back-up when he joined the Titans. He became a starter in Tennessee, and I know a lot of folks were sad to see him go. So, backups can become starters. And again, adding more at the position could still be in play. Schwartz, meanwhile, wasn't hired to be the DC.

Elliott Jenson from Apopka, Florida

Question: Long-time reader, first-time questioner. Always been a big fan of your work. My question: from your days reporting on the Titans in the news media to your days with the team, how much do players/teams/agents really utilize the news media and sports reporters to place false narratives out there before the NFL Draft in hopes of a player dropping to their spot or throwing other teams off their actual plans? And if it does happen, how well do other team officials see through the smokescreens?

Jim: Appreciate it, Elliott. There's no doubt a lot of folks have to deal with smokescreens, and lies, leading up to the NFL Draft. It's part of the game. Teams have to work through that, and they do it by trusting their own draft board. But I do think some teams try to intentionally mislead members of the media to drive up value for a trade in some cases. If team A is hearing teams C and D are interested in trading up, then team B is more likely to jump.

Bob Warzeski from Bristol, Tennessee

Question: Not a question, but just a positive comment to allow those awesome throwback Oilers uniforms and helmets to be used frequently this season. Thx!

Jim: Folks seem to be fired up about the thought of this happening, Bob. No one knows what it means moving forward, but it's provocative, it gets the people going…

Paul Wiese from Munich, Germany

Question: Hey Jim. Maybe you could comment on my opinion:

I am very optimistic about next season, but I won't be satisfied with anything except winning our first Super Bowl. Therefore a good offseason is crucial from my point of view, in order for us to build the best possible roster. I hope you agree thus far. What might differ from many other peoples approaches comes now:

If you ask me, we should think as short term as possible this offseason to maximize our odds to win the Super Bowl (because that is what we all want right?). For me this would mean that we basically flip our draft picks of the upcoming years for any value that we can add to our roster right now and to improve at our weak spots (especially at pass rush please). I understand there are limits to "thinking short term" because of the salary cap, however I believe Jon Robinson can figure something out with cost restructuring or something? Anyway, keep up the good work, thanks in advance and TitanUp!

Jim: Hey Paul. Appreciate the feedback. I like your aggressive mindset, and I do think everyone's thought process is to win a Super Bowl ASAP. But I don't see the GM doing anything drastic with future draft picks in an effort to make it happen.

Tony Johnson from Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Question: With reports that the Falcons are open to trading the 4th pick, do you think J-Rob would be aggressive enough to put a package together to move up and possibly get Kyle Pitts or Jamarr Chase?

Jim: Hey Tony. Just being realistic here – I can't see that happening. It would take too much.

Christian O'Driscoll from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Question: Jim my question will be at the very end of this paragraph. Jim the CB position is lacking talent, both in free agency and in the draft. I played the position, coached the position and consistently study the position. It's the only position I care to analyze players in the draft. I measure CBs on many things but most importantly how they stack up to high ranking receivers and the SEC players. Players like Jaycee Horn and Kary Vincent junior are ranked high and getting lots of recognition but they couldn't compete with Devonta Smith and Jamar Chase so how will they impact a team in the NFL. Do you think we should move up to get Patrick Surtain considering the Edge class is pretty deep?

Outside of Patrick Surtain there aren't any elite corners. Below are great solid players that aren't elite but give their all every down and hardly EVER get beat deep with great fundamentals and instincts we could get in mid rounds.

Elijah Molden

Paulson Adebo

Camryn Bynum

Jim: Hey Christian. You provide good perspective here. I'm a big fan of Patrick Surtain myself. I think he's a can't-miss prospect – I loved him during his playing career at the University of Alabama, and I think he'll be great pro. But I suspect he'll go top 10, and I think that high status will make it too tough for the Titans to move up to get him.

Blake Collins from Saltville, Virginia

Question: Hey Jim. I like to keep up with everything in the league and all the news, so I read all the teams websites. I'm a die-hard Titans fan but I also keep up to date on all the teams and I have to say, this website and the way you keep everything up to date is by far the best and well run...My question is about Tannethrill and Bulldog Brown. I have seen how Brady and Edelman use to meet up in the off season to work on there timing, routes and so on...Do our 2 do this? And even if they don't I mean whatever they do is working lol...just wondering....

Jim: Thanks for the kind words, Blake. A lot of the guys gathered for work away from the facility last year, and I suspect that will be the case this offseason as well. Plenty also depends on whether there will be OTAs and a minicamp, and that currently falls in the TBD category.

Scott Taylor from Dayton, Ohio

Question: Greetings Jim. Hope you and yours are doing well in the circumstances that Nashville has been in with the bombing, tornado and then the flooding. I'm sure you have been busy with all of that and trying to keep up with the news of the TITANS and us fans lol. Anyways Jim I just wanted to say that I am very HAPPY with the hiring of J. Schwartz. I and I'm sure many other fans are. Truth be told I truly wasn't happy about the promotion of Bowen to be the new D.C and play caller. I really couldn't understand why Vrabel would do that after last season how bad our defense was couldn't get off the field. I know I seen a lot of fans disappointed with the decision to do that and understandably so. Well maybe with the addition of some new players and hopefully Schwartz will be very involved in the playcalling as well??? Jim. I am no coach but I can see when things are bad as well as a lot of other fans and with the exception of the first few games the defense was well you have front row seats and I am sure you could see it. Heck I bet the farm had Dean Pees been D.C with the same players that defense would've been a lot better and I understand that Bowen is not Dean Pees but you would think that the defense under any play caller would be better or the coach would be able to put players in position to secede so I may be wrong about him but 1st impression wasn't all that good for me and I truly hope that Vrabel doesn't wait too long to make a change if the defense starts off bad he'll make a change of play caller??? Well Jim I wish you & yours the very best.

Truly appreciate you and what you do for us TITANS FANS (and really appreciate you listening to us whinny fans lol) anyways take care and until next time TITANUP. Super Bowl bound

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Scott.

Have a great week everyone!

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