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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's already been a busy week in Titans Land.

On Monday, the team announced it had officially agreed to terms with six free agents – OL Andre Dillard, OL Daniel Bruskill, LB/special teams ace Luke Gifford, LB Azeez Al-Shaair, DL Arden Key and CB Sean Murphy-Bunting.

On Tuesday, three more additions were announced to Mike Vrabel's coaching staff.

Let's see what else the week might bring.

But first, the latest Titans mailbag starts now.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Ryan Kubitz from Chicago, Illinois
So, Jim, how do you feel about the Titans recent signings? I personally feel good about the job that Ran has been doing. Do think that the signings are of good value? Good players? Thoughts?

Jim: I think they're all good players, and I was impressed with the five who were available at the press conferences on Monday (Murphy-Bunting wasn't in town yet, so I didn't meet him). I understand some of these guys aren't the 'household name' folks love to see added during free agency. But they're all good players for good value, and each one is going to play a key role on the team.

John L from Toms River, New Jersey
Hey Jim, been a big fan of yours for 10+ years now. Just wanted to get your take on the Titans moves thus far. Hard to not see this as a potential rebuild. Cutting Lewan & Jones (I get the injury history w those 2) and now the rumors swirling with Henry & Byard. An elite safety and a still top 5 back (easily) are on the block? How do you win now getting rid of players like that? If those players are on the move how is this anything but a rebuild? Thanks Jim, have a great one !!

Jim: I appreciate it, John. I still contend this more of a 'retool'. Let's face it: All the guys who've been cut/let go by the team would've been let go no matter who was in the GM's seat, or what the cap looked like, in my opinion. They were football decisions based on health/value/fit/a new vision, etc. We'll see what happens with these other rumors out there...

Jeremy Stone from North Dakota
Hey Jim! Keep up the good work! I read a reply to a mailbag question about getting rid of Ben Jones where you stated "c'mon, this is the NFL". While I understand that it is a business and there is a salary cap so you can't keep everything, I have a two-part question (I guess it's a question). Number 1, upon looking at the roster from 2020 and comparing to today, we have only 10 players currently on the team that were on the team in 2020. Out of 54 players, we have lost 80% of our team in only three seasons!! Is that normal? That seems very high to me, how can you be a cohesive unit with that much turnover?? I can't imagine that in my line of work. Also, I believe the cap this year is around 224 million. I was looking at over the cap yesterday and if you count dead cap (around 34 million so far), Ryan Tannehill, Kevin Byard, and Harold Landry, you have 110 million right there. Is that normal as well?? It seems that the dead cap size is astronomical. Around 15% of our salary is being spent on cuts? And then with that and 3 players you have almost 50% of your salary. Again, I don't see how you can put out a competitive team when that is the case. Hopefully Tanne will restructure (I really like Tanne, it's not his fault we had the worst line in football last season) so we can get some more help!! And kudos to Vrabes for keeping what appears to be a shipwreck afloat and competitive last season and also to the dang KING for carrying this team on his back. 1500 yards behind last years o line has to be the best season he has had so far, although watching him stiff arm the entire Jaguars team on that TD run a few years ago was certainly a lot of fun!! I'm out, keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your answers even though I know that your employer limits your responses!!

Jim: Hey Jeremy. Well, it's not normal. The team is in a transition state and there has already been a lot of turnover, more than most years, no doubt. Some of it, of course, is a result of mistakes made in the past. The amount of dead cap is abnormally high, as you mentioned. What's going on right now is an effort to get things back on track. I appreciate you reading, and I'll say this: I've never run any of my responses by anyone with the team.

Joey Kocsis from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
So Jrob got fired for a reason. Tannehill can not get us over the hump unless he has a speedy WR with hands. That was proven 2 seasons ago. DHenry is a stud, but the O line is porous. I LIKE THE D! Everything I just wrote has been said by many NFL analyst, so I am not wrong. That being said, is there a difference between reset and rebuild. It always seems like great FA QB's already know where they are going just by hearing who the interested teams are. Since the Oilers became the Titans we have had Warren Moon, Steve McNair and Tannehill (well Kerry Collins one magical season). Why can't we ever pick up the Brady or the Rodgers, or Even the Jackson?? Everyone knows if we could get Lamar we would be an immediate contender. IDK man, it is just so frustrating as a fan sometimes. I guess on the upside, at least we are not the Browns. The real question is... WTH is going on? The Patriots can be a championship team for 20 years!! It takes some teams that long to even become relevant. SMH

Jim: Hang in there, Joey. I can feel your frustration though the keyboard.

Len Moore from Hermitage, Tennessee
Thank you for giving Titans fan a chance to express there thoughts.. I'm going to make mine short and sweet. How do you think they're going to address the offensive line. for me that's the biggest problems.
no matter who's the quarterback or who's the receiver, without all good offensive line none of it matter.

Jim: You're right, Len. The o-line is in the process of being rebuilt, with tackle Andre Dillard and guard Daniel Bruskill signed so far. The team offered a tender to Aaron Brewer. The offseason is still young, and more additions will be coming. Things are going to look different up front.

Joey Peralta from San Antonio, Texas
Hello Jim. Hope you're doing well. Thank you for all you do for Tennessee Titan fan base, long time Oilers/ Titans fan for life. Just a quick question: What do you think about all these people with all these rumors about Henry being traded? And I'm getting tired of all this negativity from our fan base they haven't even given Ran a chance, let him do his thing I don't understand some of these so-called fans, can you help me please understand this thank you very much Jim you have a great day and God bless.

Jim: Appreciate it, Joey. There are so many rumors out there it's hard to keep up. I've seen them all. I'll just say this: A lot of fans out there had been demanding for Jon Robinson to be fired last year. Well, that happened, and now a lot of the same folks are questioning a lot of the moves the new GM is making. And I'm not talking about the rumors of Player A being traded, or Player B being cut. I'm talking about the offseason moves in general. I agree with you: Let the man work. And, we can't lose sight of the fact the head coach knows who he wants/doesn't want on his football team as well. These guys are working together. Time will tell how all this plays out.

Luke Freeman from Hendersonville, Tennessee
: Hey Jim! It's always nice to get your opinion on things. I know the rumor mill is running rampant but I wanna throw you a curveball when it comes to the draft. I understand we have a desperate need at tackle which I think will fill in the draft. However, there was a terrible thing that happened recently with Jalen Carter and all I'm seeing his draft stock plummeting. He is a top 3 player in this draft, potentially number 1. If you're the Titans at 11 and he's still there do you take the chance and grab him?

Jim: Hey Luke. This decision will be made above my pay grade. Jalen Carter is a heck of a player, beastly. But this team has taken some chances in the first round of recent drafts, and it's burned them. I'd at least be a little gun-shy.

David Stowe from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hey Jim hope you and the family are doing well, now my question is why haven't we addressed the wide receiver in free agency that is our biggest concern now and I know this wide receiver core isn't as flashy as previous years, if we want to be faster there are to legit burners I'd love to see us sign Mecole Hardman and Parrish Campbell either one of them are doable in our new passing offense well I'm done you enjoy the frenzy. P.S I love the moves we've made so far in free agency sincerely a diehard Titans Dave.

Jim: This is a fair question. The wide receiver still needs to be addressed at some point. Some guys are still available, plus there's the draft. But there's no doubt the team needs more help at receiver.

Gerald Morton from Columbia, Tennessee
Jim I have been out of the loop on Titans news, keeping my eyes on March Madness. What is the backup QB situation looking like.

Jim: Nothing new, aside from the fact Josh Dobbs reportedly agreed to terms with the Browns last night.

Roger Piccirillo from Bridgeport, Connecticut
Hey Jim, hope all is well with you and yours. There are reports out there that say the Titans might be interested in Lamar Jackson. I hope what I've been reading is false reporting, signing Jackson would set the team back 5 years. Yes he a former MVP and if you look at his MVP numbers it's the 1200 rushing yards that put him over the top his passing numbers that season 36 touchdowns 3100 yd don't stack up with other quarterbacks that have won MVPs. Now I don't point this out to diminish what he accomplished in 2019 it was a dynamic performance. I say this to point out how important it is for him to have healthy legs, in the last two seasons he has missed 10 games due to lower leg injuries. His rushing and touchdown numbers have gone down every year since 2019. Also to make matters worse is his passing numbers since 2019 have also gone down he's only thrown for 3,000 yards once in his 5-year career. One last thing on Lamar Jackson if you're going to try and predict his production going forward you need to do it as if he was a running back you have to take in all the carries he's had over the last five seasons and don't ignore the lower leg injuries he has suffered on that small lower body of his. Since 2019 Lamar Jackson has 19 Rushing touchdowns I wonder how many people are aware that Ryan Tannehill since 2019 has rushed for 20 not trying to compare to rushing ability just saying have a good day Jim.

Jim: Roger, Roger. Appreciate the feedback.

Have a great week everyone!

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