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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's game week.

The Titans kick off the preseason on Saturday at Chicago, against the Bears.

We'll start to get some more answers leading up to the start of the regular season.

But first, more questions.

Let's open up the Tuesday mailbag.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Beau Blaker from Thornton, Colorado
Hi Jim, football keeps getting closer love seeing the videos of the boys practicing again and britches reports are close to returning again! My question is I know there was so much focus on WR and who would be playmakers but I've been wondering how our defense has been looking. Specifically, the secondary. I have seen Fulton has been performing well in camp but I'm curious how the Titans secondary is looking, and if they seem primed to be better than last year overall.

Jim: Hey Beau. The defense has looked good, but I think we'll really be able to gauge things against other competition. And, I'm talking mainly about the upcoming joint practices with the Vikings and Patriots, when the starters on each side will go at it. In practices, Kristian Fulton has looked good. I think the entire secondary has been mostly solid. But by now they know a lot about the guys they're facing each day. It will be interesting to see how the group fares against new competition. Yes, we could get some quick glimpses on Saturday, but the real clues will come in the joint practices.

Hunter Phelan from South Pasadena, California
Hi there Mr. Jim just finished the Saturday edition mailbag. Always a good read for my morning ritual, of a cup of coffee and reading the mailbag. Man i'm getting pumped for the start of the season. Elijah Molden popped in my mind. Haven't heard anything of him since camp began. How is his health? And Is he a full participant in camp? Also Caleb Farley? Is he still on the PUP? We're all rooting for him. He has had a rough start since being drafted. Thanks for all you do Sir! Go Titans!!!

Jim: Hope all is well, Hunter. Elijah has practiced every day. He does look healthy. I actually talked to him yesterday, and he said he feels good. It was interesting to see the first depth chart (it was released on Monday), and see him listed as Kevin Byard's back-up at safety. It's not a surprise – it's where Elijah worked during the offseason, but it's still taking some getting used to. Elijah is versatile enough he can play a number of spots. Farley is still on PUP, and aside from seeing him peek his head out the door when his agent was in town last week, I haven't seen much of him.

Jake Parsons from Nashville, Tennessee
With an abundance of injuries over the past few seasons, what has the medical staff done differently to avoid similar outcomes?

Jim: Hey Jake. The main thing I've observed is the practice schedule, and the number of walk-throughs as opposed to practices. The staff is doing its best to keep guys from getting worn down too early. This is what Coach Mike Vrabel said about the camp schedule at the start of camp: "We always try to do this two on one off model, where you'll work for two days and there'll be a high volume. We track the volume like everybody else does. And when I say one off it would be, try to do it as a jog through last year. Then we looked at the numbers, and it really didn't do anything. So I had to adjust that last year. We'll start that out. Right now, we're just making it a walk through. But you have to stay on your installations schedule, right? The players get a day off once every seven days. So, when I say off, I just mean off from full speed or what it looks like. It'll be a walk through. We'll have two walk throughs on those days. Normally, we'd have an evening walk through after a normal practice day. I like the schedule. I think the players like it. We try to get them out of here at a reasonable time to get rest and recover, which is critical. But the afternoon meetings can provide for review of the film, but also installation for the next day. Then you walk through that stuff at night, then again, you have a quick meeting in the morning. So I think those every third day will be walk through, so we can maintain our installation schedule as we work through training camp first, second down, third down, red zone, two minute, short yardage, goal line, everything that goes in. So hopefully within the first eight to 10 days, we'll have everything in and ready to go."

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Hey Jim, with Jamarco Jones being released and Petit-Frere being suspended where does that leave Skoronski? Will he be moved t o LT or look at another free agent? How has NWI looked? I know Hopkins and Burks have grabbed all the attention, wanted to see how he was holding up in the receiver room. Thanks for keep us to date Jim, as always TITAN UP!!!

Jim: Hey Jeremy. Skoronski is still working at guard. No one has ruled out the possibility of him working some at tackle, but right now it's clear the team wants him to focus on one spot. And, as I'm sure you've seen by now, the team signed veteran tackle Justin Murray over the weekend. … NWI has been steady, doing his thing.

Bruno Griffin from Bowling Green, Kentucky
I had the pleasure of meeting you and your father at the Music City Triathlon several years ago. It was great to discover you both bleed Dodger Blue like I do from my 17 years of living in the LA area. You may also remember that day (being a Southern Miss grad) I asked about Gerald McRath's chances of hanging with the team. He was released a few weeks later I believe. Do you know what he is doing these days? Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Bruno. Gerald is still around town, but I haven't seen him in a bit. He's a great guy, high energy. When I see him next I'll tell him you asked about him. Go Dodgers!

Jeff Pulliam from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Where is Jon Robinson at? Did he get another job in the NFL or is he sitting it out right now? Thank you.

Jim: Hey Jeff. Jon made a few stops this offseason at NFL camps, but as of now he hasn't joined another team officially. I'm sure he'll get back in it – he's a hard worker, and is a good football mind. But he's also a family man, and I know his oldest daughter is beginning her senior year in high school.

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Hey Jim. With Titans preseason football just around the corner, I want to ask one last thing that I'm uncertain with before we get to see the team in action for the first time in 7 months: If you're not allowed to answer this question just say so, but do you think that Tennessee will end up keeping 3 QBs on the roster, or do you see them moving Willis (since he feels like the odd man out here) before the regular season starts? All us fans have to go off is what has been reported, and you've been there for (I'd assume) every practice since May. Have a good day, Jim!

Jim: Hey Evan. I've actually been asked – and answered – this question a lot in here. Right now, I think the Titans will keep three QBs. But let's see how some things play out over the next few weeks.

Carson Stanzel from Omaha, Nebraska
How much better has the offense improved when DeAndre Hopkins began practice?

Jim: DeAndre is a difference-maker, we all know that. And he has made his presence known in practices. He had one of his best days in camp in Monday, in fact. The offense definitely looks different with him out there.

Billy Whittingham from Liverpool, UK
Hi Jim. Just wondering if you and/or the organisation seem optimistic about a change in our injury fortunes this year? Cheers, Billy.

Jim: Cheers Billy. I'm not going to say anything that might jinx things in here.

Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo from Durago, Mexico
Hola Jim estoy muy emocionado con la develaci�n de los uniformes retro de mis Houston Oilers, en 1978 comenze a seguirlos gracias a Earl Campbell tenia yo 11 a�os y desde el principio de esa temporada no me he perdido ningun partido de la franquicia, gracias a Amy Adams por darnos est� alegria a los seguidores de hueso azul de esta franquicia, gran trabajo de Surf Melendez y de todo el equipo.
Con el v�deo de lanzamiento al ver a Earl Campbell, Warren Moon, Robert Brazile, Eddie George, Steve Mc Nair, Webster Slaugther, Kevin Donnalley, Michael Roan, Michael Barrow, Joe Bowden, Eddie Robinson entre otros, hicieron que se me salieran las lagrimas de la emocion.
Saludos desde Mexico ya listos para el inicio del campo de entrenamiento.

Jim: Hola Alberto. Me alegra que te guste. Conozco a mucha gente que está entusiasmada con eso. ¡Será genial ver al equipo con los uniformes de los Oilers esta temporada!

Trey Dickerson from Macon, Georgia
Thanks for all you do, Jim! My question is about the OL: While this seems to be the weak link on the team right now, how much are you concerned with it?

Jim: It was always going to be a concern, because of so much turnover. And, some recent events have made things even more challenging. As I watch practices, I sometimes wonder if the team's stout defensive front is the reason the offensive line looks a little shaky some days, or if the group is just slow meshing. I have seen some improvement up front of late. It's early. I need to see some joint practices, and games. We're still a month away from the season, so there's time to make strides.

Have a great week everyone!

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