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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – In a little over a week, free agency will be under way in the NFL.

Until then, there's plenty to sort out, both with the Titans and in the mailbag.

Let's not waste any more time.

We're diving in, now ….

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Brian Arden from Knoxville, Tennessee
Reports are that Titans will be hosting the Saints at home this year. When do you think the 2021 NFL schedule will be officially released? I can't wait to see the dates and start planning some trips!

Jim: Hey Brian. I've seen that speculated for a few months now. If there is a 17th game, and I think there will be, sounds like it will be Saints at Titans at Nissan Stadium in 2021. Not sure when things might become official from the added game standpoint, but I don't think the NFL schedule will be released until after the NFL Draft, so sometime in May.

Micah Simpkins from Burnsville, North Carolina
I read recently that Delanie Walker will be playing in 2021 after taking last year off for his health. I believe he still has something to offer. What are the chances of a Titans reunion, especially if we don't retain Jonnu Smith?

Jim: Personally, I'd love to see Delanie back with the Titans. I'm not real optimistic about this happening, though.

Ronald McZee from Knoxville, Tennessee
Will the Titans make a priority to find pass rusher?

Jim: Yes. I can guarantee you the Titans will add pass rushers this offseason. I'll bet all my visors and pencils on it.

Clint Rithie from Medford, Oregon
Hey, Jim. I've been an Oilers/Titans fan since the late 80s. How much would you chalk up last years' defensive deficiencies to the retirement of Dean Pees, and how much would you attribute it to a seasonal anomaly? Sometimes, weird things happen and teams regress to the mean the following year which means the Titans will be better in 2021 simply because it would hard to be as bad. Your thoughts?

Jim: It was a combination of a lot of things, Clint – players not performing well enough, coaches not putting them in the best positions, free agents not panning out, missing Dean Pees, Shane Bowen adjusting as a first-time play-caller. I could keep going. But I'm not going to sit here and simply write it off as an anomaly. The Titans are going to have to change their fate by improving across the board. You are right in the fact it would be hard for the Titans to be any worse in some areas on defense.

Kevonte Montgomery from Nashville, Tennessee
Are there any open tryouts?

Jim: Not right now, Kevonte. The personnel folks are hitting pro days but no open tryouts right now for street free agents.

David Hosein from Surbiton, United Kingdom
Hi Jim. Last season we gave up 56 sacks. Conklin left, Wilson was a draft bust, Lewan season ended in week 5 and Jones, Saffold and Kelly had (injuries) later on. A recipe for disaster. Yet they only gave up 25 sacks and helped us rush for more yards. So, hat's off to the group for an excellent season. I wonder now if the unthinkable is thinkable? Trade Taylor Lewan? Titans would get a good trade deal, the dead money hit is less now and frees up money to get a free agent edge rusher. I would like to see us still go 1st round on edge as I think we're more than just a player short up front. And there is talent there in the late first round but not perhaps in round 2. I'm of the opinion that Corey will be tempted away so 2 or 3 will be a receiver. The player that we should get is Benjamin St Juste. He has the size and reach to be a great pass defender. Having missed a season in college there must be more to come. Not going to high pick so could get him in 4th round.

Jim: Trade away one of the boys? Not sure a lot of fans would be on board with this one, David. On another note, I like the looks of St-Juste myself as a mid-round guy, maybe 3rd or 4th round. He's tall and rangy….

Patrick Boyd from Flagstaff, Arizona
I was just wondering if Derrick Henry has a trademark name for that vicious stiff arm of his? For some reason, I would love to hear Mike Keith just yell ARM-ageddon!!! every time he busts out that apocalyptic, soul crushing move on his poor victims. I don't even know if he has used it before, but it seems so fitting. Think you could ask Mike for me sometime? TITAN UP!!!!! Super Bowl 2021-22 #theboys

Jim: ARM-ageddon!!! Interesting, Patrick. I can hear it now…

Christopher Harris from College Station, Texas
Howdy Jim. I hope all is well. We're still recovering from a rough winter storm. I don't have a question, just something to put in the ears of front office and the head coach. Sign 1-free agent superstar with a proven track record, who loves football and brings a beast mode leadership mentality to the team! Shaq Barrett, if not re-signed by the Bucs, should be a Titan next year!!! Let's chalk up the Vic Beasley and Jadeveon Clowney experiment a valiant effort to improve the defense, but a hard lesson learned! Spend the rest of salary cap on resigning our guys, the draft and free agent roster builders. Titan Up!!
PS: It is my opinion that the NFL should dig deep in their wealthy pockets and provide COVID bonuses to NFL players and coaches for making the 2020 season happen. Instead of reducing the salary cap, owners should find a way to increase cap! The NFL provided a welcomed outlet, in a year of disease, death and uncertainty! God Bless!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Christopher. Keep in mind Shaq Barrett is going to come with a big price tag if he's not re-signed by the Bucs. Who wouldn't want him?

Have a great week everyone!

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