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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Here's hoping everyone had a great Easter weekend.

Now it's back to business, as we continue to gear up for the NFL Draft.

Let's hop right into another Titans mailbag …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Aaron Garfrerick from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim, appreciate the work you do for the organization and running this mailbag. Lifelong fan and family has had PSL since '99. (Started in upper deck now in end zone section 124 baby!)
Check the receipts from the March 6th mailbag. I've pretty much predicted our off-season correctly. I was wrong about Desmond King, and we went with Kevin Johnson instead.
From here, I agree with you that we are not done with edge. We will add one more vet, and I believe it comes down to Ryan Kerrigan, Justin Houston, or Melvin Ingram.
I also firmly believe it's a mistake if we don't go best available CB at pick 22. I know WR is probably more pressing if you ask most folks; however, this is a deep WR draft class and feel personally we can find tremendous value in rounds 2-3 at that position. CB will not return the same value in those rounds IMO. Edge and DBs are arguably the two positions you need the most depth in football, and we need another guy to go with Jenkins, Fulton, and Johnson and I think it's paramount for our defense. Just my two cents.
My question now comes to addressing RT. Do you envision the franchise going plug and play and going with Sambrailo or Lamm and addressing long term RT in next years draft, or could you see us going RT with one of our first four picks? It depends on Lamm and Sambrailo's ability, but I'd prefer to wait a year if they can get the job done. I think this draft ideally should go best CB at 22, WR with two of the next three picks and another edge, in no order. Joseph Ossai second round and back to back WR in third? I could dig that. I mentioned earlier edge can never have enough depth, so I still firmly believe we add an edge somewhere in the first four picks. If someone like an Alex Leatherwood falls to the second round though, surely Titans brass have to strongly consider him?
Thanks Jim and let's GO TITANS GO!

Jim: Hey Aaron. Good call on some of the offseason moves. Going CB early wouldn't surprise me one bit. As for right tackle, I'm curious myself. I know Lamm is a good player, same for Sambrailo. Coach Vrabel talked both of them up during a video conference call on Monday. But I also know this team is less than one year removed from picking a tackle in the first round of the draft, and the plan was for him to be a long-term answer. We all know that didn't happen, but I have to believe finding a guy to do it for years to come could still be a part of the plan.

Nate Assefa from Washington, D.C.
Hey Jim, any updates on changes to the one helmet shell rule? I'm really hoping to see the Oilers throwbacks this year.

Jim: Hey Nate. This remains a popular question. I haven't heard anything definitive on this, but I have seen at least some buzz recently that the NFL is considering changing the rule to allow another helmet, which would open up the possibility. Stay tuned.

Markees Serrano from Des Moines, Iowa
With the draft approaching, there are still some solid Free Agents left out there. It looks like DaQuan, Vaccaro and Clowney are still unsigned! I believe we still have 9.6 million in cap space. What are the odds we are able to bring Daquan and Kenny back as veteran depth options? Hooker could still start over Vaccaro and as of now Daquan could start along with Autry and Simmons while being a veteran mentor to someone we draft (assuming we go DL at some point). What are your thoughts on other FA remaining that could be a fit?
I think at WR we should take a long look at Golden Tate who could be that dependable guy on 3rd downs or look at maybe Larry Fitzgerald as well and I'm assuming we draft a WR so another good mentor to any WR in our room. Also, a guy with upside and speed that we could take from a division rival would be Dede Westbrook. On the DL, along with bringing back DaQuan we should take a LONG look at bringing Jurrell Casey back so long as that achilles checks out. Do we take a look at EDGE still? If so, lots of solid options out there but I like Kerrigan the most! Bring him in for situational pass rush situations like he's done with WFT the past few years. Also, couple decent DBs out there with Veterans like Sherman and Hayward to fill some depth or bring in Malik Hooker as a high upside safety with Byard and Hooker. Sorry to ramble, what are your thoughts or best fits with all of this?

Jim: Hey Markees. It depends on what DaQuan is willing to play for, and what his other suitors might be willing to pay him. I don't expect Kenny to be back. Jurrell had a biceps injury – not an Achilles – and I don't expect him to return either. Help is still needed at edge, and it will come at some point.

Randy Lincoln from Hermitage, Tennessee
Hey Jim, love what you do and how you give us fans as much insight as you are allowed. What is the status of Taylor Lewan? Is his rehab on schedule?

Jim: Hey Randy. I haven't seen Taylor in person since I saw him on the field – from the press box – after the playoff loss to the Ravens. But I've heard nothing to suggest he's not on schedule. Based on his timetable, he should be ready to go at the start of camp.

Jason Lloyd from Knoxville, Tennessee
Hi Jim, I missed coming to training camp last year. It was my first year to miss since 2009. Are the Titans planning on allowing fans to come watch training camp practice this year? Also, I saw the pictures you tweeted of the renovations going on at St. Thomas Sports Park. I noticed there is a new building going in on the side of the fields where fans would normally stand during training camp. Will there be room for fans to fit now?

Jim: Hey Jason. It's way too early for me to say anything definitive on this. Of course, a lot depends on the state of the pandemic, and I'm optimistic things will be much improved then because of the vaccines. But the renovations at Saint Thomas Sports Park make it impossible to host fans now – or any time soon. The place is a construction zone, and work will to continue into the fall. If training camp is not open to fans at STSP – and I doubt it will be – then I suspect there could be some open practices at Nissan Stadium. A lot TBD here – check back in three months.

Steven Crosio from Brick, New Jersey
Hey there Jim, if Tennessee Titans are hoping for a big name like say Kyle Pitts what's it gonna take to trade up in the NFL Draft?

Jim: Too much.

Nolan Abbott from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hey Jim, with the two obvious needs being WR and CB what other positions would you like to see the Titans attack in the draft/free agency?

Jim: Aside from WR and CB, Edge, DL, TE, OL, S, K just to name a few, or bunch ...

Adrian Lopez from Caracas, Venezuela
Hola Jim saludos desde Caracas, Venezuela, espero te mantengas a salvo con los tuyos te felicito por tu trabajo ya que no mantiene al día de nuestros Titanes, mi pregunta esta referida a los movimientos en la lista actual de 53 hombres...Waooo por JRob, ha estado a manos llenas de trabajo me gustan las adiciones de Autry y Dupree y el regreso de Brown sin embargo me parece hemos cambiado necesidades siendo ahora las esquinas las que requieren mayor atención, y a eso le tenemos que sumar las fallas de personal a la ofensiva? Que crees que falta por ver en la agencia libre basado en lo que queda disponible y cual crees sea la búsqueda en el draft ? por que ya no creo que la 1ra selección sea un edge?? pienso en WR o en CB? estas conmigo en esta??? Cuidate

Jim: Hi Adrian. Hope all is well. It has been a busy stretch. I think there's still plenty of work to do on both sides of the football, and I expect the needs to be filled in both free agency and the draft. I do look at receiver and cornerback as big needs for the team, but I think edge remains a need. As I mentioned previously I think the team has needs all over the roster. Have a great day.

Jeremy Kain from Plattsburgh, New York
Jim, much of what has happened with the Defense this offseason was welcomed by me. However I was shocked to see Malcolm Butler take a one year deal in Arizona for roughly $6 million. His 2021 Cap Hit is only $2.2 million. That's a heck of a deal for the Cardinals. Did anyone ask Butler to stay with the Titans for less money? But the biggest shock to me this off-season was when Jonnu Smith departed. I like the signing of Josh Reynolds and I truly believe he will have comparable stats to Corey Davis: 60 catches/900 yards. But aside from Kyle Pitts, no other rookie TE is going to step in this year and provide a big boost offensively. So here are my two proposals I hope you pass along. 1) Tampa Bay has a ton of money tied in with Evans and Godwin. They resigned TE Brate to a three year deal and resigned Gronkowski with OJ Howard due for his slightly inflated final year of his rookie contract. Tampa is over the Cap and the Titans should offer them their 2nd round pick for OJ Howard. He was underutilized in Tampa because of their awesome receivers and his 15.3 career yards per catch would help keep the Titan passing game dangerous. 2) David Njoku is in the exact same situation in Cap Busted Cleveland... With one of these moves the Titans can focus on a CB in Round 1 and wait for a WR in Round 3.

Jim: Thanks Jeremy. Will pass your proposals along …

Have a great week everyone!

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