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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Remember, they don't ask how at the end of the season, they only ask how many.

And right now, the Titans are 3-0.

The Titans have come through in the clutch three weeks in a row, and now the Pittsburgh Steelers are headed to Nashville this weekend for what should be a fun one.

I'm looking forward to seeing fans in the stands.

In the meantime, let's roll out another mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Joan Dutton from Cerritos, California
Hi Jim great game on Sunday! I do have some concerns though. Sunday's game we saw how difficult it was to score in the red zone. It is a concern for me. Also, the defense gave up a lot of points! What were your observations and your opinion on how our guys played? I know they won and that is great, but some power teams are coming to town. Thanks for all your input and Titan Up!!!!!

Jim: Hi Joan. Yes, the offense did struggle in the red zone, and kicked way too many field goals. The team wasn't very good on third down (just 3 of 13). And yes, allowing 30 points on defense two weeks in a row isn't gong to remind anyone of the '85 Bears. The good news is, of course, the Titans won. Now it's time to clean things up and get better, or the win streak will stop at three. The offense has been good in the red zone this season (ranked 7th), and it's also been good on third down (42.5 percent). So there's reason to believe things will be OK. The defense, though, needs to show improvement, and fast, because the competition gets tougher from here.

Ed Lake from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
OK Jim, I know, I know: 3-0 in the NFL is 3-0. You can only play the schedule you're given. Blah, blah. But let's at least take a brief reality check.
Titans are giving up an average 422 yards per game, 472 in last 2 games. Torched for 181 yards rushing by Vikings' Cook. Opponents are a combined 1-8. Three wins by field goals--last 2 were 49 and 55 yards--within final 2 minutes and interceptions were still needed thereafter to cement the wins. For comparison, Texans are 0-3 (not that I care), but have played Chiefs Ravens, and Steelers in a row. Does anyone really believe we'd be any better than the Texans the way we're playing so far?
But, early days. Hope springs eternal, but I fear the porous defense (see last season) doesn't appear to be something to "fix" in the short-term. 3-0 Steelers and Bills coming up. We'll see.

Jim: Hey Ed. No one is planning parade. Of course things needs to improve, and now that's the mission. But would you rather trade places with the Texans?

Morgan Reynolds from Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Hi Jim. Thanks to you and all the Titans staff that have kept me engaged with the team in this crazy year we are living in. I've had a couple of crazy nights getting up at 3am it 4am to watch the first few games and I'm looking forward to the 5am starts here very soon!
I am so proud of the team for sticking with their game plans and adjusting when needed, with the result being three gutsy and resilient wins. I can't help but reflect on how much feels different this year. In the last few years we would have been pipped at the post in these games, with honorable losses...and now we are good enough to win when the chips are down. The life of a sports fan is a roller coaster for sure.
Do you think that Mike may need to get Dean Pees off the fairway soon to help out our defence? It's the only query I have, because now more than ever we need to be positive and move on and improve. Cheers mate.

Jim: Hey Morgan. It has been stressful, and fun. The team is finding ways to win. As for Dean, he's retired. And from what I hear he's under less stress, and still having fun.

Robert Wilson from Knoxville, Tennessee
: Is anyone else concerned that they can't stop the run? Why can't they stop the run? Letting Casey go to clear cap space looks like a questionable decision to me. They have given up 500 yds in 1st 3 games and almost 6 yds/ run play.

Jim: Well, I am. The run defense has been abysmal the past two weeks. Guys need to tackle better. I'm sure it will continue to be a point of emphasis. As for Casey, I'm sure you saw where he's out for the season with a biceps injury. And you can't forget the money the team saved by trading Jurrell was used to sign Jadeveon Clowney. I have a hunch he's going to turn out to be pretty good.

Susanna Winterstein from Erkrath, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Warum kann man als Fan kein Foto an die Titans schicken, um daraus eine Pappfigur zu fertigen, die man dann ins Stadium stellt? Das wäre eine tolle Sache und 10 % des Kaufpreises gehen an Familien, die dringend Hilfe nötig haben.

Jim: Hallo Susanna. Die Titans boten den Abonnenten die Möglichkeit, die Pappausschnitte mit ihrem Bild zu kaufen, und der Erlös kommt der Tennessee Titans Foundation zugute.

Fernando Jean from Veracruz, Mexico
Hola Jim! Un gusto saludarte, soy fan de los Titans desde la era de Warren Moon, Lorenzo White, Ernest Givins, etc.
Mi pregunta es: Qué le falta a la defensiva para ya no permitir tantas yardas por tierra y aire? Tenemos una excelente linea defensiva y buenos profundos. Un gusto saludarte Jim TITANUP!

Jim: Hola Fernando. Esta ha sido una pregunta popular esta semana, y la entiendo. La defensa ha sido bastante inestable en las últimas semanas. Creo que la unidad todavía se está uniendo, ajustándose con una nueva llamada de juego y algo de personal nuevo. Pero algunos de los aspectos básicos (abordajes, asignaciones) deben limpiarse con seguridad.

Joe Uhoh from Weston, Connecticut
WOW.... The defense is flat out awful. I cant believe we are this bad on that side of the ball considering Vrabel is a defensive guy. The changes obviously have made us worst than last year. Cant stop the run...cant cover anyone. Cant just be Adoree being out....Malcolm could not cover me.... Other than "we just have to play better" from Vrabel...we all have to be very worried. What happens when we start to play good teams.....YIKES
We added pass rushers and cant even breath on the QB when we rush 4. We better score 35 every week!!!

Jim: Hi Joe. I noticed this popped into my inbox at 1:09 p.m. on Sunday, probably about the time the team fell behind 17-9, and eventually 24-12 before rallying for the win. This comes across as an angry, emotional in-game email like some of the tweets I get when the team is behind on game day. Yes, things need to get fixed. Everyone knows this. But the sky is not falling. The team is 3-0, not 0-3. A year ago, the Titans started 2-4 before figuring some things out. PS: I think I'd put my money on Malcolm.. No offense.

Brody P from Brentwood, Tennessee
Hey Jim! Kid writer here! Hope you and your family is safe throughout these tough times. Anyway, this isn't as much of a question, more of a congratulations to everyone on the Titans staff and team! Watching the Titans play the Vikings, Jags, and Broncos, I've noticed how the Titans thrive under pressure! I mean, we are 3-0! I was born in 2008, and in 2016 I went to my first Titans game against Green Bay, and really started enjoying the game in 2018! But just a huge congrats to the whole Titans team from Nate Davis to Brett Kern to Derrick Henry! #TITANUP

Jim: Hey Brody. You sound like a pro to me. Thanks for taking the time.

Dakota Eltzroth from Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Only one question here Jim: Can you persuade someone to put up a Gostkowski Jersey on the Titans shop? I need to add a kicker jersey to all of my Titans gear!

Jim: I'll pass it on Dakota …

Matthias Schuster from Pittsford, New York
Jim. Hope all is well w you and and your's.
I seem to be jinxing our Boys. I had my AJ jersey week 1, King Henry week 2, and Clowney #3. Cant complain too much as we are 3-0 but not their best games! I do have a question: We all know we have to improve as the schedule is rough but a good test... as somebody with a close eye like yours, how much accountability do you see when there is such poor play by individuals and play calling? He gets paid enough so i can pick on him...Butler was exposed as a #1 CB against a rookie(?!) and looked plan and simple like he got lazy. Trying to punch at a ball from out of bounds when he could have wrapped him up and saved the team 10 yards? Often times he doesnt turn for the ball when he actually seems like he is in position... On the run D, Byard ok? Seemed like he was missin tackles by trying to arm tackle? He banged up? Do we think about bringing in a FA or a trade for our secondary? Id hate to see our DL get burnt out as well as they are playing. Tough schedule coming ip and we can be exposed in that area. Hope Adoree is healing well. As far as play calling I hope Aurthur learns when King is off the field we are doing the D a favor. Go to the bread and butter. Hand the ball to the king and when 77 goes down, go right 🤣Hope Lewan heals up!
PS. might be getting a #98 jersey next! He is a beast. What a steal at #19. If you could, ask him what is his personal favorite color of our Titans Jersey to play in and ill order that next! He has me jumpomg off the couch at least once a quarter. G bless!

Jim: Hey Matthias. I must say, none of those guys you mentioned have anything to be ashamed of in each of those weeks, so no jinx in the works in my mind. As for Butler, I concede he gave up some plays, but he made some as well. And of course in every game it's easy to point out some missed tackles and opportunities. As for offensive play-calling, not sure how anyone could question Arthur Smith at this point, and certainly not when it comes to Derrick Henry and his workload, snaps, or carries. Heck, the guy is on pace to carry it 437 times this season. We do agree Jeffery Simmons is a beast.

Vincent Shelton from Memphis, Tennessee
I would love to see the Titans wear the white helmet when they wear the white uniforms. Is there a reason why they don't?

Jim: Hey Vincent. It would look cool. The reason the Titans don't wear them is because they don't have a white helmet – by rule, the NFL only allows one helmet.

Andy Stambene from Lethbridge, Canada
With Beasley making his debut and others on the shelf for now I was wondering about Isaiah Wilson. Where's he at? I know he was on the sidelines with Covid 19 but that's all I've heard. I could be there to watch the Titans... some day perhaps I'll come down to Nashville...that would be a thrive of a lifetime!

Jim: Hi Andy. Isaiah remains on the COVID-19 Reserve list. He's working himself back, but he's not ready yet. Vrabel said on Monday he hopes to get Isaiah back on the practice field in the not-so-distant future, so stay tuned. Same goes for Adoree' Jackson, who has missed the first three games. And you'll love Nashville! Promise.

Josh Bomar from Knoxville, Tennessee
Hey Jim! It's been a while since I've been in the bag, and I have no questions today. I just want to say how proud I am of this organization as a whole. The resiliency of this team is remarkable. Coach Vrabel and his staff have instilled a mentality in the players to never give up, and I'm proud to be a fan. They say the third time is the charm, and I believe the 3rd coach named Mike is that charm. I'm so Titan'd up this Monday. Props to John Robinson as well for going after one of the greatest kickers to play the game. We were all skeptical after game 1, but we are all eating crow now after yesterday's clutch performance and 3 game winners in a row! Just, wow... Congratulations to everyone from the top down, and let's keep the Pain Train rolling! Thanks to all the media team as well. From you, Jim, to Mike Keith, Coach McGinnis, and Amy Wells. What a crew! We Titans fans love you guys. Titan Up!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Josh. And thanks for taking the time.

Have a great week everyone!

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