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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – OK, Super Bowl LV is now in the rear-view mirror.

We're officially on to the race for the 2021 trophy.

But we're going to have to be patient – we're seven months from the start of the season.

There will be plenty to talk about in Titan land between now and then, though.

Let's keep it going in the latest edition of the Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Gregory Stauffer from Clarksville, Tennessee
Jim, avid reader of ask Jim. I have heard lots of discussion on how do the Titans get to the Super Bowl, since any AFC team will have to go through KC. Last night we got our answer: a relentless dominating pass rush. So Jim, I have been reviewing draft info and there are lots of quality EDGE rushers and some quality OLB available! I believe we need an experienced Free Agent EDGE to get where we all want to be! My question is - what EDGE rushers are available in free agency and will we be able to afford one? Thanks, and Titan Up!

Jim: Appreciate it, Gregory. Turns out the Chiefs aren't so unbeatable after all, huh? And, I agree, edge rusher is the top priority for the Titans in my mind, too. Knowing exactly who is available in free agency, however, is tricky right now though because other teams have the ability to retain some of their own guys by re-signing them, or by using the franchise tag. But some edge guys currently scheduled to become free agents in March: Shaq Barrett (Bucs), Melvin Ingram (Chargers), Bud Dupree (Steelers), Matthew Judon (Ravens), Yannick Ngakoue (Ravens), Carl Lawson (Bengals), Leonard Floyd (Rams), and of course Jadeveon Clowney (Titans). Can the Titans afford one of them? Sure. But it could mean not being able to sign, or re-sign, others. .

Joe Keery from Madison, Tennessee
Hey Jim, do you know if we'll get any compensatory picks for Jack Conklin?

Jim: Hey Joe. Not as of yet, but I'm expecting the Titans to get an extra third round pick…

Jefferey Sherwood from Chatsworth, Georgia
What is the Titans organization going to do to make its defense much more stronger? It seems our offense on the Titans is very good. Also, what about protecting the quarterback with improving the offensive line? Maybe coaching changes to the defense and acquiring better defensive players. It just seems the Titans defense is lacking.

Jim: You hit on some of this, Jeffery. The offense is good, the defense needs help. Getting Taylor Lewan back will help the o-line, but protection wasn't a big issue last year. Tannehill was sacked just 24 times in 16 regular season games last season, which is actually pretty good, especially considering the team was on its third left tackle at season's end. That's not to say there won't necessarily be some changes. As for the staff, well, coach Vrabel has already announced what he's doing for the most part. Next up is finding some players who will help on defense this fall because you're right, the defense was lacking in 2020.

Jay Dee from Los Angeles, California
What a ride this past season was and the past 2 seasons have been a fun journey. Unfortunately we are still trying to reach that high from the '99-'00 season and hoping to finally raise a Lombardi but we are close. I am grateful for that playoff run from the '99-'00 season because that run solidified my fandom for the Titans 4 Life. I remember watching the MCM at home in my living room as a kid and having to bet my cousin $10 to keep the channel where it was after the go ahead field goal with only :16 left in the game. After the Home Run Throwbakk i was hooked. The games against the Colts and Jags just added fuel to my Flamehead. All the joy came crashing down on the 1 yard line in Atlanta but a superfan of the Tennessee Titans was born that season. A lot of ups and downs since that wonderful season but the love and energy i will give to my team will not falter. We all appreciate the work you do to keep us informed and up to date with our favorite NFL team Jim. You are living a dream. While i'm here i'd like to ask, how many more position coaches will we need to fill before the next league year starts (March 17? i believe), if any? #Titans #TITANUP.

Jim: Hey Jay. Here's the story I did not the coaching staff recently – CLICK HERE. There's no deadline to still add more, though. The March 17 date is the start of free agency for players. And here's a question for you: Are you related to Jimmy Dee?

Dan Baird from Nashville, Tennessee
Not really a question, but a reaction to the reactions from last Tuesday's bag. I for one am happy the team has continuity at both OC & DC roles, and Vrabel can be head coach only. Let's see what/how they do. Hoping for a human bowling ball at nose tackle in the draft, as well as the coveted edge rusher. Thanks for dealing with all the mail from the ledge jumpers.

Jim: Appreciate it, Dan.

Pernell Windom from Memphis, Tennessee
Hey Jim I hope all is well with you and your family. I have a couple of questions one is, how is A J Brown doing after his surgery and will he be back in 2021? The other question is I saw were they were talking to our old coach of the past Jeff Fisher and if it is true what would he be doing helping out the defense?

Jim: Hey Pernell. A.J. is good – his procedures, as he described, were minor. And Jeff Fisher won't be helping out the defense this fall.

Heather Mims from Columbus, Ohio
Hi Jim how are you today the Titans Gmhad a great season from 5-0 to 11-6 now if the Titans wouldn't have Lost Against the Steelers Ravens packers browns Bengals we would Had been into the Superbowl on Sunday with 16-0 winning streak just the The Movie Remember the Titans By Denzel Washington My question for you is that Why the Titans staff Did not Resign Corey Davis? he was the Best wide receiver since they Drafted Corey Davis
2nd of All Shane Bowen was the Titans Defensive coordinator Last season then He Was tested positive for COVID 19 when the Titans played against the Vikings in September of the Last season why they pick.Shane Bowen? I don't feel Right about this nor the Fans Don't like it at All coach Vrabel and the staff find some Good Defense coordatior Like Dean pees he was A Good one Dean pees could have stayed with the Titans football team and Fans that love Dean pees. Also on the Next season starts back the Titans bees to get it Together same goes for coach Vrabel

Jim: Hi Heather. Hope you are doing well. Just picking one thing out of here: Corey hasn't left yet. The team still has some time to try and retain him. ... And I like the enthusiasm by the way!

Chris K from Brooklyn, New York
Hey Jim , it's more of my opinion/assessment than a question. First this talk of vrabel on the hotseat because of recent oc/dc promotions from reading your recent mailbag from fans is absolutely absurd. At first i was a little upset with promoting Bowen as dc but after doing some thinking it was the right decision to promote Bowen's and Downing. Let's give Bowen a shot. I had no problem with promoting downing our tight ends were highly productive we were 4 deep credit to dowing & he knows our offense and players he could add some wrinkles and change it up a little but basically our offense will be the same from learning arthur smith's playcalling. like I was saying it was best to keep it in house with both promotions cause coaches have relationships with players already and know strengths and weaknesses and continuity is key .main thing to my thinking is this offseason will different once again from covid precautions there will be no rookie minicamp and no ota's be a lot of virtual stuff which is not the same to get new coaches not ideal situation be behind the 8 ball.also I think vrabel/jrob coming from patriots tree and Belichick always promotes coaches next man mentality &keeps it in house with continuity..anyhow that's my assessment/opinion do you agree Jim ?

Jim: Hey Chris. We welcome opinions/assessments here, so thanks. As for the Belichick way, that could apply in some cases as it relates to the staff, but maybe not all. Vrabel will reward guys if he trusts them and thinks they're doing a good job, but he's going to make guys earn it.

Jordan Marbury from Manama, Bahrain
Navy veteran and LIVE hard Titans fan messaging you all the way from Bahrain. Jim i have a really good draft formula to where we can get what we need as well as make the biggest impact on the team, tell me if you like it or not. I break players down into 3 categories: Generational talent - completely dominant at their position, projected HOF; Great players-consistently makes plays to get first downs or get the team off the field on 3rd down when needed. Good players-good enough to start, not championship caliber, inconsistent. Our glaring needs are pass rush (DL/EDGE), Receiver(WR/TE), OL. The only gen talents in the draft in my eyes are Penei Sew, Davonta Smith, Najee Harris, Ja'Marr Chase, Kyle Pitts, and Christian Barmore (im not sold on Greg Rousseau). I believe we can risk getting Ja'Marr Chase in the first round considering the pass rush class this year is undoubtedly deep enough to get a great player in the second round. So here's (highly possible) mock for the Titans. Rd1: J.Chase/K.Pitts/D. Nixon Rd2: DE O.Odighizuwa/OL Q. Meinerz/WR R.Bateman Rd3: CB A. Samuel/OL L.Dickerson/DE Jordan Smith. These picks are based off of who I believe will be available to us. Thanks Jim!

Jim: Hey Jordan. First off, thank you for your service! And secondly, it's fun to see different takes. Chase is going to be long gone, though. Daniel Jeremiah, one of the top draft analyst out there, has him as the 2nd best prospect out there. And he has Pitts at No.3. Now would I like both of those guys? Yes. But realistically it's not going to happen.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
The Titans are going to lose some players. I think it's easy decisions to let Jayon Brown and Jonnu Smith walk. They'll be too pricey to keep and you s/b able to re-sign Firkser, Swain, and Pruitt to replace Jonnu Smith while David Long s/b able to replace Jayon brown. Smith and Brown are excellent players but the Titans need to create some cap space. I don't know about Javedeon Clowney. I would like the Titans to keep him but certainly not at $13 million per year. I also don't know about Daquan Jones. He's a middling player but he's also a good team leader who does play with good effort. The Titans need Clowney or a different true starter to play the OLB spot opposite Landry. Plus, they need another pass-rushing OLB with their 1st pick in the 2021 NFL draft. And they need to draft two IDLs in rounds 2 and 3 even if they do keep Daquan Jones. They need to use their 2nd round 2021 draft pick on an IDL and one of their 3rd round picks on an IDL. Plus, if they can they should try to re-sign Jurrell Casey. This strategy will dramatically improve talent at the IDL and OLB positions. I like your dbs once they get healthy, but Malcolm Butler is very expensive. He's also a very good CB no matter what some fans say. On the offense, Isaiah Wilson is a problem because there's no telling what will happen with him in 2021. If he can step up the Titans can move on from Denis Kelly now or Lewan Taylor next year when he gets healthy. I think you should also re-sign Ty Sambrailo. If Lewan Taylor comes back strong AND Isaiah Wilson get his head screwed on straight AND if you re-sign Ty Sambrialo then maybe you can trade Lewan Taylor before the trade deadline in 2021 for a 1st round pick. Let someone else pay him about $40 million dollars over the next 3 years.

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Jimmy. A lot to take in here. I have one question for you: Are you related to Jay Dee?

Have a great week everyone!

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