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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's hard to believe, but we're now into March, and marching toward free agency, and the NFL Draft.

A lot of unanswered questions surrounding the Titans, and the rest of the NFL, right now.

Let's jump in and answer a few.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

David Towry from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim. I'm wondering about backup QB spot. I'm thinking we should try to get Hendon Hooker from Detroit. He would be great competition for Will and a great backup. Where r we getting a backup QB?

Jim: It's not going to be Hendon Hooker, David. The Lions drafted him to be their back-up, not to trade him away when he got healthy. The Titans will have to decide whether they want to go after a veteran free agent and/or a young QB in this draft class with a late round pick, or as a UDFA. I expect Malik Willis will be in the competition, competing for a chance to stick around. But he's far from a roster lock at this point.

Sean Kelley from Delaware
Question: Hi Jim. Obviously we should want Titans and Henry to come to agreement and resign with the team. There is no denying his greatness and worth to the franchise. The All Time Franchise Running Back record is with in reach, that in itself is truly amazing considering the team's RB history.
However maybe he want to move on, or the team wants to move on. Unfortunately, that's just how it goes in the NFL. We have had to deal with great Oiler and Titan players moving on to other teams.
It never feels good. I will say this, Henry can't pick a team in March and know they will even make the playoffs, nothing is guaranteed. The Titans could have a magic season too. If it were me advising both Amy/Ran and Henry, I would come up with a contract that rewards Henry upfront, but is tradable at the deadline to a contender, if the Titans are not. Everyone would get what they want and there is an out available to get Henry to a playoff team. All this being said, I don't think I can stomach a drawn out emotional negotiating roller coaster, that ends in a He Said / She Said drama fest. The team has the cap room to re-sign a HOF bound player who will still bepounding DB's on his way to a 50 yard run for the next years to come with Titans or some other team. If it's Houston, I think I will puke in my cornflakes.

Jim: Hey Sean. I've said this in here before: I'm bracing for life without Derrick Henry on the Titans. And, by the way Derrick Henry handled himself leading up to — and after – the regular season finale vs Jacksonville told me he's doing the same. But at this point, it's still early to say what will happen for sure. A lot will depend on what the market looks like for him.

Gary Reinke from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Question: Where exactly will the new stadium be located? I heard next to and south of the current stadium? I heard between the current stadium and interstate? Could you please clear that up for me Jim? Thanks in advance.

Jim: Hey Gary. It's going up east of the current stadium, in the massive parking lot in between the current stadium and the interstate. The groundbreaking was last week, so you'll start to see some progress in the coming months.

Roy White from Smyrna, Tennessee
Question: Just wonder if there has been any news on Colton Dowell from his surgery and if Brian Callahan even knows who he is.

Jim: Hey Roy. Well, Colton had surgery, and he's recovering. He's barely two months removed from the procedure. I did a story on him back in January, updating his condition, and his mindset. CLICK HERE to read it.

John Staley from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: Please help me why the GM and HC left the combine early to go to the groundbreaking ceremony. Wouldn't their time have been better served interviewing prospects in Indy.

Jim: Anything written or discussed on this subject was overblown, and pretty much wasted time. It's my understanding Ran Carthon and Brian Callahan were on hand for all the interviews with the top tackles, and in Indy for roughly 55 of the 60 possible interviews. And, anyone they need to talk to in the next few months they could either do at a Pro Day, or an in-house visit.

Hector Hernandez from Teziutlan, Puebla; Mexico
Question: Que tal Jim un gusto volver a saludarte, y al mismo tiempo agradecerte el trabajo que haces para tenernos siempre informados de nuestros Titans. C�mo recordar�s yo he Sido un aficionado muy cr�tico hacia mis Titans trato de ser lo m�s objetivo posible pero tambi�n he Sido muy leal 48 a�os de aficionado a mis oilers-titans. Bueno m�s que pregunta es externar mi opini�n, yo soy de los aficionados que estuvieron de acuerdo el que el HC vrabel dejara a la instituci�n y para m� gusto se tardaron debieron darlo de baja al final de la temporada 2022, los argumentos de su baja son m�s que evidentes y solo quien no quiera verlos obvio no los ver�. Ahora con la llegada del coach Callahan hay mucho entusiasmo como cuando lleg� el HC Vrabel. Vamos a ver el trabajo de este nuevo staff de coacheo y ojal� le den un cambio de 180 grados, tambi�n siento difiero con muchos que dicen que estamos en recostruccion, para mi gusto solo nos faltan algunos huecos que llenar y volver a hacer contendientes en nuestra divisi�n, ejemplo si mantenemos a Henry junto con Spears tendr�amos uno de los mejores t�ndem de la liga, en los WR es traer a uno m�s un slot con m�s experiencia, de a mi parecer Moore lo hizo lo poquito que entro muy bien, d�nde est� el gran problema es la l�nea ofensiva ah� si tenemos un verdadero desastre, solo Skoronski levanto la mano, si tenemos una l�nea que proteja realmente podemos ser y tener una ofensiva m�s vertical, yo creo que deber�an repetir la f�rmula de hace algunos a�os en que seleccionaron a Munchack y Matthews en a�os consecutivos siendo primera ronda los dos uno 8 y el otro 9, ahora se puede repetir con Skoronski el a�o pasado y este puede ser Joe Alt, pero en fin nosotros solo a la distancia podemos opinar, pero los coaches saben de acuerdo a su plan ofensivo y defensivo que traigan en mente seleccionar a los jugadores que piensan pueden desarrollar mejor su sistema y a lo mejor se tengan que ir jugadores que nosotros como aficionados no quisi�ramos que partieran pero si es para el mejor funcionamiento del equipo pues adelante aunque nos duela. Solo me queda decir que pido como aficionado un equipo a la altura de su afici�n que deje todo dentro del emparrillado y que tengan una mentalidad ganadora TITANS UP!!

Jim: Hola Héctor. No estoy seguro de por qué aparecen todos estos signos de interrogación aquí. Debe ser un problema de codificación. Además, entiendo por qué has sido tan crítico: el equipo no ha estado muy bien y ha perdido demasiados partidos. Creo que los Titans hicieron lo correcto con el cambio de entrenador y puedo sentir el optimismo en todo el equipo. Pero el equipo definitivamente tiene muchos huecos que llenar y necesita ayuda en muchas posiciones. Espero que las cosas mejoren por aquí y que el equipo vuelva a ganar el partido. Gracias por escribirnos.

John Mellos from Montreal, Ouebec
Question: Hello Jim! Hope all is well. Man, I promised myself (and my wife) that I would not think of football for a good couple months after the Super Bowl, but there has been so much change in the air this offseason that I find myself constantly checking to see what direction ownership, Ran, and the new coaching staff are looking to steer the franchise in. So here I am, writing in yet again! One thing that caught my attention recently, that I was hoping to get your opinion on, is the speculation that we are looking into drafting a WR at number 7. This came as a bit of a surprise, considering what our offensive line looked like last year and the amount of depth available at WR in this years draft. What do you think about all this? And what do you think would be of more benefit to our promising young quarterback Will "the man" Levis going into his second year? Cheers and best wishes for a happy offseason.

Jim: Hey John. I get it – football talk never really ends. As for drafting a receiver at 7, I wouldn't hate it. This draft class is loaded with talent, and some playmakers could be had early. But, could you also wait and get a stud WR in the second round, or later in the first after trading back? That's something the team will continue to debate. And yes, the team needs a lot of help on the offensive line. I think we'll get some clues about the team's thinking between now and the NFL Draft.

Have a great week everyone!

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