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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Game week is here.

We're now just five days away from the regular season opener at Nissan Stadium between the Titans and the Cardinals.

But who's counting?

Right now, the focus is on this Titans mailbag.

Let's do this…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Steven Tilton from Safford, Arizona
Hi Jim, hope all is well with you in TN. I've had a lot going on so I apologize if I've missed articles or something that might have answered my question. I see a lot of news about the receiver group, some O-line news, and D-backs lately, but how are things looking within the linebackers? That group is one of my favorite positions as it seems they are the anchor of the whole defense (I may be entirely wrong in my perception admittedly). I was just wondering what your assessment of the linebacker group is, and who do you think is going to be having a big year there?

Jim: Hey Steven. I think the team is in good shape at linebacker. On the outside, Bud Dupree was added to a group with Harold Landry and Derick Roberson, and I think Ola Adeniyi has been a pleasant surprise as a rusher himself. Fourth-round draft pick Rashad Weaver is also in the group, and he's shown a lot of good things as well. Inside, Rashaan Evans, Jayon Brown and David Long Jr. make up a good threesome, and Monty Rice is developing. I think you'll see these guys impact a lot of games in a positive way this fall.

Greg Stauffer from Clarksville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, appreciate all you do for us Titans addicts! My question is with our center & right guard still on the Covid list and no starting right tackle picked yet, I am becoming worried that they will not be able to give Ryan Tannehill the time he needs to go through his reads and hit the open receiver! Even if Jones & Davis get off Covid list they have have virtually no time practicing together! Not to mention blocking for King Henry. I assume they cannot run every play to their left side of the line? Should I be worried? I thought our offensive line would be a strength, but with 3 of the 5 positions being manned by back-ups, that could rapidly become a major liability!

Jim: Hey Greg. Having both of those guys out of practices so close to the season isn't ideal. But I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm expecting both Nate Davis and Ben Jones to be on the field for the season opener on Sunday. Head coach Mike Vrabel said as much on Monday. His exact words: "Very hopeful. I would anticipate those guys having a few days of practice before they play in a football game."

Malcolm Sell from Louisville, Kentucky
First and foremost, I would like to thank you again for all of the hard work that you do. I know sometimes we, the fans, can be a bit much at times, plus I know you have to get the same questions/comments over and over again.
Second, I am glad to see MyCole Pruitt back with the organization, even if it is on the practice squad. I thought it was a bit odd to let him go at the end of the season knowing we were going to lose some people in free agency (which we lost Smith). He came up big in a few games last year.
Third: Have you heard any rumblings from Will Compton as of late? I would love to at least see him back on the practice squad for us at the least. I'm sure we can get him cut down to two or three practical jokes per week... lol. Stay safe and thank you.

Jim: Hey Malcolm. I'm happy to do it. It is good to have MyCole back. He actually didn't get let go at the end of last season – he was an unrestricted free agent who wasn't resigned, and he signed with the 49ers. Now he's back, and I agree, it was a good development. As for Compton – I always hear rumblings about him. If you follow him on Twitter, it's impossible not to ... 😊

Peyton Bushart from Ripley, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I'm a diehard Titans fan and 2nd year season ticket member! Who do you think has a big game Sunday due to the fact that they will mostly double cover AJ and Julio and try to stop The King?

Jim: Hey Peyton. Like everyone else, I'm anxious to find out myself. I'm not sure how you can "double cover A.J. and Julio while also trying to stop the King." So, the Cardinals are going to have to make some choices. But hey, the Titans are going to have some tough decisions to make, too. The Cardinals have plenty of dynamic playmakers themselves. Heck, every NFL team does.

Mikel Cates from Manchester, Tennessee
Just dropping by to say I'm super excited that the first game of the year is on my B-day and it's a home opener!!!! And yes, I will most definitely be there!!! As always though we the fans appreciate you doing everything you do. Titan up!!!

Jim: Appreciate it, Mikel. Hope it's a great birthday!

Chad Odle from Boca Raton, Florida
With preseason over, now we wait for Titans to play out the longest season so far. Every Titan fan hopes we will be playing in February. You have covered the team for years. Would it take a Super Bowl win to do a massive renovation of Nissan Stadium?

Jim: Hey Chad. Renovations are coming to Nissan Stadium, it's just a matter of when. It will be part of a reimagined East Bank and will include more than just the stadium itself. But this is going to be years down the road. For now, you'll continue to see some upgrades here and there. Look for new light blue padding around the field at Nissan Stadium on Sunday. It's a clean look.

Julie Hudson from Cherokee, Alabama
Is there a mask mandate in place at the Nissan Stadium? I am taking my grandson next week to the first game. We have both been vaccinated, are masks required?

Jim: Hi Julie. Right now, there's not a mask requirement at Nissan Stadium, and fans don't have to show proof of vaccination. Safe travels, and see ya Sunday!

Connie Murphy from Nashville, Tennessee
Was there a Titans game played on any network last week. I apparently watched an entire game, and even commented on it on FB. Today I started hearing about the first game of the season being next Sunday, and of course I can't find anything about the game I thought I watched last week. I'm worried that I might be closer to moving to some Retirement Home.

Jim: Hi Connie. I know Channel 2 showed a replay of the Titans vs Chiefs from the 2019 season on Friday night, so I'm betting that's what you saw. It was a dandy, huh? But the real thing for 2021 kicks off this Sunday at noon.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Dear Jim, Elijah Molden impressed me a lot this past off-season. Do you think he's as good as he seemed during the pre-season games?

Jim: Hey Jimmy. I've liked the looks of Elijah so far, too. He's tough and he's scrappy, and he has great instincts. He's going to be a good player. But he's not going to be perfect right out of the gate. All rookies go through growing pains, but again, I like his makeup and I think he's going to be really good.

Dexter Overton from Maringouin, Louisiana
I'm from Louisiana. Probably the only Titans fan in Louisiana. My question is with the departure of Matt Barkley, should we consider bringing in a veteran quarterback like Cam Newton? Tannehill is playing great football, but the injury bug can happen at any time. Plus, that would be a unstoppable force with Cam and Henry in the backfield in red zone opportunities. Thanks for taking my question.

Jim: Hey Dexter. Can't see it. Logan Woodside is the team's No.2 QB. Plus, I'm betting Cam is aiming to find a place where he could compete for a starting job, and that's not going to happen here.

Have a great week everyone!

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