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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Welcome to August.

We're now a week into training camp, and we're closing in on the first preseason game.

A day after the team's first practice in pads, let's tackle this Tuesday's Titans mailbag.

Here we go…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Douglas Vaughn from Memphis, Tennessee
Hey Jim, living in Memphis I check the Tennessean frequently for Titans/Preds news. I read one of Mr. (Gentry) Estes' reports and he was getting 'sold' on the potential of this Titans defense. Well.... I am too! I know the pads have just come on, but the front '5' are as good as any one, the middle linebackers should at least be solid. Safety is certainly 'good to excellent'. If Molden and Fulton can stay healthy, McCreary make a second year improvement, and Bunting play to his previous grades. the corners would be dramatically better than last year. Yes, its early and we have to stay healthy but this unit looks like it could be outstanding. Are you starting to get the same feelings? I expect them to be very good, but could they be elite?

Jim: Hey Douglas. I like Gentry – he does a good job. And, I am also optimistic about the defense this fall. Arden Key has looked good, Harold Landry is back, and Jeffery Simmons and Denico Autry are stout up front. Guys like Teair Tart and Rashad Weaver keep improving. Azeez Al-Shaair will be a nice addition. The secondary, as you mentioned, has a lot talent. But guys also need to stay healthy, and some things still need to be sorted out. I'm not making any bold predictions on August 1. But yeah, I think the defense could be really good.

Jason Vesely from Mosinee, Wisconsin
Suppose the Titans make it to the Super Bowl is there any chance that they'd wear the Oilers throwbacks in it? When they went to the Super Bowl in '99 the Oilers went away one year too soon.

Jim: You want a Super Bowl wardrobe check now? C'mon, Jason, way too many britches to be sorted out between now and then….

Clarence McLean from Birmingham, Alabama
Hey Jim! Do you know if the Titans plan to host an open practice at the stadium this year?

Jim: Hi Clarence. There will be no open practice at Nissan Stadium this year unfortunately. With all the concerts, the Music City Grand Prix, and the team traveling to Minnesota for a week, the schedule just doesn't allow for it to happen.

Carson Hickman from Lexington, Kentucky
How has Peter Skoronski looked at guard? Feel like we haven't heard much about him since rookie mini camp.

Jim: Based on what I've seen so far, he's looked good. But I've only seen one practice in pads so far. It does sound like the coaches want him to settle in there instead of moving him, and they've been pleased with his progress.

John Levasseur from Burlington, Vermont
Hey Jim. Thanks for giving us insights into the team, I'm not exactly in the titans backyard geographically so it helps keep tabs on the team.
My question is, from what you've seen in the off-season work so far, are you seeing obvious schematic changes? Are receivers working on the long or short games more than they have in the past? Any changes to blocking compared to the downing era? We've all heard that the offense is "faster" between plays, but outside of that I haven't heard much about what Tim Kelly is doing differently and I'm curious what you've noticed. Might just be something we will need to wait for the preseason, but just thought I'd ask. Thanks! Titan up

Jim: Hey John. I'll say this: Mike Vrabel teams work on everything, just in case, especially in camp. Sure, I've seen some new wrinkles here in there, but I can't reveal them here because some of what I have seen has come during closed practices. And while the preseason will provide some clues, I don't think you're really going to get an idea of what things are going to look like until Week 1 of the regular season.

Ed Heischberg from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
I want your take on the new QBs that the team has picked up in the past 2 years. I know there is a learning curve but both players were on different college teams than they started with. Levis was wiith Penn St. and Willis was with Auburn. They did not win starting rolls with either teams and moved on and they had ok college records but I dont see a great QBs with either of them. They could have picked up. Hooker out of TN or Clifford out of Penn st that had much better records.

Jim: My take is these kinds of questions were timely in May, after the draft, and I'm no longer interested in them. Malik Willis and Will Levis are on the Titans, Hendon Hooker plays for the Lions and Sean Clifford plays for the Packers. Now I'm interested to see how these guys do in the NFL. Levis had a great day on Monday, his best with the team – he completed 6-of-7 passes, with five TDs. He'll be looking to have another good day on Tuesday.

Jonah Reels from Houston, Texas
Hey Jim me and my wife did the opposite of the Titans. We got married in Nashville and recently moved to Houston. We were in the building for Malik Willis's first start against the Texans last season. I was wondering how would you characterize his personality? What have you noticed about his relationship with Levis, Tannehill, and his coaches? Thanks for all you do!

Jim: Oh man, good luck down there Jonah. Some good Mexican restaurants in Houston, I know that. Malik is a great guy, with an infectious personality. He's very mature, positive, and he encourages his teammates. And, he's been very respectful to everyone around him, including Tannehill, Levis and yours truly. On the field, I've seen improvements from him since last year as well. … See ya on New Year's Eve in Houston!

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. I really enjoy your observations from each day's practice. It makes us fans feel almost like we were there watching. Both offensive tackle positions look real shaky. Andre Dillard looks like he may be another Dennis Daley on the left side and right tackle is quite scary with Chris Hubbard being signed over George Fant. Hopefully, Coach Mike will be able figure a way to make it work. The place kickers seem to be even with your reports on their daily kicks. I still think that Trey Wolff will beat out Caleb Shudak for the job. Now for my question: in addition to tracking the field goal attempts, is each kicker's kickoff distance measured? Thanks, Jim.

Jim: Thanks for reading, Jim. I know a lot of fans can't be here for practices, so I do my best to try and cover as much ground as possible on the practice fields. But c'mon, but saying Andre Dillard looks like Dennis Daley from way down in Lubbock, Texas, seems a little over the top to me. The team just practiced in pads for the first time on Monday. Let's give these guys a chance. As for the kickers, yes, both guys have been good so far - Wolff is 19-20, Shudak is 18-20. And yes, they're tracking distances on kickoffs.

AC from Austin, Texas
Hey Jim. Like a lot others we are really stoked to see the Oiler throwback jerseys.
If we manage to get to one of the games Is there a place where we might meet some former Oiler/ Titan players at the stadium?

Jim: Hey AC. Oilers/Titans Alumni Weekend is scheduled for October 29, when the Falcons visit Nissan Stadium. And that's one of the games the Titans will be decked out in the Oilers throwbacks.

Have a great week everyone.

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