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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – OK, we're really getting close to the NFL Draft in Nashville now.

The countdown is less than 10 days.

This week's Tuesday mailbag, meanwhile, is here in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Patrick from Clarksville, Tennessee
Hello Jim. My question is more of a musing. Since we now have 2 starter quality QBs, why not QB by committee? I understand snap counts are different with different players. We have an entire off season to work on it. Some snaps Mariota behind center, some Tannehill. Some Henry Wildcats. Throw in some Lewis at Wildcat. Last year we did exceedingly well with 'trick' plays. Why not build an offense based on keeping the defense guessing? Let's leave exotic smashmouth behind and become known for smoke and mirrors. Thank you for your time

Jim: Hey Patrick. I can't endorse this. The team drafted Mariota to be the starter, and that's the plan barring something unforeseen. If something happens to Mariota, then Tannehill will come off the bench and be a solid replacement. As for the Wildcat, I still think that will be in the plan some weeks.

Jim from Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Hi Jim. I'm a Steeler's fan, raised in PA, but back in 2015 when the Bucs chose Winston over Mariota, I started following them and they have not disappointed, from an entertainment standpoint. My question is this: Bucs fans sometimes still point to Mariota as the better choice (Buyer's regret). How do Titan fans feel about this (getting Mariota instead of Winston)? I don't see much regret...

Jim: Hey Jim. I liked both coming out, and I still think Jameis is extremely talented with a great arm. I don't think the Titans have any regrets getting Mariota here. Obviously, though, it's a big year for the future of both QBs coming up.

Knox Kinser from Summertown, Tennessee
Hey Jim! simple question: Do you think Walker will return to 100% after the injury? Is he gonna get the production level higher with the new wideouts or is he gonna be a Kobe?

Jim: Hey Knox. I do, and I have little doubt about it. Trainers are being cautious with him as he works his way back, but I expect him to be good to go when the season starts, and I expect him to pick up where he left off. Delanie sounded good on Monday, talking about his progress. I know he's raring to go.

Todd W. from New Braunfels, Texas

*What's the over/ under on us bringing out the Oilers jerseys for our home game against the Texans this year?
*How much more of a roll do you think Rashaan Evans/Sharif Finch/ Harold Landry take on in their 2nd year?
*Baring any trades I think we take one of these players if we stay at 19: Christian Wilkins, DK Metcalf, Jeffery Simmons) Metcalf would transform a good receiving Corp room, into one that no team wants to face. Him and Corey on the outside could be dynamic. With Humphries, Taywan, and Tajae lighting up the underneath and intermediate routes. A lot of possibilities there, and that's not even including getting Delanie Walker and Johnu Smith back. Simmons on tape sort of resembles a smaller Richard Seymour. And could be one of the biggest steals in this draft. Adding Wilkins or Simmons would make this D-line 2008 good.

Jim: Hey Todd. Will answer in rapid fire fashion.
-Not putting an over/under on it, but at this point, I'm not expecting it to happen. The team wants to wear its own light blue jerseys more.
-Evans and Landry will both play bigger roles. Finch has a lot of talent, and if he performs well he'll be in the mix more as well.
-Some interesting picks by you. Thanks for weighing in. I think some other guys in play, too, but obviously a lot depends on what happen picks 1-18.

Michael Liguori from Lelystad, The Netherlands
Hello Jim. Can't wait for the draft to hit Nashville and am loving the daily Road to the Draft podcasts to give us all the details!
I have a question relating to the O-line. I haven't heard Corey Levin's name in any of the discussions of the starting 5. I thought he showed strong improvement in the pre-season last year and kind of expected him to get a chance (either at center of guard) to continue his development and make the starting line-up in his 3rd year. Most of chatter is about Pamphile or a draft pick filling the last spot on the line. Is Levin still in the mix?

Jim: Hello Michael. I'll have to tell Corey he has a fan in the Netherlands. He is in the mix. In fact, coach Mike Vrabel mentioned him on Monday when asked about the guard spot opposite Rodger Saffold. Corey got better last year, and folks noticed. But guys like Kevin Pamphile and Aaron Stinnie will be in the mix as well, along with Hroniss Grasu inside. And, of course, more competition could come by way of the draft or in another round of free agency. As for the daily OTP, I'll pass the kind words on to Mike and Amie.

Lazarus Lee from Las Vegas, Nevada
Hey Jim. I am a die-hard titans fan stationed out at Nellis AFB. I would like to ask about Donald Parham. He is a freak of a player (6'8 240 and runs a 4.7). Just wondering if he is on the Titans radar and if not maybe talk him up as a late round gem or development player. He may be a steal.

Jim: Hi Lazarus. For starters, thanks for your service. You're referring to the big tight end from Stetson. I noticed he visited the Colts as one of their 30 pre-draft visits. I've seen him listed as a potential slot guy. Our scouts definitely know about him. He has some interesting potential for sure. But whether or not the team will make a move on him, honesty, they won't share that with me. Someone is going to give him a shot, though…

John Williams from Danbury, Texas
Greetings, Mr. Jim. I was thinking back to the discussion a couple of years ago was about receivers in the draft - Williams and Davis. Williams has done quite well in San Diego - I still like our pick. My question is regarding Metcalf. I think it would be a stretch, however, what is his physical presence as compared to Derrick? Very similar? He's certainly got the speed - his hotty totty stats are anemic. What is your opinion?

Jim: Hey John. Williams has done OK with the Chargers – 54 catches, 759 yards and 10 TDs. Even though he doesn't have the TD totals, Davis has fared better (99 catches, 1,266 yards and 4 TDs, including a pair of game-winners last year). The team is happy with his progress. As for Metcalf, he's like a lot of receivers in this draft. Plenty of upside, but some question marks as well. He's huge, yes, but his lack of production and injuries at Ole Miss are a concern.

Jaren Jacobson from Springfield, Tennessee
Hello Jim, hope all is well. Has there been any news about the Titans Caravan this year?

Jim: Hey Jaren. I was talking to someone about it the other day. It's happening, and I heard there may be a few changes. Should be announced publicly in the not-so-distant future. Stay tuned.

Jeremy Neal from Selma, Texas
Well Jim, I'll keep trying until I make the mailbag. I would like to talk pass rushers. Yes, we know all the big names, but I feel this class is deep with Banogu from TCU who starred at ULM prior to transferring, Allen from Boston College, Ximines from Old Dominion who we all can get in the 2nd to 3rd rounds. My eyes are on Jaylon Ferguson who could be there at 51 for us, what do you think? Also, as a bonus, how about picking up his brother, Jazz in the 5th or 6th round to address not only a WR need but a red zone need?

Jim: Hey Jeremy. I like the resiliency. And thanks for sticking with me. I'm familiar with all those guys, and I think you're hitting on positions of need. I'm not going to pretend I've watched tape on all these guys projected in the middle rounds, and have decided I like A over B or C. That's the job of the scouts and personnel guys. But I'm going to drop this here and see how smart you look on draft weekend. I'll say this: I've never covered a guy named Jazz, and his name has a nice ring to it…

Xavier Lightit from Aurora, Illinois
What happens to all the work wideouts like Sharpe, Taylor, and Jennings put in? People are so quick to hop on the bandwagon!! Obviously a player like Metcalf would be an amazing addition but the offense line has issues to address!

Jim: Hey Xavier. Those guys just need to keep working, and getting better. I think you'll still see additions to the o-line and at receiver before training camp, and the chances are probably good they'll come in the draft. Stay tuned.

Cody Wright from Great Falls, Montana
Hey Jim, been a Titans fan since I was 4 and I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do keeping us die hard fans informed . My question for you is what are your thoughts on the Titans going after a TE like Jace Sternberger from Texas A&M. I I've always liked Delaine and he's a crucial part to our offense success in my opinion. Jumbo Fisher is known to use his TE's a lot and I think Sternberger would be a good fit.

Jim: Hey Cody. I appreciate it. I've seen a lot of mocks projecting a tight end to the Titans. It's been mainly Noah Fant and T.J. Hockenson, and I've also seen a few Irv Smith projections. I haven't seen a Sternberger, but I think he's a really good player. I've been asked a lot about tight ends in the last few months. I'm not betting against Delanie, and like I said earlier, I think he's going to be really good again in 2019. The team has numbers at the position, and it doesn't seem like an immediate need. The GM has kind of downplayed the idea of taking a tight end early. But I'm not ruling it out…

Have a great week everyone!

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