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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Welcome to March.

And welcome to another edition of the Titans mailbag.

We're now just weeks away from the start of free agency, so there continues to be a lot to discuss.

Let's keep it going…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Brian Cutler from Woodstock, Connecticut
My question is with the assumption of the projected salary cap. How many players do you think might potentially be salary cap casualties due to them underperforming? Do you think that this could potentially help us got get a "game changer" on defense with that potentially free cap space? I understand having the cap space could entice someone. But could we have enough money to make that type of move? Thanks again for your time!

Jim: Hey Brian. Well, we've already seen the team part ways with receiver Adam Humphries. As for others, well, I don't think the team website is the right place for me to speculate on which other guys could get cut. I will say, however, the team might have to make more tough decisions, but I suspect they'll be based on high salary cap numbers and big contracts more than players "underperforming." As for adding a game-changing player, yes, I think the Titans are capable of doing that in free agency and the draft. But money is tight – the Titans aren't going to be able to win a lot of bidding wars for guys this year. But maybe they can lure some of them with an opportunity to play for a contender, in a great city, and on a team with a great culture.

Chris Adams from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Long time reader, first time asking a question. Regarding the 2021 draft, how many picks do the Titans have? Any chances for compensatory picks this year? Thanks for all that you do in keeping us fans informed!

Jim: Hey Chris. Right now, the Titans are scheduled to pick 22nd in the first round, and they also have picks in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and two picks in the 6th round. I'm also expecting the team to get an extra 3rd round compensatory pick.

Fred Trotman from St. Louis, Missouri
Hey Jim, I've been a fan of the Titans ever since the 1999 season when they beat the Rams in the regular season before coming up 5 yards short. I wasn't born in STL so that's not being a traitor right? Haha. My question for you is how likely do you think it will be for us to keep Corey, Jonnu, and Jayon? To me those are the most important free agents we should pick. TITAN UP!!!!

Jim: Five yards short? … I think it's going to be tough to keep all three guys. Just being realistic here. But so much depends on what happens on the market, and what other teams are willing to offer.

Jonathan White from Ripley, Tennessee
Hey Jim, long time reader and first time caller...I mean writer. With the draft right around the corner I stumbled upon a video on youtube of the D3 kid named Quinn Meinerz and dude was an absolute beast. Have you had a chance to see anything on him? Looking forward to your thoughts.

Jim: Hey Jonathan. I'm familiar with Meinerz from watching him at the Senior Bowl. He did a good job in Mobile – he got a lot of attention because of his toughness, and because of his belly… His nickname, as you probably know, is "The Gut." He had his jersey pulled up high during practices just like he did in college …

Adrian Lopez from Caracas, Venezuela
Hey Jim espero estés bien y a salvo... Gracias por mantenernos al día en esta parte del año por lo general aburrida...Mi pregunta tiene que ver con un reportaje de esta semana que trataba sobre la importancia de las ofensivas en la nfl actual... Si bien las defensivas ganaban campeonatos y Tampa lo demostró en este SB...La NFL obliga a los equipos a hacerse mas ofensivos y los Titans el año pasado disfrutaron de gran poder de fuego... Sin embargo parece que están perdiendo algo para este periodo (Corey Davis , Jonnu Smith, Adam Humphries) Crees que estas ausencias serán atacadas en el draft o en la agencia libre? Tienen la capacidad financiera para reclutar talento de calidad?

Jim: Hola Adrian. Existe la posibilidad de que los Titans pierdan mucho poder de fuego en la ofensiva, luego de perder al coordinador ofensivo Arthur Smith. La buena noticia es Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry y A.J. Brown volverá y la línea ofensiva también parece regresar. Pero sí, el equipo necesitará hacer algunas adiciones clave, y creo que sucederá. Cuídate.

Jamont Young from Fort Wayne, Indiana
Hey watup Jim? Any chances Titans move up in the draft? Thanks.

Jim: Yes, there's a chance. There's also a chance the Titans move back …

Costa Babalis from Laval, Canada
Hi Jim. Been an Oilers/Titan fan since warren Moon became an Oiler. Both my kids are Titan fans and we don't miss a game. I believe the Titans were solid on Offense, running game is the best in the league (thank you Derrick Henry) which we are naming our first puppy after. Tannehill was solid, receiving is good and with Lewan coming back are "O" line will be better. I think we need to address our weakest link and that is are pass rush. I hope Mr. Robinson addresses that, and if we were to go after anyone in the league who would you like him to pursue? Titan up from all the fans here in Canada.

Jim: Hello Costa. Believe me, the Titans are going to address the pass rush, in free agency and the NFL Draft. I like a lot of guys in the draft. If I get to pick one I'd like in free agency, how about Shaq Barrett? But let's face it – the Buccaneers will do everything they can to keep him, and he's going to cost a lot of money. Same for Bud Dupree …

Conway Tabor from Crossville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. I am sure you remember me due to my name :) I must be open and honest here... I absolutely do not agree with WR Adam Humphries on how it ended. He is someone who made that difference when you needed it and when we did not. He was our Julian Edelman. Surely, he would have been ready. He is a player that you could sincerely see his heart, determination, and love for the game when he plays. And, he backed it up. We must have someone just like that on our team. The quiet one who can and will destroy other teams. Raymond is another one, or possibly me.

Jim: Hey Conway. I like Adam, and I hate how things worked out for him here in Tennessee, too. But his cap number was too high for next season, and he just didn't play and produce enough over the past two seasons to justify paying him that much in 2021.

Christopher Crocker from Goodland, Kansas
Hey Jim. Been a diehard fan of the Titans since I could walk. I have a question about possible trade candidates. Corey Davis seems like a free agent casualty, doesn't seem to make since using the franchise tag on him. So, my question is with Isaiah Wilson a complete bust would a possible trade with the Ravens for Marquise Brown be something the Titans would pursue? It would be a pretty cap friendly trade for us, and give the Titans a much needed deep threat for our already dangerous play action game. I know the Titans don't have a great relationship with the Ravens, but I feel both would benefit.

Jim: Hey Christopher. You really think the Ravens would part ways with Marquise Brown, a first-round pick a few years ago, for a guy who has played four snaps in his NFL career? Based on what we've all seen so far, having a hard time seeing how the Ravens would benefit from this trade …

Debra Hussey from Nashville, Tennessee
Will you get to travel to any of the Pro Days?

Jim: Possibly Debra, but it depends on access at the schools and whether it makes sense to go.

Dakota Houston from Knoxville, Tennessee
Hello Jim, I hope you and your family are doing well. I want to first say that I trust Robinson and Vrabel in what they do; as a true Titans fan I want a Super Bowl trophy in Nashville deeply, and I know that if I, as a fan who has nothing to gain or lose from that, wants that, then the individuals working for the Titans organization want it even more as that is their income, heavily including Vrabel. Anyway, I say all that as many people have questioned Vrabel and even called for his job??? (give me a break) for his decision on the DC hiring but I do hope you can answer this question fully: It's my understanding that Bowen did call the defense last year and was "acting" DC- is this true? If so, what do you think Vrabel sees in Bowen that has potential to turn around what he (to my understanding) was not able to do last year as the acting DC? I wish him the best of luck and success so we can get that SB! TitanUp!

Jim: Bowen was calling the plays last year – Vrabel said this at season's end. The Titans will look different on defense in 2021, with some new faces, and with how the whole plan is executed. At least that's the plan.

James Logan from Fayetteville, Tennessee
Jim—Help me out. I have viewed a number of various mock drafts to see who the Titans might snag in the upcoming draft. Obviously it is hard to determine exactly who might be available when you dip below the 20th pick. It seems likely the Titans are going to (hopefully) look for an impact pass rusher. I have found different mock draft and position rankings place the same player in different categories, primarily DL and Edge. What would be your personal rankings of the top 5 players from these designated positions combined. I'd like to know who to pray for when it gets close to Titan's pick.

Jim: Hey James. I'm still learning about a lot of these guys. And without the combine, it makes it tougher. I will say at the edge players I am most intrigued with are Gregory Rousseau (Miami), Kwity Paye (Michigan), Jaelen Phillips (Miami) and Jayson Oweh (Penn State). Tulsa's Zaven Collins, who is a versatile linebacker with some experience on the edge, is interesting as well. But a lot more things will come into focus on some of these guys, and more, in the next 7-8 weeks before the draft.

Have a great week everyone!

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