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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We've made it to the final week of the Titans offseason program.

The last open day of organized team activities is scheduled for Tuesday.

Then comes a break until training camp.

For now, let's open up another Titans mailbag.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Question: Hi Jim. What are your opinions so far on UDFAs Cole Spencer (OL - Texas Tech) and Gabe Jeudy-Lally (CB - Tennessee). It would be really great to see a Texas Tech alum on the 53 man roster this year. And Jeudy-Lally seems to be standing out in a good way in the OTAs. Thanks Jim.

Jim: Hey Jim. I'll be honest – it's tough to give much of an opinion on offensive linemen before the pads come on. They're in shorts, a jersey and a helmet at this point, nothing physical. I can give you a better take on Gabe Jeudy-Lally, because he's been in more competitive drills. And, I must admit I've been impressed by what I've seen so far. He's been feisty in coverage in one-on-one and 7-on-7 periods, against good players. But training camp – when the pads come on – will tell more about Gabe, and Cole.

Ray Crisara from Brooklyn, New York
Question: Hi again Jim. I'm reading how improved Josh Wylie looks this season, and that's great news. But whenever I turn on UFL and see Jace Sternberger make a play, I can't help but think he'd be a really good addition to the Titans roster. I liked what he did with the Packers too. But for some reason he's been relegated to bouncing around practice squads. Any chance the Titans would grab him?

Jim: Hey Ray. Josh has looked sturdier, and better. Here's a story I wrote about him last week: CLICK HERE.
As for Jace Sternberger, I've noticed him as well. Haven't heard any buzz about the team being interested in adding him. Right now I think the team feels pretty good with their group, that includes Chig Okonkwo, Nick Vannett, Josh, Thomas Odukoya, Steven Stillanos and David Martin-Robinson.

Bill Caldwell from Lebanon, Tennessee
Question: Afternoon Jim hope all is well with u and the family. After reading articles assessing the Titans progress to this date I get the impression that Will and Mason have both not shown at the expectation one would hope for. So I was wondering when Ryan left the team was with bridges 🔥 burning or more of a professional approach? Because to me it seemed if he had the line and receivers we have today his performance would be much better. Will seems to still need some seasoning so. What do u think? Thanks for your time. 🙏

Jim: Hey Bill. Not sure where you're getting your info. My opinion all along was the Titans signed Mason Rudolph to be the back-up QB, and nothing has changed my mind on whether that's going to be the case yet. As for Ryan Tannehill, he's not coming back to the Titans.

Jeffery Raney from Pittsburg, Texas
Question: I keep hearing that Malik is gifted athlete so is there any other position that he could play like tight end maybe? It would a be loss of a high draft pick that is talented to not be able to help the team.

Jim: Hey Jeffery. If Malik makes the team, or doesn't make it, it's going to be as a quarterback. The team has no plans to move him to any other position.

Monica Robinson from Dayton, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim. I have a huge Titan fan in the house! He just graduated high school and I am looking for a few things to do while on summer break before college starts. I have searched the web site to get an answer and could not find one, can you please help or send me in the right direction? Do the Titans have any open to the public practices where fans can come in and watch for a bit? Thanks for the response.

Jim: Hi Monica. You won't find anything yet. Some things still to be determined. It sounds like there's going to be an open practice at Nissan Stadium, but even that's not set. Some things have to be worked out, but the hope is it will work out early in camp. Also, the expectation is there will be open practices that will require tickets. It's not going to be a show-up-and-walk-in situation like years ago, just because we don't have the space at Ascension Saint Thomas Sports Park like there used to be before the new construction. I'm not expecting for any of this to be announced until a few weeks from now, as conversations are still taking place. But the team is trying to find ways to accommodate as many fans as possible.

Josh Bomar from Knoxville, Tennessee
Question: I follow all of your social media content, and I haven't seen Sweat on any of the videos. After assessing your minicamp coverage I see he was on site but didn't participate ... What gives?

Jim: Hey Josh. T'Vondre hasn't been on the practice field in several weeks. He's around, he just hasn't been on the field as he rehabs.

Barz Barzani from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim, I don't think anyone can get enough of the Oilers jerseys. Seems like 2 games last year wasn't enough and I was wondering if you know around what time we could find out what games they will be worn this year? Thank you for everything you do.

Jim: Hey Barz. I mentioned this in the Saturday mailbag as well – with the light blue Titans uniforms coming back, we could see the Oilers uniforms just once during the 2024 season ... and that game could very well be during the 2025 calendar year ...

Have a great week everyone!

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