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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We now know the two teams who will play in this year's Super Bowl.

The Titans, of course, have one more painful game to watch before it's officially on to the 2022 season.

The questions continue to roll in, so we'll keep answering them in here.

Let's go ahead and dive in…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Trey Jernigan from Portland, Tennessee
Is Ryan Tannehill the answer at QB? In order to have success in the playoffs you need a competent QB, I don't doubt Tannehill's ability to make plays, I doubt his ability to win the big games and when they matter most. With the talent we had we were not a one and done football team. So what's your opinion on him?

Jim: Hey Trey. I've touched on this a few times since the season ended, and I'm sticking with it. Ryan didn't play his best game in the team's playoff loss to the Bengals. He picked a bad day to have a bad day. But I said before the postseason started that I thought the Titans could win a Super Bowl with Tannehill, and I'm not going to abandon that belief now despite what happened against the Bengals. There's no doubt Ryan is more talented than some other QBs who've guided teams to Super Bowls. By the way, did you see Patrick Mahomes on Sunday, with his two INTs, his bad decisions, and his inexplicable decision before the half? Mahomes is great, but he didn't look so good himself with the game on the line. When Tannehill gets his next chance, he'll have to do better. Same for the entire team.

Michael Lynch from Greenville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, first time writing. I love to read comments from fans & really like your insight about team. I've been a Titans fan ever since they moved to TN. My brother-in-law and I were at the Music City Miracle & it was the greatest game ever. Anyway, on to the question, what do you think it's going to take to get us over the hump? It's obvious that what the Titans are doing, while winning many games, will never be playing in Super Bowls. So, should we give Fisher a call & party like it's 1999 or what's the answer? Thanks for all you do. Titan Up.

Jim: The answer isn't bringing back Jeff Fisher. The answer is having your best players play well in the games that matter most, kind of what the Bengals are doing right now. This year's Titans team was good enough to win the Super Bowl, and watching the playoffs has been a reminder of that. The Chiefs were ripe for the picking, and I believe the Titans would've beaten them again at Nissan Stadium on Sunday in the AFC title game if they'd taken care of business the week before. This year's Titans team was built to win, but the team didn't get the job done when it mattered most.

Mike Temple from Birmingham, Alabama
Jim - thanks for your approach to the mailbox (after the loss), it was a cathartic release! I have been a season ticket holder since the team first moved to Memphis/Nashville and I have attended every home playoff game - from the Music City Miracle in '99 to last Saturday's tough loss. If anyone ever doubted Titan fans' passion, last weekend's game and the ensuing reaction should answer that question. The stadium was ready to erupt, unfortunately we lost and missed a huge opportunity! In fact, I don't think we've won a home playoff game since 2003 (beating the Steelers in OT). Sometimes former players and the national media criticize Titan fans, but we don't have a long track record of success like other teams with large fan followings (Steelers, Packers, 49ers, Patriots, to name a few). Despite our lack of a rich history, I'm optimistic. Coach Vrabel has done nothing but win. Since taking over he's 9-7, 9-7, 11-5, and 12-5 with 2 divisional playoffs. I like the direction that he's taking the team and as he recently pointed out, "Winning takes care of everything." So we just have to pick ourselves up, dust off, and get ready to kick some butt next year. Titan-up!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Mike.

Durell Scott Sr from Chicago, Illinois
D. Forman has been outstanding running the ball for the Titans so why give the ball to a guy who has been out of action for half a season. To me that was the biggest mistake by far. Foreman who was fresh and getting stronger and stronger game by game should have been the obvious choice to take the Titans to victory. He has proven that he can excel in the NFL..period.!!! Sorry Derrick Henry fans, and I am one of them also, but he just wasn't the answer to what should have been a win to move the Titans on to the next level. That alone to me was...THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMELS BACK.

Jim: I've heard a few folks weigh in with this. It's just hard for me to endorse a plan that keeps your best player on the bench.

Artemus Lucas from Newburgh, New York
We had an awesome season but gruesome playoff run. After failing so many times change has to come. We need to go back to the old Titans way. Get a quarterback with a better skill set that we don't have to simplify the offense. Simplicity is the reason we can't get over the hump. We should be playing chess with defenses. Teams know we are a play action offense, either we going to hand it off or fake it. Play action leads to sacks and Tannehill was a lot of times this year. Open up the offense, let's get some slant routes and go routes mix it up make defenses fear our pass attack. Then Henry would rip teams apart and play action would be effective.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Artemus.

Robert Starkey from Corpus Christi, Texas
Jim, today is even the first time I've looked at the internet or regular tv since the Titans epic debacle. Bottom line, it happens and you can't put it on any one person but when you look at that game and saw what #17 cost us you cannot see or look another way. Do I think Tannehill is a top 5 QB, yes, I do and I know I will catch much flack from this because of his last performance. But I think and believe he is a QB that can bring us to the promise land. However, if the franchise is gonna go another direction this off-season which I can halfway see on the horizon then it better be for a no doubt lock QB that never makes a bad call/throw in a pressure situation. I say that because if that's the choice then it's going to cost lots of money and be a big risk. Titan Up, Luv Ya Blue!!! Let's get them next year!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Robert.

Dan Keen from Franklin, Tennessee
Hello Jim. It was really rough not having the Titans in the AFC Title game! Gonna take a long time to get over that.
In all the well-deserved criticism of Tannehill and Downing I haven't seen any mention of QB Coach, Pat O'Hara. Wasn't it his responsibility to put Tannehill in the right state of mind to play that game? Tannehill looked spooked from the get-go. Where was O'Hara with a steadying effect? Thank you.

Jim: Hey Dan. I guess no one escapes without having someone point a finger at them, huh? Pat O'Hara didn't make any of those throws. It wasn't the QB coach's fault.

Richard Frazier from Centerville, Tennessee
No question, just a comment. Everyone keeps talking about Ryan's interceptions. In my opinion there was just 1 true interception, the first one at the beginning of the game. The second came when a defender tipped the ball and came down with it, and the third was when a receiver failed to catch the ball and again a defender came down with it, In my opinion the last two are NOT interceptions. There needs to be a new classification for those type of INTERCEPTIONS. And that's all I have to say about that.

Jim: Appreciate it, Richard.

Michael Arndt from Lexington, South Carolina
Hi Jim, with all the angst over QB play, it seems to me fans are missing the simple fact that the Jets game, the Steelers game and the playoff loss to the Bengals all were games where having a Top Five kicker would have allowed the Titans to walk off as winners far more likely than not. We play good defense, play it close to the vest on offense and it seems to me investing a middle pick in the coming draft in a great prospect at kicker is far more likely to bear fruit in '22 and beyond than any QB we are in position to draft. What say you?

Jim: Hey Michael. I'm not sure what's going to happen at kicker. Randy Bullock stepped in and did a solid job in 2021 I thought. And I don't think a kicker would've saved the Titans in any of those games that you mentioned, to be honest.

Ed Lake from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Hey Jim! 1st some thanks while reflecting on the season: For your work on the Mailbag and Twitter. How bruised your tongue must be from biting it so many times before responding to those Monday Morning QB experts. Ouch. To the team for such an exciting season! Yeah, we had our usual inexplicable losses, but look who we beat and how. Love the hard-nosed approach that's now the Titans' trademark. Congrats to Coach Vrabel (well-deserved Coach of the Year), Jon Robinson, and the entire staff for instilling that ethic and getting us near the peak. And thanks to the Titans' organization for preventing the transfer of tix until 24 hours of the game, plus allowing Founders Club/22nd Element members to purchase extra tix at face value. Those decisions worked to make the crowd really True Blue.

Jim: Appreciate it, Ed.

Costa Babalis from Montreal
Tough ending to a great year and already had bought tickets to come down to Nashville to watch the AFC championship but didn't quite work out. What do you think about getting Aaron Rodgers next year? He is elite and I think we are built to win now and if we add an elite quarterback we have the pieces and who knows maybe he can convince Adams to come along. If that is not an option I really think they have to get a reliable backup who can push Tannehill and also give Vrabel an option if things are no going well with Tannehill. Love this team, Titan up!!

Jim: Hey Costa. Hey, some crazy things happen across the NFL. I've probably gotten two dozen questions about Aaron Rodgers. I don't think it's realistic

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
Want to talk about Tannehill. I see a lot of "pundits" talking about replacing him or predicting us to draft a QB.
These people are ignorant. The Titans won 12 games and were the #1 seed in the AFC. We lost to the Bengals because Ryan didn't have a great game and Derrick was a bit rusty and the defense didn't make key stops.
Ryan Tannehill is a very good QB and I expect him to be excellent next year. Oh and btw... Mahomes ended the Chiefs season with an INT at the end of the game yesterday, where are the calls for his replacement? Ridiculous.

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Jack.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
All the anti-Tannehill fans should take note of what happened with Patrick Mahomes on Sunday. When a QB makes a few bad decisions in a playoff game, it can cost the team a chance to go to the super bowl. But it's doubtful that any Chiefs supporters are calling for the Chiefs to move on from Mahomes. Let's remember that with Arthur Smith as his OC, Tanny's TD pass/int/QB rating in 2020 were 33/7/106.5. With Todd Downing as OC in 2021 those numbers were 21/14/89.6. Ryan Tannehill didn't forget how to play QB in one year. The difference was clearly in the play calling. Todd Downing had a miserable first year as the Titans OC. But, he's apparently not going anywhere. Titans fans need to hope that Todd will do a complete self review during the off season and learn how calling the same plays with the same personnel packages can cripple the offense. As a rookie OC, Todd couldn't be expected to have the veteran savvy of an Arthur Smith. If Todd can learn from the mistakes of 2021, the team should have a powerful offensive attack next season to go along with a standout defense. Titan up!

Jim: I hear ya, Jim. And all those calling for Aaron Rodgers … it's been a while since he's played in a Super Bowl himself

Doug Jacobs from Almond, New York
Hello Jim, how could I suggest a change to how a longer (greater than 50 yards for pros) field goal would be scored, similar to a three point shot in basketball. For example, a 56 yard attempt would be 4 points instead of 3. I think it could change the dynamics and strategy of the game. Thanks, and Go Titans!

Jim: This works for fantasy football. I don't think this rule change happens in my lifetime

Ken Zitello from Youngstown, Ohio
Hey Jim, lifetime Oilers/Titans fan from Youngstown Ohio. We're all disappointed with the results, we all know the Titans had the potential to bring it all home this year and we fell short, love vrabes and the coaching staff, regardless of lots of fans throwing downing under the bus. Give downing one more year and see how it improves or not. I think RT can get it done at quarterback and the king goes without saying. Kevin Byard already said he'd restructure his deal if it helps resign Landry which is very important and shows us the total team mentality (LOVE IT). I'd like to see them between the draft and free agency get a shutdown corner and then TE,WR and O line. But even if this team were to exactly the same next season I believe Simmons and the boys on D are determined to increase turnovers and this team has as good a shot as any to win the Super Bowl. Much love and respect.
**And to coach Vrabes please let's take a good look at those buckeyes in the draft. Jeremy Ruckert would be a perfect fit with the Titans!!! And Haskell "the rascal"Garrett would go great with big Jeff.**

Jim: Hey Ken. Thanks for the tip, and the email.

Have a great week everyone!

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