Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – This time in three weeks, the Titans will either be 1-0, or, well, we won't even go there.

Yes, we're that close to the season opener against the Broncos on Monday Night Football, and the 2020 season.

Until then, we'll keep you up to date with what's going on in practices here at TennesseeTitans.com.

And we'll keep answering questions in the mailbag….

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Let's go…

Tom Reynolds from Madison, Tennessee
There is obviously a huge home field advantage for NFL teams mainly due to crowd noise. If the Titans play in an empty stadium will all of the other NFL teams do the same?

Jim: Hey Tom. Actually, this won't be the case. Most teams, like the Titans (and the Broncos for the opener), have said they won't have fans in September. Other teams have said they won't have fans all season. But a number of teams, including the Dolphins, Chiefs, Jaguars and Cowboys, will have at least some fans (in a limited capacity) from the get-go. The hope is the Titans will be able to host fans starting in October, but that remains to be seen. The places that won't have fans will be able to use some level of crowd noise, so that will be interesting.

Christopher Eian from Delray Beach, Florida
Will Vic Beasley be starting for us in linebacker position???

Jim: Hey Christopher. Well, I have to think that was the plan when he was signed. But right now he's still on the Non-Football Injury list, and not practicing. It's going to take him a while to get up to speed when he is cleared to practice. Titans outside linebackers coach Shane Bowen said on Monday that Beasley has been taking part in meetings, and they've put together some walkthrough-like settings to help him. I suspect he'll be used in different packages early, and, like Bowen said, a lot is going to depend on how much he can handle when he's back. Could he end up starting at some point? Sure. But this one very much falls into the "To Be Determined Category."

Michael Thomas from Nashville, Tennessee
Who do you think will be the Titans field goal kicker this year?

Jim: If I had to bet a pencil on it, I'd put in on Greg Joseph. I say this because he has experience in the NFL, and the Titans have liked what they've seen from him since he joined the team last year. But the competition has been close in camp, and special teams coach Craig Aukerman said on Monday it's a neck-and-neck race between Joseph and Tucker McCann, who signed as an undrafted free agent from Missouri. So far in camp, by my count, unofficially Joseph is 28-of-31 during the open practices while McCann is 27-of-30 in the open periods of practice.

Aaron Bulfin from Beerburrum, QLD Australia
Hi Jim. Appreciate you giving us such a great insight from Titans Camp. My first observation from your videos is that Henry appears to be a bit more explosive in his first few steps when taking off, what's your take on this? I've noticed the only time defenses are able to stop him is when he is just getting started in the backfield and they manage to cut him down. So if he has found another gear from takeoff, it should be an excellent season. Lastly, what positional group do you think the team will address as other teams start to cut down and release players, no doubt there will be some talent to potentially add to the roster and improve upon any weak spot. Not long until the season kick-off now, and it can't come soon enough after such a strange year. Thanks Jim.

Jim: Hey Aaron. Good observation on Henry. I think he looks explosive, too, but I'd be lying if I said I noticed a big difference in him from the start of camp last year. Compared to the end of last season, when he was dealing with the hamstring, yes I notice a difference in him. As for position groups that could still be addressed, this is an interesting question. A lot depends on which guys end up being released elsewhere, because NFL teams are always looking to upgrade. My best guess now is the team will be scanning the waiver wire closer for depth on the offensive and defensive lines.

Eli Hamilton from Idaho Falls, Idaho
Hey Jim, I have heard some rumors that Jadeveon Clowney is ready to make a decision sometime this week/weekend and that he lowered his asking price to 15 mil. Do you know if this is true and if the Titans are ready to pay him that much without getting him in for a workout or tested? I am pretty sure the titans have 22 million in cap space that they have been saving for him and I think now is the best time to use it. Thank you for taking time out of your day to answer these questions. Have a great week!

Jim: *checks pockets for extra change.
Sure, I think the Titans would still love to have him. But one thing hasn't changed: Clowney holds the cards here, and it all depends on what he wants to do, how much he's willing to play for, and how important it is to play for a contender. The season is closing in. I expect him to decide soon myself. Heck, the season is now less than three weeks away.

Héctor Hernández from Teziutlan, Puebla México
Hola Jim, antes que nada deseo que ud y todos los suyos estén bien de salud. Más que pregunta quisiera externar mi punto de vista como aficionado de los Tennessee Titans, la primera vez que le escribí fue hace un mes aprox y le comenté que necesitábamos contratar un QB de experiencia como suplente de Tannehill y ud me contestó que el coach Vrabel estaba a gusto con el Tandem de QB Mcdonald, Woodside y Tannehill, ahora que veo el movimiento que hicieron de cortar a McDonald y contratar a Siemen creo que no es la solución un QB que no jugó nada en el 2019 y que tiene números muy pobres, para mí era ir por kaepernick pero me queda claro que los equipos de la liga no lo voltean a ver por sus protestas y que ya no regresará a la liga (a mí me parece una injusticia) pero ese es otro tema, lo que me interesa es lo deportivo y a mí se me hace mucho mejor QB Kaepernick que Siemen pero en fin es decisión del equipo de entrenadores. Insisto en que necesitamos reforzar la línea ofensiva sobre todo el lado derecho y ahí en la agencia libre está el guardia Warford que se me hace sería unauy buena opción para ayudar a Kelly en ese lado y al mismo tiempo Davis podría aprender mucho (Davis lo hizo muy bien en 2019) también sería muy bueno contratar a Devonta Freeman y hacer un mejor Tandem de RB's .
Mi temor como aficionado es que sinse lesiona Tannehill o Henry nuestra temporada se vendría abajo, y ya que se acabe la novela de que si contratamos a clowney o no, si no quiere venir al equipo abra otros jugadores que si sientan el jersey de los Titans. Un saludo a toda la afición de los Titans y los mejores deseos, queremos un equipo ganador!!!!! Gracias Jim

Jim: Hola Héctor. Es bueno tener noticias tuyas de nuevo. No creo haber dicho que el equipo se sentía cómodo con esos tres, porque la competencia del campamento siempre iba a determinar cómo se desarrollaban las cosas. Y lo que el equipo descubrió temprano es que McDonald no está listo. Siemian es un jugador experimentado que traerá competencia adicional para Woodside, y veremos cómo se desarrolla este. Tenga en cuenta que los Titans han hecho su tarea en Kaepernick: el equipo asistió a su entrenamiento el año pasado. También tenga en cuenta que no ha jugado en un juego desde la temporada 2016, porque eso no se puede ignorar. Tiene razón en esto: una lesión en Tannehill o Henry cambiaría la apariencia del equipo. Así que mantén los dedos cruzados, ambos se mantienen saludables. ¡Mejor para usted!

James L from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I'd like to share my thoughts if you wouldn't mind; I'm not sure if my opinion matters or if you'd be the one to share this with. I love that athletes of all sports are able to share their views on what's important to them. This makes them more relatable to me as it's nice to support a player who addresses concerns similar to mine, it's a reason why I follow some athletes on social media. However, I think there's a line that is very dangerous to being crossed if it hasn't been already.
One thing that I love about football and sports in general is that it serves as a distraction. No matter how bad my week is, how nervous I am about issues with my employment, how frustrated that I can be socially, there's always that 3.5 hours of my week that's dedicated to doing nothing but watching a Titans football game. Turning on any media right now can get pretty depressing and negative; most of it is either pandemic related, protests/riots, or political hatred, but for that 3.5 hours a week, none of that stuff matters, we have a distraction. For that time, rather you're Democrat or Republican turns into if you're a Titans fan or a Colts fan (with usually just nothing more than playful banter if you disagree). Protests about civil rights turns into protests about how much of a bull$%*$ call Ed Hochuli just made. Political debates turns into debates on if two feet were in bounds when A.J. Brown made that awesome catch. And when the Titans win, it isn't uncommon to see two complete strangers on opposite ends of the social/economic spectrum high five and hug as if they're best friends.
Jim, one thing that's disappointing to me with today's sports in general is that that distraction is no longer there. Watching any game of any sport in the world right now comes with the constant reminder of how bad the world is right now with supportive gestures, sideline apparel, and interviews. I don't need this from sports. I am bombarded with reminders of how bad the world is from the news, social media, and countless other mediums. When it comes to it, I am glad that the players do use their influence to provide their voices to causes and concerns, and I wholeheartedly agree with these causes and concerns, however as far as incorporating this into that 3.5 hours of my week where I need a distraction, I just need for sports to go back to being sports. If it no longer provides me with that distraction that I need, I will look for other methods to occupy myself with that will cause that much needed distraction from the real world, and the Titans will lose a fan.

Jim: Hey James. I appreciate your willingness to share your opinions in here. As you've probably noticed, a lot of folks have strong feelings one way or the other. I'll continue to let fans share how they feel in here. Thanks again for your take, and have a great Tuesday.

Bryce Brown from Winter Park, Florida
Hey Jim. Moved from Tennessee to Florida in the last year and held season tickets for 2 seasons. Really going to miss going to games. But main question I have is we all know Henry and Evans will be the main Backs but who could we see as a 3rd back? Maybe use Blasingame or someone else? Or sign someone once all the cuts are made. Thanks.

Jim: Hey Bryce. Well, you're right on Henry and Evans being the top two options. Blasingame will be on the 53-man roster as a fullback, and I do think he's a legitimate option to be the No.3 running back. He's actually been getting a decent amount of carries in practices in the past few days. But don't rule out Senorise Perry, a veteran back who is a good special teams player.

Have a great week everyone!

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