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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – So, how many of you checked out the XFL over the weekend, and enjoyed it?

I admit I'm one of them. Can't say I watched games from start to finish, but it got my attention and I thought it was pretty entertaining.

I had no idea former Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow was back in the business, OC of the Los Angeles XFL team. And I spotted several former Titans on XFL squads.

But I know you came here to talk NFL, and the Titans, so let's go…

Marilyn Watson from Brentwood, Tennessee
Will the Titans think about keeping Greg Joseph as the kicker? He was quite impressive during our playoff games.

Jim: Hi Marilyn. I think he'll be given a chance to win the job, but I also expect him to have competition in the offseason as well. Like Joseph, Ryan Succop remains under contract with the team, so we'll have to see how that one plays out. I think Greg was solid after joining the team late. He was perfect kicking extra points, and he made his only field goal attempt in the playoffs. But again, he'll have to win the job, and I'm sure Greg knows this.

Micah Layne from Coalmont, Tennessee
Hello Jim thanks for keeping Titans fans up to date on all things Titans. I've been trying to work in my head a way to keep all 4 of our top free agents (Tannehill, Ryan, Henry and Conklin). I see a lot of people saying Conklin is the odd man out. So my question is would you feel comfortable starting the season with Davis and a rookie on the right side of the o-line? Davis did a great job but I think the inexperience could cause problems. I feel o-line has to be a strength in our play-action run first offense.

Jim: Hey Micah. I'm not conceding Conklin is gone yet. Personally, I'd feel better about having a veteran with some experience on the right side. Remember, Dennis Kelly is also scheduled to become a free agent. No matter what happens with Jack, I suspect keeping Kelly is a priority as well.

Dean Dudoit from Molokai, Hawaii
I'm beginning to wonder why Lamar Jackson has been having so much success when Marcus Mariota was the same and better player 5 years ago. We already had an MVP player on our team but couldn't utilize him the way the Ravens did Lamar and look what's going to happen to MM8. Titan Up

Jim: C'mon, Dean. Same and better player? Lamar was the league's MVP in 2019. He did things this year – 3,127 passing yards with 36 TDs and 6 INTs with a 113.3 rating, plus 1,206 rushing yards – Marcus never came close to doing earlier in his career. I've defended Marcus plenty in here when he deserved to be defended, but this is a bad take from the 808 …

Malcolm Kennett from Devon, England
Hi Jim. I have two questions. The first is what do you think the Titans will do at the QB position? It's just Tannehill managed to get the team playing as a whole but his passing ability isn't great. I think this was shown in the playoffs where her threw for under 100 yards in one of the games. Secondly, with some teams starting to work out how to stop Henry, how do the Titans keep their offense going with Tannehill's limited ability?

Jim: Hey Malcolm. I suspect we'll get some clues here in the coming weeks. General Manager Jon Robinson and Coach Mike Vrabel are scheduled to speak at the NFL Combine later this month and they'll answer a lot of the personnel questions then. Not sure how you can say Ryan's passing ability isn't great or he has "limited ability" if you're basing it off last season, and not what he did in Miami. Ryan led the NFL in passer rating in 2019, and he threw 22 TDs vs 6 INTs. In the playoffs, the game plans the first two weeks didn't require him to throw it a lot. Ryan threw 15 passes vs the Patriots, and 14 passes vs the Ravens – and he completed two touchdown passes and had a 109.5 rating in Baltimore. Sure, the offense didn't fare as well against the Chiefs, but I wouldn't say Tannehill embarrassed himself either (21-of-31 for 209 yards and 2 TDs, with a 108.1 rating). I'd say the Titans, based on what we all saw from Week 7 on, proved they can win with Tannehill, who was much more than a complimentary piece.

David Stalder from Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hey Jim. Now we get to see how much of Bud Adams' blood flows in Amy Strunk's veins. He was notoriously tight-fisted. What do you think? Does she open the checkbook?

Jim: Hey David. You make it sound like Amy just took over a few weeks ago, not five years ago, which is the case. Since Amy took over in 2015, she's been anything but tight-fisted. The team has been active in free agency, its rewarded players with lucrative contract extensions, and there have been changes and upgrades at Nissan Stadium and at Saint Thomas Sports Park. She's also made coaching decisions without blinking or being hesitant because of the financial ramifications. So, I think she's proven she's not afraid to spend money. A month away from free agency, the team has some big decisions to make regarding their own free agents, and players from other teams. I feel pretty safe in saying these decisions will be made based on performance/value/the market, as well at what could be available in the draft. And I think history has proven "opening the checkbook" isn't always the answer, too.

Daniel Orr from Glen Burnie, Maryland
I know Titans fans are not happy with Corey Davis as a #1 receiver, but man on almost every one of Brown's TD highlights it sure seems like Davis is getting a key block. Do you see the 5th year option for Davis or will he be elsewhere in your opinion?

Jim: Hey Daniel. Fair question, and I'm with you – I like Davis as a player, and a blocker. As for the fifth-year option, I guess I'm skeptical about his chances of getting it. But keep in mind, if the team doesn't pick up the fifth-year option for Corey, he'd still be under contract for 2020, the fourth year of his rookie deal from 2017.

Chris Jackson from Lebanon, Tennessee
Hey Jim, happy to write you! I am an avid Titans fan and am always looking to add to my growing collection of Titans Gear and collectibles. My question is: When the next opportunity will be for us to either get meet and greets with the players, or have autograph signings? Also is there an equivalent to the Titans garage sell for non-season ticket members?

Jim: Hey Chris. Hate to say it, but there was a garage sale for Titans gear at Nissan Stadium over the weekend. As for meet and greets, nothing is scheduled. Your next opportunity will be on the Titans Caravan, which won't take place until after the draft. Dates won't be known until probably April.

Have a great week everyone!

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