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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Welcome to the first week without Titans practice until late July.

Yes, it's going to be quiet on the field, but we're going to keep things hopping here at

And that includes mailbags, stories, and position previews in a few weeks.

Right now, we're kicking off another mailbag.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Gee Brown from Gallatin, Tennessee
Question: I have noticed that Ran Carthon often calls co-workers by a nickname, such as Cally for head coach Brian Callahan. This makes me wonder if Ran is short for Randall or Randolph or another name or is Ran his real name?

Jim: Hi Gee. Ran is a big nickname guy for sure. "Cally" followed Brian Callahan from Cincinnati, and it's what he's known for around here.
As for Ran, that's a good question.
And, there's actually an interesting answer.
Ran's name is actually Arandic Kornell Carthon.
According to a story in the Gainesville Sun when Ran played for the Florida Gators, his grandfather couldn't pronounce 'Arandic.' "He'd say, 'Bring me the baby," Willa Goodlow, Ran's mother, told the paper for a story published in June of 2003. "Then one day, he said, 'Bring me Ran'. After a while, everyone started calling him Ran. We said, 'OK, that's cute' and he's been Ran ever since."
So, there you have it…

Edward McKinney from Antioch, Tennessee
Question: Hello Jim! The Titans often have one undrafted player or low draft pick rookie, who surprises coaches, teammates, and fans and turn out to be a good starter or difference maker. Examples include Drew Bennett and David Long. Is there a rookie, who is showing promise as a possible starter or difference maker this season?

Jim: Hi Edward. This will be a better question for me when the pads come on, when guys are really showing what they've got. One of the biggest surprises of the offseason for me has been undrafted rookie cornerback Gabe Jeudy-Lally. He's been really competitive, and good, during OTAs. One of the biggest problems facing him is he's at a position that's loaded, from L'Jarius Sneed to Chidobe Awuzie to Roger McCreary to Jarvis Brownlee Jr. to Tre Avery. He's going to have a hard time sticking to the 53 because of numbers, but if he can find a way to contribute on special teams, maybe he'll have a shot. The practice squad wouldn't be a bad starting point either. He's a guy to keep an eye on.

Jesse Shepherd from Montclair, New Jersey
Question: Is Stonehouse kicking balls yet? Realistic timetable? I still feel like that play he got injured on was dirty and should have probably prompted a revision of the "running into the kicker" rule.

Jim: Hey Jesse. He's not kicking footballs yet, but he's making strides.
I asked Brian Callahan about Ryan recently, and whether he'll be ready for the season.
Here's what he said: "Too early to tell. I mean, the injury is obviously significant enough to where he's still out at this point. He is rehabbing. He's doing a great job in his rehab process. We'll see where we get to when we report to training camp and where that's at. His progress has been really good. You guys have seen him kind of out walking around a little bit. He has been working, and it's going to be a matter of when the doctors clear it when we get to training camp and then when he feels confident enough. I've been with enough guys that have done knee injuries where there's also a mental factor in the returns, the confidence back in the injury. Sometimes it takes, even though they're medically fine and cleared, you've got to work through the mental part of knowing that you're fine. I've seen a lot of guys take some time to get through that process, too. So we'll see where he's at in training camp. I think that's probably best way to put it."

Adam Reid from Christiana, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim. I appreciate reading the articles you put out on the team and, of course, the mailbags. I was born/raised here in Middle TN and am a longtime Titans fan. I've become a more active fan over the last 10 years than when I was younger. I have sadly only attended one game, which was at home against the Jets back in 2006. Looking forward to seeing one hopefully within the next year or two. I love what the team has done up to this point and where they are headed. Finally, my question is, with all of the QB buzz being around Levis, and rightfully so, what has Tannehill been up to? I haven't seen any news of him being acquired on another team or anything.
Thanks again Jim for all you do!

Jim: Hey Adam. Ryan remains unsigned, and is a free agent. I'm also curious to see where he ends up, or whether he could potentially retire. He's a pilot, with a family, with a great home on the water in south Florida. Not a bad life away from football.

Jake Johnson from Sandusky, Ohio
Question: Hey Jim. I was wondering if you've heard anything about a 3rd alternative uniform for the Titans this year? I know other teams have released their new uniforms and some look pretty snazzy.

Jim: Hey Jake. The third uniform – make that fourth uniform – will be the return of the Columbia blues this year, to go with the navy blue, the white, and the light blue Oilers throwbacks.

Brenton Burney from Universal City, Texas
Question: Hey Jim, hope all is well. My question is, with the new kickoff rule, do you see this affecting the number or type of players kept on the roster as "special team aces" or whatever you want to call them? On paper, I figure the rule changes make kick coverage a little easier, so just curious if you think that is going to have a devaluing affect on many players?

Jim: It will be interesting, Brenton. It's definitely going to impact the personnel used on kickoffs, whether it's a blocker, a player covering kicks or even the returner. A big guy like Treylon Burks could be in the mix as a returner because of his size and speed. We'll see.

William Parsell from Smithville, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim, I've been happy with what the front office has done this off-season. But yet all the media still thinks Titans will be last in division. I even saw one said them going 2-15. I think 11-7. What do you think?

Jim: Hey William. I've said this before: I think the Titans will be better, and competitive. But working for the team, I never do predictions. If I predicted 13-4, I'd be a homer. If I predicted 4-13, I probably wouldn't be welcome on the charter. I've leave the predictions for others.

Have a great week everyone!

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