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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions from Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're a week into free agency, and I know some of you are still catching your breath.

The Titans have been busy, that's for sure.

And free agency isn't over yet.

While we wait for more, and before we turn our attention to March Madness, let's dive into another mailbag.

Here we go…

Nick R from Pennellville, New York
Jim, first thing, thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions. Although, you may not answer mine I'm happy to read insight from other peoples' questions as well.
My question: Is Ryan Tannehill a signing to motivate Marcus Mariota short term or is he a contender for the starting position week 1?
Adam Humphries, most exciting signing of the off season for the Titans I think. I'd like to hear how you think he'll be used. Is he our slot guy? His numbers dictate he should be our number 1 but he gets a lot of his catches in the slot. Will he move around a lot or just stay put to one role?
Our division, is getting strong with young talent, Andrew Luck seems to be back, DeAndre Hopkins is always dangerous and they seem to be getting better this off season as well. Who are you more worried about and why?
Again, thank you for your time!! You are a generous man to do this for us fanatics.

Jim: Hey Nick. I appreciate it. I try and get to as many questions as I can each Tuesday and Saturday. If you ever don't see yours in here on one topic, it's maybe because someone asked a similar question or I just got too many to get to it that week. But keep firing them my way!
Here's what GM Jon Robinson said about Tannehill, and how it impacts Mariota: "I talked to Ryan when we kind of started the process, and he understands that he is coming in as the back-up quarterback. I've talked to Marcus and told Marcus he is our starting quarterback. Ryan is here to help Marcus, to push Marcus, to compete with Marcus. And the one thing, after talking with Marcus, he said: 'One thing Jon that I believe with all my heart is that you try and do what's best for the team and you try and put us in the best position to win football games.' And that made me feel pretty good."
My take: Tannehill is the best back-up QB Marcus has ever had behind him. If he goes down with an injury, Tannehill will give the team a great chance to win. Marcus has always been plenty motivated, though, so I don't think it's a matter of the team trying to jump-start him by bringing in a player of Tannehill's caliber. Marcus just needs to stay healthy, and perform like he's shown he can in the past.
You also asked about Humphries. He'll be used primarily in the slot. Could he play outside on occasion? Yes. But he'll mainly work from inside.
As for your question about the division, they're all concerns, including the Jaguars. Sure, they were way down in 2018, but they're still talented and they just got a lot better at QB after signing Nick Foles.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Man that Jon Robinson is really doing great. This is his best year yet. He's on par with filling just about every hole the team has for this year. And he still has some good cap space to start thinking about signing big name players next year. The roster is set up to be good this year and for some number of years after this year. I just wanted to thank you for giving us fans a place to rant and talk, and I wanted to say that Jon Robinson is really doing great. I think he could be the best GM in the league.

Jim: Appreciate the email, Jimmy. I'll give Jon a pat on the back for you…

Kenston Farmer from Memphis, Tennessee
Hey Jim, first time, long time. What do you think the chances are the Titans re-shuffle the o-line and move Jack Conklin to guard and leave Dennis Kelly out to play tackle? A Lewan, Saffold, Jones, Conklin, Kelly line has serious Pro Bowl potential.

Jim: Hey Kenston. I asked the GM this question at the combine. He said Conklin is a tackle, but has also said on several occasions the team will explore all options. I still think more additions are coming on the interior offensive line, in the draft and/or free agency. So there will be more guys in the competition, along with Corey Levin, Kevin Pamphile, and Aaron Stinnie.

Joe Sharp from Lexington, Tennessee
Please look at Jeffery Simmons from Miss State at pick 19. This guy real deal please don't draft wrong guy.

Jim: Hey Joe. Believe me, folks know who he is around here. And I agree, he's a beast. Despite his injury, however, there's no guarantee he's there at 19.

Fesauai Thompson from Eastvale, California
Talofa lava and greetings to you Jim Wyatt. Titans has been on that so so train the last four seasons. Titans has yet to hit that upper echelon tier with the rest of the great teams. So my question is:
1) With the free agency quieting down now, what are some of the known issues the team still need to address besides skill guys and pass rushers?
2) Marcus Mariota must be really frustrating at the fact that there's always personnel changes Year in and year out. I mean I was hoping y'all would at least try and talk to Gary Kubiak to run y'all offense (I'm a die hard broncos fan, but I follow Marcus more than I follow my girlfriend lol.)
3) I hope Arthur Smith will give Marcus that much needed boost to his career. Sometimes he frustrates me just by watching him play. I know it's not all his fault. So the question is what are the odds of J-Rob and Coach Vrabel drafting Jordan Ta'amu of the Ole Miss Rebels?
Thank you for your time and wish you all nothing but the best in this offseason and the new season. I'll be rooting for y'all but not when we play. Lol

Jim: Talofa lava Fesauai!
Let's go in order:
1) Still need help on interior lines – defense and offense. Edge rushers needed, and another WR, in my opinion.
2) Kubiak quickly joined the Vikings after his departure from Denver. But the Titans have a good one in Arthur Smith.
3) Doubtful on Ta'amu.

Aaron Patch from Lodi, Wisconsin
Jimbo!!!! I love your work. You keep us Titans fans in Cheeseland sane. I appreciate that. So with JRob doing his thing and addressing our main needs in FA and going to continue shopping until he gets the call to stop. What do you think about a guy like Tyler Eifert? He has always been a vertical threat and a defensive problem when healthy. With Delanie almost 35 and coming off a big injury, would a cheap 29 year old risk like this be worth a look or is JRob satisfied with smith and company? I doubt they'll be shooting for one of the Iowa TE stars in the draft with DT being our remaining concern. Just curious if of your thoughts!!!! Have a great weekend boss man!Jim: Believe me, folks know who he is. And I agree, he's a beast. Despite his injury, however, there's no guarantee he's there at 19.

Jim: Appreciate it Aaron. If you missed it, Eifert re-signed with the Bengals on Monday. After losing Luke Stocker to the Falcons – the team wanted to re-sign him – help is still needed at the tight end position. No doubt there's still a need at DT, but those Iowa tight ends are pretty good ...

Conway Tabor from Crossville, Tennessee
It is my DREAM to sit inside the draft room during the draft with the Titans. Could it be at all possible to do this one time since they are in Nashville this year? I will never have an opportunity like this again. Just to sit there listen and watch. Can you make this happen? I am a father of 3 and married and a very professional person. It does not hurt to ask. I am only 2 hours away in Crossville, TN. I would think no one would ask to do this. GOD BLESS.

Jim: Hey Conway. Hey, might as well dream big, huh? Wish I could make it happen for you, but they won't even let me inside the draft room. That area is off limits, protected by Dobermanns. But thanks for asking – it's the first draft room request in the mailbag.

Paul Goddard from Oxford, New Jersey
Hello Jim. I have been a DIE HARD Oiler/ Titan fan for over 40 years. Why is it year after year do we go after mediocre to good players. NEVER do we get STUDS. I watch NFL Network and there is nothing covered on the Titans. Maybe a minute or 2 here and there. It's very frustrating waiting year after year after year to hopefully have a LEGITIMATE shot at the Super Bowl. Damn, I watch teams trade, draft and build championship teams and we can barely make the playoffs. I live in Giant, Eagle country and actually get laughed at for being a Titan Fan. I will not abandon my team, but it's so disappointing sometimes. Help me keep the faith PLEASE.

Jim: Not sure what you're referring to here Paul, because I like the additions so far, from Humphries to Wake to Saffold to Tannehill. But hang in there and keep keeping the faith! …

Mike Alley from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I like the moves that have been made during the off-season. I believe that we are a shutdown corner and a great tackle to go along with Casey away from having a great defense, another edge rusher would help also. If Conklin comes back healthy and can hold his positions, we are another dynamic guard and dynamic wide receiver away from having a great team! What are your thoughts? Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Mike. I agree on the need for a big d-tackle. But the team is pretty much set at cornerback. It's probably the deepest position on the team with Logan Ryan, Malcolm Butler, Adoree' Jackson, LeShaun Sims, Tye Smith and Kenneth Durden. And yes, more help is needed at guard as well. There's plenty of time to address it, too.

Kenny Gore from Horse Cave, Kentucky
*Hey Jim. It's been a while since I wrote in... One thing you always seem to hear among this fanbase is: "The Titans do not spend in Free Agency"... Well that CANNOT be said over the past 2 off seasons!! JRob has spent & done so in BIG ways that aggressively attack our needs!! I LOVE the way he went after players this yr..
My brother is a Dolphins Fan (Can't change it; Lord knows I've tried)… He said: "You are going to LOVE Cam Wake! He is a freak of nature! He may be 37 but you will never know it on the field. This guy is a MONSTER!" He is also pretty not happy w/the Trade of Tannehill to us for what he called: "NOTHING!!"
I really do not have a question... I just wanted to say; JRob has done an AMAZING job in FA & it has barely gotten started... NO fan should be disappointed w/the guys we have brought in this yr. I believe we got the BEST Slot WR on the market (Taking him from the grasp of NE just makes it that much better!!) We also brought in the BEST OG available as well in Saffold IMO.
I will admit I was disappointed in the OC hire. I am going to give it some time though. Maybe he is exactly what we need. This FA haul has really done a lot to get me excited about the team!! I am a passionate fan. I always will be. I LOVE the moves & aggression JRob has shown!!!! TITAN UP!!!!!!!

Jim: Good to hear from you Kenny. Appreciate you weighing in. Give OC Arthur Smith a chance. He's a good coach, a good guy, and players really like him.

Have a great week everyone!

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