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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – NFL coaches are now back in their facilities, and that includes Titans head coach Mike Vrabel.

It's another positive development as we look ahead to training camps, and the season.

We're just looking ahead to the latest Titans mailbag here.

And it starts in 3, 2, 1 …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Raymond Farrar from St. Louis, Missouri
Hello Jim! I see a few St. Louisians like myself, have made the smart move to TITANUP after 2016. Here's my question: Although adding Jadeveon Clowney would be an asset for the defense, how about possibly going after a veteran running back for offense? Someone like Devonta Freeman. Just for experience. After all, Henry is the man, no doubt. I know we drafted a RB, but to have a veteran for the league minimum can't hurt since we've released Dion Lewis (smart move). Thanks for reading my message! TITANUP!

Jim: Hello Raymond. I haven't asked the GM about the possibility, because I think I know the answer. There's no doubt Derrick Henry is RB1. The Titans drafted Darrynton Evans to be RB2, and from everything I've seen and heard, I believe he's capable of helping from the get-go. As for another veteran, the team signed former Bears/Dolphins/Bills running back Senorise Perry, who should compete for a spot on the roster because of his rep and production on special teams over the years. And David Fluellen is still out there in free agency, and knowing how much the staff likes him, I wouldn't completely slam the door shut on him being added to compete at some point of Perry fails to secure a spot. Dalyn Dawkins also remains in the mix.

Michael Scott from Sleaford, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Hi Jim, my question for you is this: After a very good season last year where we lost in the (AFC Championship Game) and now not having Mariota as backup and only having Logan Woodside, can we really have another run to the a possible Super Bowl run if Ryan Tannehill gets injured. Should we really look at getting another QB either by free agency or trade if it's not too late to do so?

Jim: Hey Michael. Well, I don't know of another QB who remains on the market who could step in and do what Tannehill did last season. What he did was magical and it would be hard for anyone to duplicate. The reality is Logan Woodside is going to need to step up and establish himself. I'm not going to sit here and type I think he could do what Ryan did last year in the event he's called on, because the guy has never even played in a regular season game. But as I look around the league, I don't know of many back-up QBs would could match what Tannehill did coming off the bench. The Titans need Tannehill to stay healthy, just like the Chiefs need Patrick Mahomes to stay healthy and the Ravens need Lamar Jackson to stay healthy. And Woodside needs to rise to the occasion and win the No.2 job so the Titans won't be tempted to look elsewhere.

Vinny Balsamello from Westville, Illinois
Hey Jim, I have 2 questions here and I'll make them quick for you. 1.) In the QB room who would you expect to take the 2 spot, McDonald or Woodside? And 2.) I'm not sure why everyone says we have a big need for DE, that's all I heard the whole draft, to me we are solid with the addition of Vic Beasley and it seems nobody is giving Harold Landry enough credit, that man is a monster! But yea why was the DE position considered a "need"? Thanks Jim!

Jim: Hey Vinny.
1- I'm betting the farm on Woodside over McDonald. (#dadjoke).
2- Because a lot of fans want Clowney.

Chris Carr from Nashville, Tennessee
Thanks Jim, long-time Titan fan, first-time writer. Do u think it's too much to put on HC Mike to have to control and manage the game, and call defense, or do u see someone being brought in as DC or promoted within to become DC.

Jim: Hey Chris. Mike Vrabel isn't bringing someone else in at this point to be DC. The play-caller is currently on the defensive staff, and Vrabel just hasn't made his intentions known yet.

Liam Nathaniel from Montreal, Quebec
Hi Jim. I'm a big Titans fan and I had a few questions that I'd love to get your opinion on. Firstly, how do you feel about the Titans signing Ryan Tannehill to a contract worth nearly 30 million dollars a year when they could've gotten a potential upgrade for 3 million a year in Andy Dalton. Don't get me wrong I love what Tannehill accomplished last year but I don't know if a contract that big was worth it. Second, how do the Titans fix their problem of having too many edge rushers on their roster? Third, what type of contract do you think would be best for Jadeveon Clowney if he signs with the Titans. Lastly, are their plans to start Isaiah Wilson at guard instead of tackle in the early stages of his career seeing as he was the best guard in the draft. Thanks again for taking the time to keep us connected to our team during this time. TITAN UP

Jim: Oh man, Liam, you almost lost me at question 1. Could've gotten a potential upgrade in Andy Dalton? And Rodney Dangerfield thought he got no respect …
2. The Titans want to play a number of edge rushers in a rotation. The way to improve the position is to get more bang for the buck when guys are out there. Outside linebackers coach Shane Bowen said the team played Harold Landry too many snaps last season, and he's right -- he played 86 percent of the snaps. So the plan is to reduce his snaps to make him more effective. Vic Beasley was signed to be a difference-maker, and Kamalei Correa was re-signed to pick up where he left off. The team also wants an edge rusher or two to emerge from the group of D'Andre Walker, Derick Roberson, Reggie Gilbert et al.
3. A contract Clowney would be happy with. I saw a report this week he turned down a contract offer of $18 million in Cleveland. If that's what he's demanding, I wouldn't expect to see him in two-tone blue.
4. No plans to start Wilson at guard. The team drafted him to compete at right tackle. The team has two starting guards.

Jeremy Rodriguez from San Diego, California
With Casey opening up about how unfair he felt the way the Titans traded him, do you think this will hurt the odds of Jadeveon Clowney coming to Tennessee? Casey made it seem like the Titans used him to turn around the organization and then kicked him to the curb like a bag of trash. Does that play into other players decisions when considering the Titans as a team to play for?

Jim: Hey Jeremy. What happened with Jurrell won't impact the Jadeveon Clowney situation one bit. Players getting released or traded is part of the business, and unfortunately it doesn't always end with everyone hugging it out. But I don't know of a single person with the team who doesn't respect Jurrell and appreciate everything he did for the organization, and the city. He was a class act from day one. But sometimes there's no easy way to part. Jurrell was upset because he said he found out about the trade 30 seconds before it went down. Well, you'll have to trust me on this one – there was a flurry of action at the end, and the trade went down at the last minute. Clowney's situation is going to come down to money and whether he thinks the Titans are a good fit for him. The waiting game continues on that one.

David Dodson from Crossville, Tennessee
Hello Jim. Just a comment about the kneeling situation that is going to happen this year. As a veteran I am infuriated when I see a display of disrespect during the Anthem and flying of our Flag! I would much rather the Anthem and Flag be removed from every stadium in the Country than see what goes on during those few minutes. The Flags should be removed from the players helmets and all members of the Armed Forces, past and present, should not take part in any game openings. If the league is allowing political protest on the field, I will not purchase another NFL related item. Just fed up with it all! Thanks for listening to another side of the debate.

Jim: Hi David. Thanks for your service, and for sharing your thoughts.

Ron Carrico from Lavergne, Tennessee
Hi Jim. With all going on now I would like to know if you have any info on any of our team kneeling during the anthem? I have had PSLs since day one, 21 years now. My take on kneeling if it occurs, I will have no choice but let my PSLs go. I really hope we can just play football and not get political. Thanks Ron

Jim: At this point Ron, I'm just hoping to hear the National Anthem before kickoff of a football game this fall, with fans in the stands at Nissan Stadium. I hope to see you there.

Alejandro Ferraez from Mexico City, Mexico
Hola Jim, do you think by Nov 22 the game against the Ravens in Baltimore will be played with fans in the stadium???

Jim: I'm banking on yes. If not, the stadium might be as quiet as it was the last time I was there in January.

Demetrius Arnold from Phoenix, Arizona
With the addition of Philip Rivers do you think the Colts are more of a threat to the Titans or is Houston still the team to beat?

Jim: Hey Demetrius. My personal opinion: I think the Colts will be the bigger challenge.

Joel Meadows from Oakland, Tennessee
It seems like the sports "experts" have already crowned the Buccaneers as the next Super Bowl champions since Brady and Gronk are now in Tampa Bay and are giving the Titans no respect. You'd think they would learn from last year when they prematurely crowned the Browns this year's champs, but the Titans rolled into Cleveland first game and stopped that hype. Plus, the Titans arguably ended the Brady-era of the Patriots. Do you think the Titans will prove the "experts" wrong again this year?

Jim: Hey Joel. I've also seen a lot of love given to the Buccaneers, but that's OK. Heck, I think they're going to be good myself. Not only do they have Brady, they have a great receiving corps and a good head coach. My stance on the whole "prove the experts wrong" mindset is the same now as it was when I started covering the NFL in 1999. If you want respect, go out and earn it. Grown men shouldn't waste their time worrying about what the so-called experts think about them.

Have a great week everyone and stay safe!

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