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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – How's everyone feeling?

I know it was a heart-stopping weekend for Titans fans, so hopefully everyone has recovered from Sunday's wild win over the Texans.

Winning the AFC South is quite an accomplishment, considering it hadn't been done since 2008.

But now it's time to get ready for the playoffs, and a first-round matchup against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday at Nissan Stadium.

First, let's dive into another Titans mailbag …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Terry Anderson from Glasgow, Kentucky
Big win!! Division champs. Really cool. Best running back in football by far. Solid receivers and our quarterback has been well arguably the best in the game right now. Tough game coming up this weekend. Jim, where would you rank this team vs other Titan teams?

Jim: Too early to say, Terry. Ask me when the season is over. Winning the AFC South, like I said in the intro, is a great accomplishment, no doubt. But legacies are determined by what happens in the postseason.

Lucas B from Hoosick Falls, New York
Hi Jim. Just got in from the barn to watch a nail biting ending to the Houston game (long time Titan fan/dairy farmer). Happy to see them clinch the AFC South title finally! As exciting as that is, I still have a huge concern with the fact that the defense once again allowed 30 plus... I just find it hard to see the offense scoring 35 plus each game heading into the post season to make a strong run. Wondered why the team didn't strongly pursue some guys for some pressure on that D-line especially when they were still able to? I'll sure be rooting for them going into the playoffs, but lord help the secondary if the pressure on the QB is anything like it has been! (Excluding this Houston game). The offense will really have to pull the weight every game this post season. Thanks for your time, Lucas.

Jim: Hey Lucas. Glad you made it back in from the barn. As a dairy farmer, I bet you were saying 'Holy Cow!' after that one. (Sorry, couldn't resist). It was an exciting win for sure. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have concerns about the defense myself. I was actually encouraged by what I saw in the first half, when the Titans sacked Deshaun Watson three times and held the Ravens to just three field goals. Then the second half started, and it was more of the same – the defense couldn't get off the field. The Titans are going to have to play better, get third-down stops, and force turnovers, etc. They can't give up so many big plays. It's do-or-die time. As for why the Titans didn't pursue guys for pressure, well, two of them – Jadeveon Clowney (hurt) and Vic Beasley (not good) – just didn't pan out. A lot of others all over the defense better step up now.

John Cantu from Houston, Texas

Jim: I hear ya with the all CAPS, John!

Marty Powell from Nashville, Tennessee
I was just wondering how hard it would be to get the nickname "Bulldozer" to stick with number 22? Can we get some fans to hold up signs?

Jim: Hey Marty. Derrick was actually known as the "Yulee Bulldozer" back in high school. He's just inherited a few more since, namely "King Henry."

Bill Mortlock from West Point, Mississippi
In our house, Mr. Henry is referred to as "The Kraken"!!! 👍😁

Jim: And there's another. I like it, Bill.

Conway Tabor from Crossville, Tennessee
I know Adam Humphries has his setbacks, but Jim, I am telling you guys this man can truly make things happen if he is given real opportunity. Short passes on the inside, he can be unreal. I think we need to be using him a lot for the rest of these games, at least 10 passes a game to him. What do you think? Also, Kalif Raymond on short/long passes. He has proved that.

Jim: Hey Conway. Adam hasn't been playing because he's on Injured Reserve. He's had a tough time coming back from the concussion he suffered against the Bengals. Everyone would love to get him back, but his status moving forward is TBD. Stay tuned.

Peter Sloan from Camdenton, Mo. (Lake of the Ozarks)
Happy New Year Jim, my best to you and yours. This weekend's 'Ask Jim' made me smile a lot. Yes, the music and BBQ is better in Nashville. I grew up in Cleveland Ohio. I was very lucky because my good friends father was the doctor for the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Browns. I hated Art Model for taking our Super Bowl team. Anyway Later I moved to Atlanta after my parents moved us to Nashville when I was 18. So, I have rooted for three teams during my lifetime, Cleveland, Atlanta and Tennessee. I was in the Browns locker room with my friend and his dad the doctor and I saw the bumps, bruises and injuries that those football players got in the games. All I have to say is that our Titans have had to deal with a lot this year. What they go through to be out on that field is amazing and courageous. I've been a season ticket holder since the beginning and I just hope that all Titans fans recognize that our boys are our boys win or lose. We need to support them and realize that we have seen some great and fun games this season. Thanks to all of the Titans organization. This is being written before the Texans game, so go TITANS. Onward and Titan up everybody.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Peter. Thanks for taking the time, and for sharing your story.

Doug Gillentine from McMinnville, Tennessee
Any news about Titans hiring a defense coordinator? They seem mum on this. Vrabel says D will be fine, just need more pass rush. He only wants to talk about the offense.

Jim: Doug, the regular season just ended and the Titans are getting ready for a playoff game. The reason Vrabel seems mum on this is because there is nothing to report. Vrabel is not going to hire a "defensive coordinator" this season. Hope this helps.

Ken Johnson from Fremont, California
Hi Jim, long time Oiler/Titan fan. I been a fan since 1978, back in the Luv ya blue days. I read your mailbags every week and I keep reading people talk about the defense. We know our defense is bad but people have to realize J Rob and Vrabel rolled the dice on two outside pass rushers this year and it didn't work. What's puzzling is this is the same defense we had last year and we were in the top ten last year, compared to this year. Also, I hope we resign Corey and Jonnu. I think if we can keep our offense elite it will keep us in games, until we get the defense back on track. Keep up the good work Jim and Happy New Year.

Jim: Hey Ken. You're right – the offense is elite enough to give the Titans a chance to win any game. I think everyone is hoping the defense can make some improvements in the playoffs. We're about to find out against a Baltimore team that's headed into the playoffs on a roll.

William Johnson from Lebanon, Tennessee
I think the head coach of Tennessee Titans needs to find another job.

Jim: So, who do you want coaching the AFC South champs in the playoffs? Smh at these in-game tweets.

Alan Ray from College Grove, Tennessee
Happy New Year Jim! Thanks for the great and informative coverage you provided us Fans with all year long and for taking the heat from some of them. You are appreciated. Hey, I guess hindsight really is 2020 now.
Okay. There are so many layers to this victory, but I only want to address one. The Colts. Words cannot express the sadistic satisfaction I experienced watching every glimmer of Hope peeled from the Colts one layer at a time in a slow and torturous end to their dream of being AFC Champs. Even down to Sloman's game-winning Boink, the Colts still held out Hope but gleefully, were tortured up to the last possible second before being emotionally crushed and kicked into second place. Ahhh..there is balm of Gilead. Although, watching King Henry trample Houston's D-Line into poi was pretty satisfying. It was a great win for everyone...except the Colts. Thanks, Jim and congratulations Miss Amy. You must be thrilled! Titans '21.

Jim: Something tells me you're not a fan of the Colts, huh Alan?

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, Titans versus Texans was an exciting game to watch. If Sloman's FG had been even 1-inch further to the right he probably misses and the Texans would have had a chance to win the game. Thank the Lord he made that kick because the Texans were moving the ball very well. The Titans got some sacks but that was mostly because the Texans were missing 2 of their starters on the OL. I'm not going to lie about it, I really don't think the Titans have the defense to get very far into the playoffs but at least it was great to see them win the AFC South. Great job winning the AFC South.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Jimmy Dee.

Rodney Zebrowski from Phoenix, Arizona
Hi Jim. I was born the same year as the 1st SB. Been a fan of the Oilers/Titans since 1979, and a fan of yours. One comment, one question: I believe the franchise has the best stable of RB in NFL history if you pick top 4 or five. Question: Parkey's double doink miss in the playoffs a few years back elevated my awareness of the doink. I luv' em... especially if it is a game winner like the Titans had. What are the odds and percentage of a successful doink in the NFL throughout history? Thanks in advance!

Jim: Hi Rodney. I appreciate the kind words. Now with two 2,000-yard rushers – Derrick Henry and Chris Johnson – I must say the Oilers/Titans franchise has to go down as the NFL's best when it comes to running backs, because legends like Earl Campbell and Eddie George make it a true Fearsome Foursome. As for the odds on the doink, you've got me on that one!

Dennis Utterback from Louisville, Kentucky
Revenge game. Ravens will steam roll the Titans. No defense. Defense win games. Every AFC team in the playoff has a good defense, except for Tennessee.

Jim: It was a revenge game when the Titans faced the Ravens back in November, and we all know happened then. We'll see what happens this time.

Ayush Patel from Gallatin, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Here after the Titans won the AFC South. Hopefully our defense can step up and help in the Wild Card game. If we do win, who would we be playing in the divisional round?

Jim: One at a time, Ayush, one at a time.

Have a great week everyone!

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